Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just a look at what we've been up to!

This is Amy Conger and I. Amy is a girl from my old ward. She is obsessive about Harry Potter, so we met up at barnes and noble! I know the glasses aren't really right, since they are white, but....obviously the were trying to save money! Harry potter was WONDERFUL! Oh my goodness I LOVED ITTTTTTTT!! The night was fun. We got the book by 12:12 am. It was perfect!

These next pics are from the Phillipp Family Reunion. It was on Saturday, and as you can see...I was a little distracted!!! This picture was taken with my camera and I wasn't even aware. Too into Harry!
This is Clay's family. Makayla is missing though:(. She was at girls camp.
Now. What I've really been up to since Harry Potter is putting together our new apartment! I don't have real pictures yet. Just a little preview. I just think this is kind of funny.
This just shows how old the place is. This little thing is in the center of one of our walls. Just randomly in the middle. You might wonder...what is it for? Kind of odd. Anyway, we asked Paul and Patty what it was when they were here and they said that in the old days they had these for telephones, and that little centimeter high space at the bottom was for phone books! Can you believe that!?!?! There's no way we could fit a phone book in there now. I suggested a ward roster. We put our cell phones on top of it....haha. You can even see the phone hook up thing below it. I just thought it was funny. You will see better pictures of the actual place within a few days!

Lastly, today I made bread! Thank goodness. We have been out for weeks. I must say, I think this is the best batch I've made yet. It is sooo delicious and homemade bread is just the best. So I took a picture to PROVE to you all that I'm not making this stuff up. I can actually make bread! Yummy.
Just one question though. When I freeze my other loaves...they aren't as yummy and don't last as long when I take them out and thaw them. Is there a special secret I don't know about that will make this better? Please let me know if there is.

Well, that's just about all I've been up to lately. Baking, decorating, reading. As of right NOW...I am actually listening to beach boys! Awesome huh? "True to your School" is the song on right now. One of my favorites!

Honestly, I can't stop thinking about Harry Potter. I keep going back to the book and rereading parts. I LOVED IT! I am going to start reading "Culture Warrior" by Bill O'Reiley next. I am excited.

Well, thanks for holding out all that stayed this long...This is a LONG post! Oh well...I love you all soooo much! Have a good day! :-)


Sharon/mom said...

First I can't believe how long your hair is!!! Second your clothes are so cute. Third your bread looks great! The only thing you can do for your bread is make sure you have wrapped it up double, and like I do freeze in half loaves so it is as fresh as possible when you thaw it out. Also I wonder if the oat flour makes a difference. You could make oat flour by putting oatmeal in your blender and blending it until it looks like flour. Use 2 cups oat flour for 4 loaves.

I loved the glasses!!! I can't stop thinking about harry either. I loved all the pics of the family reunion and the phone thing, I remember that from when I was about 4 years old. We didn't have one in our new house, only our old one.

Amy: said...

Ok first of all- I know I've already commented on this subject- but I just have to say- I love the Paris Hilton Song in the backround- it makes me smile and laugh EVERY single time! HA! And I admitt- i like the song too- ha. OK- anyway- mom's right- your hair is so long! I just chopped mine off- I'll put a pic up tomorrow. And I agree with everything mom said you are so cute- and your clothes are adorable. I LOVED the picture of you sitting there reading HP- ha- I just loved it- I can so see you just reading away- focused. I like seein pictures of Clay's family even though it's not MY family- because I know they are YOUR family- and I care about you and clay- so I like to get to know his family. The pictures are cute. OK- bread- wow- I'm so impressed. I wish I would make bread- but it's just not on my top priority list, I wish it were. We both have a friend named AMY! AND THE PHONE- hahahahahahhahahahah. I love it! I read the blog part even though you already told me about it- cause I knew it would be so funny. Ha- I love it. alright- I best be going. I love you- it was so nice talking to you today- I love you-

Danielle and Clayton said...

I know my hair is so long. I hate it. I want it chopped off the second we get in oregon!

Emily said...

Wow you've been busy! I want to see more pictures of your apartment! Your hair IS super cute...I decided this past week that I'm growing mine out...it's been awhile since I had long hair. I LOVE the picture of you reading HP at the reunion...so cute!

Megan and Greg said...

I haven't even read your blog yet, but I heard Paris Hilton and I really love this song! SO MUCH!!!!! This is not something you can really say outloud to people, I mean Paris Hilton? Oh my! I'm glad you share my opinion of her music. Love you Dan.

Megan and Greg said...

Holy cow your hair is long. No worries. Only a month left right? Also, you look so much older! And Clay's hair is shorter! (Of course I noticed.) I am SO excited to see you guys. And what the heck you make bread? You put me to shame. EXTREME shame! You're only 19 and you leave me way in the dust with your Martha Stewart ways. But that is ok. I really am so amazed! I love that random spot in the wall! You should put a framed picture in there. I love you!

Amy: said...

I really want to know the end of HP just because everyone's talking about it. i mean i won't read the books for 2 years. So should I just find out what the ending is? I need your opinion. I love you!