Tuesday, July 3, 2007


SO- just to clarify, we AREN'T moving to the place I talked about earlier. It turned out to be not what we thought, as well as no openings. That's good though because now we have come upon this place!

So we are moving to a place that is above some shops on main street. There are 6 apartments above the shops, and the building is like...95 years old. Literally. It is a one bedroom apt. There are some quirky things about the apt...because it is so old, but the second we walked in we felt good about it, and felt at home. The family room has a hard wood floor...and is pretty spacious. The bedroom is smaller, and the closet in the bedroom is smaller, and in the kitchen....there is no dishwasher! We figure it doesn't really matter because our dishwasher here doesn't work much anyway. The bathroom sink was dripping a bit when we saw it...anyway, I know you are all thinking...is Danielle moving to the ghetto? Ha, it sounds bad but we actually are way excited.

Here's the awesome part about it: Rent is $385 a month. This includes high-speed internet, and all utilities but electric. They pay for heat though, so the electricity is around $10 a month. We calculated it out, and we are pretty sure we will be saving $100 a month!

OH YEAH. Here's the other thing. Because it is an old building...they don't care what you do to the place. If we wanted, we could paint the walls! I don't know that we ever will paint the walls, but I love the fact that we can. SO...we are moving in 2 weeks! I can't wait. There are positives and negatives towards the move, but overall we feel the positives outweigh the negatives.

By the way, the location is AMAZING. It is one block from clays work so he can walk. It is one block from the grocery store. It is closer to campus. It is all around perfect location.

Today we watched 'The family stone'. It was edited, so if you get it normal don't blame me for bad things...we really liked it! I did anyway, i think clay did too.

WELL...I love you! That is all I have to update for today. Happy early 4th! I love America.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! THE NEWS IS ON AND I JUST FOUND OUT THE LATEST NEWS: Spice Girls are going on a reunion tour! I told Clay we have to go...he said no.


Amy: said...

Oh my gosh- first of all- Spice girls tour- that would be so awesome to go to their concert- that is hilarious! Second- your apartment sounds awesome! It sounds so perfect- wooden floors- fun!!! SPacious! FUN! You can paint!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! in your month off or whatever- you should paint- that wal-mart paint is so cheap- and if you didnt' want to do all of them- you could just do one accent wall. OH cool! I'm jealous! I woudl love wooden floors and be able to paint! OK- the money- Yowsa! That is amazing! Not to mention- internet, and everything- man! OK- third- That is so awesome where it's located! Now it won't be a pain to go to the grocery store, and clay for work, and I feel like you said school was closer also. I'm so happy for you guys! And I'm so glad you guys feel good about it, that's always comforting. Oh and the dishwasher thing- I've often thought the same thing- we practically hand wash our dishes anyway- because we have to have them absolutely spotless, and then sometimes they come out smelling funny, or with spots on them, you'll have to get one of those dry rack things. Oh I'm so excited! The floor and walls sound so cool. You guys- should get blocks for your bed- to raise it- so you can fit storage underneath your bed. I love you guys so much- I'm so excited to see you this summer! Happy 4th!

Danielle and Clayton said...

Funny you say that, we already decided we would get raisers for our bed so we could keep more stuff under it!

Megan and Greg said...

I kid you not, I would LOVE to go to a Spice Girls concert. Oh my. I think you made a good decision with the brown frames. The apartment sounds a little interesting . . . but if you feel good about it, it must be right. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yeah, and we LOVED the Family Stone. To quote Greg, "It was very touching."

Emily said...

Yep...Jenni and I are totally excited about the Spice Girls concert too...so you're not alone. And I'm so jealous that you're moving to main street! I don't know why but I always thought it would be cool to live above a store. And I love Rexburg's main street, so that's way cool! Plus the saving money thing; that is ALWAYS a bonus!