Monday, September 15, 2008

Opinions anyone???

OK. So- I am kind of in a predicament here. Right now, I am currently taking 18 credits. I figure I can handle it if I want to. This first week wasn't TOO bad. Well, I am, however, considering dropping one of my classes, Business 401 (advanced finance), and taking it next semester instead. Here are the things to consider:
1) Clay is taking the class. I am a freakazoid about cheating and am probably way too paranoid when I don't need to be and honestly, I think it may tamper with our relationship. (And I think Clay will learn better if I'm not around for him to rely on...)
2) I only have this semester and next semester left (YAY) and my scholarship isn't set in stone for next semester yet. I have to get a 3.85 this semester to get full tuition NEXT semester. Keep in mind- next semester it really doesn't matter what grades I get because it will be my LAST semester, and I won't be needing to qualify for any scholarship for the next semester. Get it? I'll only have to PASS my classes. If I drop one class, I will only take 15 credits this semester, which would enable me to focus more on this semester's classes, hopefully making it easier for me to keep my scholarship.
3) Dropping this class would cause me to have 19 credits next semester. (YIKES! I know)
4) I feel kind of stupid and wimpy for dropping a class...a little scared to take 19 credits next semester...but concerned for all of the above.
5) I DON'T KNOW! Please give me any advise you have...I know it will probably come down to me praying and feeling what's best. But I really would like to hear what you have to say.
Love ya.


Patty said...

I am not sure that you should drop the class, especially where you are doing okay. I think that there is nothing wrong about working together on aclass unless you are the only one catching on and your partner is not. I am concerned that you will be so overwhelmed next semester even though you do not have to keep such high grades. I know that you are not satisfied to do things half way. You have high expectations for yourself. (Which is great) Take care and maybe you could pray about your decision. This only my opinion. If there is anything I can do to help you out let me know. love you. bye now.

mandijwaters said...

I think that it would be great for you and Clayton to take the class together. He is very smart and you would probably both be a help to the other at times. There is a difference between cheating and helping each other make it through the class. However, I do see your point with the scholarship thing. Good luck with your decision. It was good to see you guys the other day. I hope that school and all the decisions you have to make go well for you.

love ya

Chad and Jessica said...

Hhhhmmmm.....toughy. If you think your tuition is in jeopardy by keeping the class, drop it for sure. If you're pretty darn sure you can get the grades you need to maintain your scholarship, I would keep it. Think how wonderful it would feel next semester knowing that class is behind you....but also think how terrible it would be to not have the scholarship money. I would just weigh possible options and their possible outcomes, and make the best decision you can....either way I'm sure you'll be just have a great head on your shoulders! Way to go, 2 semesters left!!!

Chad and Jessica said...

Wait....I have more thoughts. Would 19 credits next term be that much harder than 18 credits this term? Especially if you don't have to worry about the grades you get? 'Course, you'll probably work just as hard even if the grades don't matter. I remember I took my Spanish 200 classes as pass/no pass, thinking it would lighten my load, but I still tried just as hard, and I would have gotten A's anyway....I just could not, not try hard.
I think it would be overall less stressful if you took the class next term, but that may not be the top priority....just some more to think about. I don't know why I wrote so

Sharon/mom said...

Well, this is interesting. I am the only vote to drop the class. I think you should definately drop the class, and next semester if it gets too hard, quit work. I know you don't like to hear me say that,but you guys did it w/o before. Just my opinion. Sorry it is so late in coming, and sorry I missed your call!!!!! I have Ruby and Miles and didn't get the message until there was no time to return it. love you!