Saturday, July 28, 2007


I couldn't think of a descent post title, so I just put "Today". Hm...nice. Anyway, yesterday Clay's friend Kenny and his wife Faith visited. They live in Michigan but grew up here and visit about twice a year. We went to the river and here are a few pictures!

This is Clayton and Kenny standing in exactly the same position. I don't think either of them were aware.

This is Clayton throwing a big branch into the water. I've never understood why it is SO fun for men to throw big things in water. Kenny previously threw a huge piece of bark in the water. They were both very enthusiastic though! Faith and I were just laughing at our silly men while observing.

Lastly, here is one of Clayton and Me. The snake river is pretty by the "falls". I like it there.

I think I look slightly pregnant right there...I've decided it must've been the wind or something because that is the one shirt like that where I feel confident I DON'T look pregnant. Oh well...just know that I'm not.

As for an update: Today I went to DI. I was motivated from Amy's amazing shopping trip and decided to give it a go. Clayton and I had decided that I really did need a pair of jeans because all of mine were too tight or too short or both. So we thought it would be fine if I got some at american eagle or something on sale. Well, I got to DI and found 3 pairs of jeans that fit me and I liked! They will sound like a fortune compared to Amy's 99cent deals. BUT I got 3 pairs of jeans, and a jean skirt that is long to my ankles ALL for under $20. So basically I spent what i was planning for the jeans, but got 4 times what I was expecting. I am WAY jazzed about it. I DO wish that we had Value Village deals though.

I am going to go pick up my pictures from Walmart in a few minutes and then I can finally hang up my frames! My apartment will then be SOOOO close to being picture-worthy. I might even get some up tonight or tomorrow morning for you all.

Alright, have a good day everyone. I love you!


Lizzie said...

Okay, I have never heard anyone say, "jazzed" except for Mom!!! It cracks me up. I swear the older we get the more we are like her. Good thing Mom's so amazing. So I have to comment on a few previous posts. I love the phone thing you wrote about. I think that is so cool. I can't wait to see your apt. I bet it is so neat. Also, your Harrry Potter picture with your friend is cute!! I love it. I love reading your blogs Danielle. I check it everyday to see if there's something new. I am glad you have a break from school. It's perfect timing for your recent move. I bet it's fun (and tiring) to decorate your new place. I love you!

Lizzie said...

I forgot...your hair is so long! It's really pretty. Does Clay like it long or short? I also like Clay's shorts in that picture. He's a really good dresser.

Emily said...

I love the pictures by the river, and it's SO funny how you mention that boys like to throw things in the river...that made me laugh. And I like your hair long too...I'm jealous!!

Amy: said...

Alright- so first of all- I love the picture of Clay and his friend standing the same, those kind of things are so funny. There's a picture of Dad and Jake from a few months ago- and they are sitting the same way, hands same way, and expressions the same way. You don't look pregnant in that shirt- that's the style. It's supposed to be big and flouncy. It's funny that everyone is saying you look so old, because you do. You don't look like a girl anymore- you are a real woman. Your hair is so pretty. It's seeing people like you that make me think..."should have i cut my hair????" I just NEVER fix it. And I can't really stand to have it down, I always want to put it up. I love the look of it down, but I can't stand the feel. That is funny about guys throwing stuff in water- because now that I think about it- that is so true! They love to do that! I'm so excited to see your pictures. That is so awesome about your finds at D.I!!! That is an awesome price. The 99 cent deal- is outrageous- I think that's just a value village thing- and it's just once a week- ONLY certain colors. You got 4 things for 20 dollars- that is 5 dollars each- that is SO good. Don't you love going thrift store shopping now?! When you come here- you should go to value village with me! Seriously! The 99 cent deals are on Tuesdays, so hopefully it works out that we can. Do you think you're going to get into shopping DI now? I love it so much. Doesn't it give you kind of a high? Like you got 4 things for less than the price you would have boughten 1 pair of jeans. Well- anyway- I'm excited to see you! I love you

Megan and Greg said...

Ok,the pregnant thing is purely the shirt. That's just happening in the styles right now, yea for me. But you don't look pregnant. You look so grown up now. I can't believe you guys have been married for over a year. CRAZY!!!! I can't WAIT to see you BOTH!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!

Sharon/mom said...

loved the pics!! I am so glad we are doing this blogging. I feel like I am a part of everyone's life!!! I loved the pic of you and clay. You both look so good. and everyones right, you don't look pregnant. that shirt is really cute. guys are pretty funny, throwing and dropping are definitely a guy thing. They probably think we do weird things too!!! that is so cool about your clothes!! I am so happy for you.