Friday, July 20, 2007


Yes, you heard it. Tonight is the night. At 12:01, I will be fighting to get my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book. I am sooooo excited! Patty and Paul went to Barnes and Noble this morning and got us in the A group, which is the first hundred people that get their books...and we get in at 11:30!!! Oh my. I am so excited I think today will go by slowly. I will have a distraction tonight though. We are being treated to a place called Mystique. It is a dinner and show type deal. The show is Beauty and the Beast! That will be fun too. Oh man. Tonight is just full of excitement!

For the record, I am putting my predictions like lizzie did about harry potter:

-Snape is GOOD GOOD GOOD! Though, I could see us not truly finding out until the last chapter or so if he is truly good or bad.
-Harry is REALLY a death eater
-haha... just a joke.
-Harry and Voldemort will die. BUT, it will be so happy because he will see his family again and well, JK Rowling will make it wonderful.
-Neville will die.
-Ron and Hermione will have a huge fight (as always) and make up by snogging and expressing their undying love for each other.

Oh MY, I am so excited! Amy, you seriously need to start reading them. They are amazing.

In case you all didn't catch on...I am DONE WITH SCHOOL! Until september at least. Summer semester is over! Thank goodness. I don't know that I could've taken any more. I know 3 of my grades so far. B+, A, A. The last grade I'm waiting on, I know I got an A on the final, but that I'm not sure if it will be an A in the class. I hope. We'll see.

Our apartment is slowly coming along. We don't have cable...or the possibility for cable. There isn't even cable hookups. Or ethernet hookups. I'm starting to realize how much we actually watch TV because so many times already we've sat infront of the tv and wished we'd had cable. Instead we turn on Gilmore Girls because we have that on dvd....we've gone through like 2 disks already! All that watching wasn't just on the couch though, we had it on while we were putting the apartment together and stuff. Anywayyyyyyy....we don't have blinds either. So, as soon as this place is put together, I am making curtains because I don't really like the idea of people seeing me undress at night. I'm sure you would all feel the same way.

We don't really have any food because I haven't gone grocery shopping forever. So I don't know what to eat for breakfast. I don't want to go grocery shopping either because I've already had to go up and down stairs so many times I don't want to have to do it again. I think I'll wait till next week.

WELL, now that I've bored you with my exciting life...I am going to go find some food and shower (I need it considering I've been sweating strait for 48 hours while moving)



Emily said...

I love Neville, I will be so sad if he dies! I agree with your other predictions though...and I love that you said the word snogging! I can't even wait!

Anonymous said...

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Lizzie said...

Love the death eater comment. At first I thought you were out of your mind.

Sharon/mom said...

how do you get the internet? I loved your little joke, I took it serious for a minute and wondered where that came from. I am so jealous, you have your book by now. I am just hoping and praying mine truly comes tomorrow. It is supposed to be raining all day, so I will have to shut off the phones and read in my bedroom. ahhhgggggg! sorry about the tv, I would have a hard time w/o tv. love you!!!!

Amy: said...

Danielle- that's cool you finished HP- I didn't read the blog because I don't want the ending to be given away- congrats though- it sounds like you had such a fun weekend. I'm glad things are starting do get settled in your apt. I watch ALOT of tv too. It's really bad. All those reality tv shows hook me- I love you! I just started a new block, so I can finally call you! But i'm at school right now- on a break- so- I will soon talk to you! I love you!

Amy: said...

Oh yeah- congrats on the A in Statistics- you're such a genius. And you know I'm serious!