Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Alright. I just wanted to let EVERYONE know, in case they didn't know. If you are going to barnes and noble book store at midnight to get harry potter, go when they open the store on the 2oth, to get a bracelet for you and anyone else who is going at midnight. They are supposedly calling people by number by the bracelets to get their books. SO if you go get your bracelet when the doors open, you will most likely be near the first people to get the book at midnight! It sounds kind of fishy...I am sure number 60 and number 1 will get their book at the same time...but who knows. I guess it will make it flow better. I can't wait!!!

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Emily said...

Yea, Megan told me that today...is it really true? I guess it's better to have a bracelet just in case...so why not go early and get one? Oh man I cannot even WAIT!!!!