Sunday, July 22, 2007


The epic adventures of Harry Potter have finished! Oh my. The book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Oh how I loved it. Like mother, I will not spoil anything for fear of a reader who hasn't finished. If you haven't finished...HOW DARE YOU be looking on the internet before your done!!! All I can say is JK Rowling is brilliant. Never ceases to amaze me. Ya gotta love her.

Now that I've finished Harry Potter, I truly feel like it's summer. Exciting.

I like that two members of my family hesitated and thought for a mere moment that I thought Harry was a death eater. hehehe.

Well! I love you all. By the way I got an A in statistics, meaning I gained the GPA needed to keep my scholarship! Thank goodness. I was banking on that money. I love BYU-I.

I love you all so much, really-I do. I am so excited to see everyone...whenever that may be!

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Emily said...

I AM SO JEALOUS YOU ARE FINISHED!! This is the first time I've tried to read a book with a's kinda hard! Yesterday was a traveling day and my plane was delayed 2 hours and Easton was a grouch! But no more excuses, I'm back, and grandma gets to watch the boy while I read...I will report soon!! Congrats on your GPA!!