Saturday, July 7, 2007


SO, I've been noticing that there has been kind of a dry spell with the family's posting. No one is really doing it. I suppose we are all busy...Clay and I have been a bit busy. I decided to break the spell and post.

I have been in a bit of a rut. I have been moody for minute up, one minute down. I hate it. I was telling Clay this, and he says I am just stressed. I replied that if I was stressed I would be more motivated to read my accounting chapter and do my homework...(i planned on doing that today and just kept procrastinating it and never did it). He said that when you are stressed, it is hard to do anything. I suppose he is right. I think the whole moving thing is on my mind all the time, as well as finals and keeping my scholarship, also it is so dang hot all the time which makes me soooo not motivated to cook or bake. Also, my hair is just bangs are grown out to the point that they don't really work as cute bangs, but aren't as long as my normal they are just in the way and I feel not very cute. I would get it cut or something, but I feel that I should be patient and wait until August for Megan to cut it.

Because of these stresses, I have decided to not worry about Harry Potter. I am no longer hurrying to read 5 and 6 before 7. I have read each twice before now, and so I know the books pretty well...I just kind of wanted to read them before. But, I figured I have other things that need to be done besides that, and that I will most likely be just fine without rereading them once again. I am very excited though. AH, bad news though...Clay's family reunion is the 21st. The day it comes out. So...I will only get to read some of it that day. Bummer...oh well. I suppose family IS more important than harry potter :-)

Today we went swimming at this business in town. It is a business where there's tons of stuff for the employees to use. Our friend did construction on the building so he gets a key and gets to use the stuff. So we all went swimming and had the whole pool and hot tub to ourselves for like 2 hours. It was wonderful. Clay had a blast.

Lastly, I think I have officially decided that sewing clothes is not for me. I always start a clothes project and stop for a few months. Try to pick it up and stop for a few more months. It never gets done and I am not very motivated to do it. I love to make pillows or other decorations around the house. I LOVE that. Clothes just are not as easy for me. Maybe I'll take a class one day and be more motivated.

Love you all. Sorry if this was boring.


Emily said...

Oh Danielle, sorry you're so will do that to you. Seeing Steve (my husband, not your dad...everyone thinks I'm talking about your dad when i say Steve) prepare for the BAR exam opened my eyes to a whole new level of stress that I didn't even know existed! Sounnds like the swimming was relaxing; maybe that helped relieve some of that stress. Hope you have a good week!

Amy: said...

I FEEL THE SAME WAY RIGHT NOW! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And I hate sewing clothes too- it always makes me upset- I love sewing decorating stuff or projects but not SHIRTS. I can do skirts- but NOT SHIRTS- I always want to throw the machine out the window when I sew a shirt. I'm sorry you're going through stressful times- If I were there- I woudl make you chocolate chip cookies- and dwatch gilmore girls- I love you-

Danielle and Clayton said...

haha, thanks amy. You are so good at sewing clothes though! All your clothes are amazing. I wish you were here too. We probably wouldn't get much done though. It's funny you say that about gilmore girls...I've been watching it a lot lately. The other night I fell asleep to it. I love you!

Sharon/mom said...

I watch gilmore girls when exercising. Clay is right about stress. I am glad you're posting. I have pics of Ruby and now that she's gone I will be able to write and post again. Lizzie is out of town, and I think meg and greg will be sporadic. Your post was totally not boring!! I love all the posts. I have been concerned with getting my Harry Potter book on Saturday. I ordered it online from Walmart, I am so afraid if it doesn't come on time adn I go to church someone will let the cat out of the bag!! Plus I will be afraid to hear or watch the news. Well, need to go read my scrips. Love you!!