Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots to tell...........

Palin, lost, normal house, us bank music, upstairs banging, oreo truffles, new outlook on winter and school, midnight sun

Well- the above was everything that ran through my head that I wanted to update on- I didn't want to forget any of it, so I listed it all down. I thought I'd erase after I was done writing, but I figure this way, your HOOKED! haha. Anyway. I will go out of order.

Right now I am listening to Enrique Iglesias. I have no idea if that's how you actually spell his name...I wonder why? Because I would never CHOOSE to listen to Enrique with my sane mind ever. Why am I listening? Think back to a year ago about this time. Yes, fall semester- new students=US BANK blasting it's music for ALL to hear! ALL day long! Yes, you remembered right, we live precicely NEXT DOOR to US bank! I can look out my window and see the speakers. Now I'm listening to Beach boys, boperam. It's like having a dance party mix going all day long, LOVE IT! Not really...oh well. It's really not that bad. I was at work half the day anyway.

This leads me to what else I am hearing. BANG BANG BANG. Right above my head. We recently had neighbors move in upstairs. (Unfortunately they took the place of our beloved friends who just moved away a few weeks ago..) Anyway, their bangin away at somethin!

The college life. People say that I will look back on these days and thing fond memories...I'm not positive I will be fond of these particular memories...

Anyway, life's been just dandy. Nothing too exciting. We finished LOST. Therefore, put all the furniture back in order. The house looks MUCH cleaner:) The end was good- SPOILER ALERT***I am very happy to see that Jack and Kate end up together, but it seems that they fall apart as well. I am so curious. What the heck happened to the Island?!?! Why is Said killing everyone?!! Is John really dead? (by the way I totally called that) If so, how did it happen? Anyway- loved it, glad to be done though. Back to normalcy.


I read Midnight Sun, well the partial draft anyway. For those of you silly people who didn't take my advice to go to the website- Midnight Sun was Stephenie Meyer's project she'd been working on since like...New Moon or something, just on the side, for fun. It is "Twilight", but in Edward's perspective. I guess she gave a copy to a few select people, and somehow it got LEAKED! Well, Steph was way upset about it and felt bad that all her fans were looking, dishonestly, to read the draft online. She doesn't know if she will finish it anymore because it's like- whats the point, everyone has been reading my imferfect unfinished work! Well, she decided to put it on her website! 264 pages. or something like that. Well, it only got up to the point of RIGHT before they go to the medow for Edward to show her how his body glitters and stuff. So all that's happend up to this point is Bella knows he's a vampire, and Edward brushes her cheek with his hand. Ugh. At first I was SO excited that I got to read for free and so soon, but then I was SO mad once I was done because I wanted MORE! It was surprisingly really wonderful. I loved it. It only took me like 2 days to read when I wasn't doing anything else!

So I've decided something. Being that this is probably going to be my last winter living in Rexburg, I decided to try and make the best of it. Last winter especially, I was HATING every second of the blistery cold and icy roads. Well, this year- I am going to try and love the snow, and be happy to wear cute hats and scarfs, and my wonderful coat- and just love the winter. This is a bit far-fetched...but we'll see if I can do it. I've also tried to decide to love school again. I did at one time....the love somehow turned to...hate. Well, I've decided to just love it again! We'll see how it goes- school starts monday!

This morning I watched Gov. Palin's speech on youtube, and part of McCain's. WOW! I LOVE HER! I think Palin is SO STINKIN AWESOME! She just seems way real. I also heard from my co-worker that her line about pitbulls and hockey-moms was completely spontaneous and unplanned. Supposedly her screen with her speech was messing up and going way faster than it was supposed to and skipping sentences, and so she just went with the flow and made funny lines like, "you know the difference between a hockey-mom and pitbulls? LIPSTICK!" so funny. Anyway- I really like her. I think she is very knowlegable, and exactly what we need in the white house. Right after I listened to their speeches I put their little sign thing on my blog- I just love the idea of someone in SUCH support of energy independence and lower taxes, and someone who is just REAL, not so washington elitist, of being in the whitehouse. I am SO EXCITED TO VOTE! ( I never have, you know)

Lastly, I made "Easy OREO Truffles" from today. Here is my craptastic pictures of them.

Do you like how I tried to be artistic? Yeah...didn't work. I just need a thousand dollar camera and I'll be set:) Oh- if you try to make these, the directions say "mix" the oreo crumbs and cream cheese together. Well, I didn't know what that meant, so I used a hand mixer. WELL, then I just used a wooden spoon and stirred myself until it was combined. Much better result. The hand mixer made chunks, and it was really hard to make the truffles. The wooden spoon, myself stiring, created a creamy chocolaty mix. They are very yummy, VERY rich. Very easy!

Well...that's pretty much my life! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca said...

I'm so happy for you and your neighbors that you can have playdates with your turtles. You guys crack me up. Clay cracks me up. I miss you, and love you. We need to have you over.


My favorite part was when you said, "here are my craptastic pictures" - that's how I feel with all these fancy la-de-da cameras running around these blogs-Lizzie coudl take a picture of poop and make it look good. Well, Danielle, you're just a natural little Rebecca dn lizzie, brave enough to try new things that taste great! I just can't, I just have to wait for you guys to make it and try it and tell me about it-I'm fearless in sewing- but I AM NOT in baking or cooking. I wish I had that talent, and I know Mike wishes it too, but I just dont' have it. That's really interesting about Stephanie Meyer posting her book she's been writing on her website, for free. I bet her publisher had a hayday with that one. Interesting. I've been watchign interviews of her and reading articles about her, learning abou ther publishing process, interesting. Very amazing and wonderful. Man, I feel so bad for you- you end later and start sooner than we finish and start. We always have these long breaks, - well Danielle, I'm so excited for you to be done and get pregnant! It is so soon. I'm glad you're going to try to have a good attitude towards the winter and school, you have a wonderful attitude adn strength. You are an example to me. I wish you lived by me! I love you!

Emily said...

Oh Danielle you make me laugh. I love how you are listening to boparam...Barbara Ann? So funny!

Anyway, good luck with your attempt to love the winter. How good of you to try and have a good attitude. I hate Rexburg winters with all my heart and soul. 4 of them was enough for me.

I'm glad you love Lost now. It's one of my very favorites...we'll have lots to talk about in January!

Sharon/mom said...

I didn't know you had finished lost!!!!I think about it all the time, I wish you would have called and talked to me about it on the phone!!

I love how you are always trying new cookies. If I could reach goal and stay there I think I would do that too. I looooovvvvvveeeee cookies.

I love Palin also, I watched 3 nights of the convention, it was great. I have a soft spot for McCain that I thought I would never have.

Someday you'll have a house that isn't downtown!!

Good luck with the winter thing. Ha!!

I love you!!!!!!

Patty said...

The truffles looked way yummy. I made them about a year ago and mine did not look half as good as yours but they did taste good. We enjoyed visiting with you this weekend despite all of the chaos. I wish you luck enjoying the cold winter. I have live here most of my life and I still find it so hard to get through it. I will try to set a good example for you about the weather. Have a great week at school. Love you. bye now.