Monday, July 2, 2007

Hehe. I loved Clay's post. It's funny because when I was done talking to Amy, I came out and he had a funny look on his face. I sat down and he said, 'These didn't taste good'. I ask, 'why?' He says, 'I don't know I think there was something wrong with the beans'. I asked if they had mold..he says no..i ask if the cheese was moldy.. he said, 'oh...I didn't think to look...' I asked if he wanted me to make him something else, and he said he was full, but wanted food...but didn't think he could eat, so he ended up just leaving his stomach with icky burritos.

So, Clay and I have been suffering all weekend to horrific sunburns. I thought we hadn't gotten them bad, but after a few hours back from the lake, we were hurting. It's the type of burn where every movement almost makes you cry. I told clay numerous of times that he is lucky he doesn't have to wear a bra. Anyway, I am happy to report, today they are...BETTER! Still a little pain, but way better than the past few days.

I started painting my frames! It's kind of funny because I asked for all your opinions on which color to paint them, and all of you said blue or green. I picked brown. It's just what I feel most comfortable with and what I think would look best. I love the green and blue idea, but I just don't think it's quite me. I will take a picture once I'm done with them though.

We are thinking of moving apartements. This couple we know is moving into a quadplex...don't know if thats the real name, but its like a duplex, but four. So anyway, it is a two bedroom apt for 400 a month! They claim it's spacious (the kitchen is a little smaller, we'll see how I like it) and there's lots of storage space and it basically sounds amazing to me. We'd be saving at least like $50 a month staying there. This place has free cable...and that doesn't, but we decided...we don't really need it; I actually would rather have it that way. So anyway, we are going to check it out and see if we want to move, and if there are any openings. We are also thinking of switching to a landline and cutting off my cell phone. I would of course, get that thing some of you have where you pay a few bucks each month and can call eachother for free? I don't know the name..but I would do that. The rest of you could just call me :-)

8 days left of classes. 3 days of finals. HOORAY. Love you and miss you all!


Sharon/mom said...

I'm glad your sunburns are better. And you're right they are lucky they don't wear bras! Excited to see the frames. Hope the 4 plex works out. I think they are called quads in some places, here we call them 4 plexes.
love you!!!

Amy: said...

Ahhh- 4 plexes- that sounds right. Anyway- that is funny about the burritoes. I would just not wear a bra if I were you, I already do that alot anyway! But yes- sunburns are the times where I wish I could just walk around naked. Infact....I did at Lizzie's when Shad wasn't there! just until the aloe avera dried, then I'd put my clothes back on- I can't STAND the feeling of putting your clothes on, when teh aloe avera is still wet and hasn't soaked into your skin, then you feel all sticky, I hate it. Anyway- that happens every time I get a burn- at first I'm like- cool i ddint' burn- and then a few hours later....I turn red. I'm glad you're feeling better. You guys are so lucky you only have to pay 400 a month! Yowsa! I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you!

Emily said...

Sunburns are the worst! I have one right now too. I think the apartment sounds like a sweet deal. Steve and I didn't have cable in rexburg and it was amazing the amount of studying we got done!

Lizzie said...

We have free long distance always on our land line so you could call me anytime and I'd just call you right back. That's what Amy and I do. Also, I can vouch for Amy that she really doesn't wear a bra that often. =) Also, I agree with you about the cable. It's over-rated.