Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I figured I'd give a bit of an update today.

As of tomorrow, classes are officially over! I am done with homework and chapter tests...all I have left are 2 classes tomorrow, a group presentation on Employee Motivation in one of those classes...and 3 finals. I AM SO HAPPY! I think I will do pretty well in all my finals as well. I am not worried. Accounting has been going swell, Statistics...good enough, and Business Communications, well...I hope I have enough common sense to get the right answers. Our teacher wont tell us really what the final is covering. She says...well, I don't know. Note that she says this with an evil smile. We haven't had one test in this class yet, and this final test is 15% of our we are kind of wondering what her tests are like. She doesn't think it important to tell us. Whoopee.

Clay and I are desperately excited to move. It's all I can think about. The other thing I am most excited about at the moment is Harry Potter! The movie, which I am seeing on friday, and the BOOK!!!!!!!!!! Oh goodness.

Last update: I have decided to cut back on treats. One treat a week...only enough for one serving. For example: 3 cookies each type of thing. I haven't had a treat since saturday night! Sadly, that is quite an accomplishing thing for me. I'm not finding it that hard, honestly. I have actually found it quite easy. BUT, I still desire treats. In fact I wish I could have one right now. I mustn't though.

Alright. Thats all. I love you!


Sharon/mom said...

I'm impressed. I couldn't do that. I bought Harry tickets today for Friday!!! love you!!!!

Emily said...

Danielle, I had 3 brownies before bed...I have no will power! And...HP5 is the bomb, you will love it! I LOVE Luna, so you have to tell me what you think about her too. I'm excited for you to see it.

Amy: said...

What the heck no treats until the weekend? And only one serving?!!! CRAZY GIRL! I have been eating what are called "skinny cows" they are icecream sandwhiches- and they are only 100-140 calories (depending on what brand you get) and they taste so good! I love them! And in case you don't know about calories and stuff- that's really good! Way better than eating cookies. So I've been eating one of those everynight. ALSO- I purchased that "SLow Churned Dryers Icecream." It's HALF the fat, and it is so good, I think it's yummier than other icecreams. I just know I won't limit myself to once a week- and one serving every time- so I've decided to eat less fattening treats. The skinny cows are the cheapest at Wal-mart- (that's counting winco! They were way more expensive there) anyway- and I've been eating ALOT of fruit, and I don't eat treats in the morning anymore- and I haven't made chocolate chip cookies in a long time- because I know if I do- I'll eat 6 everyday. So this icecream thing has really been working out well for me- I have it everyday though- and it might be my imagination, but I think I've lost some weight already. just like my stomach, although I just had my period- so maybe I was just really bloated and now I'm not! ha! anyway- you might want to try those things- once a week....YOWSA! I love you- and you know I don't think your crazy right? I mean for myself yowsa- I could never do that. if I were you I would be so excited to move also- your apartment sounds so cool with the wooden floors, open family room, and paintable walls. So the whole family is seeing HP on friday too- so that's really cool, because now it's like we're ALL watching it together! good luck with the finals! You're a genius so I'm not worried about it. I love you!