Monday, September 24, 2012

Tv...weekend...awkward question...

I LOVE tv. As in, I watch a ton of it. I'm not really ashamed of that either. I still get lots of lovely things done in my life. But the truth is, I do watch a TON of it. I have watched so many series on netflix it's bordering on the pathetic status. But you know, it's just how life goes sometimes. And I've kind of decided that with the upcoming fall tv shows...I need to stop my netflix series watching bit.

So today when I came home for lunch, instead of watching Nikita or 90210 or Greys (always my fallback), I picked up my book and read! Then Clay couldn't help it- he just decided he wanted to eat with me and talk. So you know, human interaction and reading, can't get TOO much better than that.

It's sort of refreshing to CHOOSE not to watch tv when you have spare time.

Don't get me wrong. I FULLY plan on indulging in all my fall shows. Greys, REVENGE!, Modern Family, Up all Night, New Girl, Vampire Diaries. But there's a big difference of watching one show a day rather than MANY episodes in a row of one show. Cause that's what I do on netflix. I just watch an entire season of a show within a week. And if you think about it, that equals many episodes per day. goal- stop that. I'm on day one of this goal and so far, so good!

It is chilly. It was like 61 degrees today and I had my car heat on full blast. It was a bit refreshing. And Clay turned on our house heat! Crazy. I'm a little bit enjoying it. And a little bit not. But really I'm pretty content, so hopefully that sticks.

I am SO EXCITED for the holidays! I'm excited cause I have a few new decorations for Halloween and they are AWESOME!

This weekend Clay and I did some MAJOR cleaning in our basement. I wish I would've taken a before pic! Because SERIOUSLY seriously we cleared out a tonnnn of junk. And organized a ton of stuff too. It looks so great down there and we have so much more space. YAY us!

We got two snails for the tank. They are sucking up all the algae and have been very busy.

On a really great note- I've had a lot of lingering symptoms disappear lately. Like, my hair doesn't fall out anymore, my rash appears to be gone (shoulders and back area), and I really don't have joint pain anymore. So it's pretty fantastic. I hope it sticks.

On an awkward note. I have a question to normal people about night sweats :) haha. Seriously, I can talk to Clay all I want about this...but he has Lyme Disease so he's a bit biased. So I used to get serious night sweats. I mean I'd wake up and my chest and back would be SOPPING wet and it'd just suck. Now...I will sometimes wake up and feel a bit sweaty but my clothes aren't wet...the sheets aren't wet...but maybe I'm just a bit wet. Does this happen in normal people's lives? I mean...I'm not positive on this and I want to make sure. And I feel like sometimes I'm not even wet! Like it's almost as if I might START sweating soon...but then I pop a leg out of the covers or something. I know I probably sound crazy. But if you have any insight, please don't hesitate to share :) I feel like I'm essentially symptom free...except for this whole night sweatish deal. And I'd really like to not be hanging on to the notion that I have Lyme still JUST because of this one thing if normal people have these things happen too? Anyway, sorry if this is awkward.

Till next time.


Emily D said...

I think it's pretty normal to sweat a little a night. Especially if you have a heavy comforter or you have a husband that loves to cuddle.

Lizzie said...

I only have night sweats when I've just had a baby and my hormones are all crazy. Or if I have a fever. Or if I sleep with a down comforter. But otherwise, never. I just love it when you talk about tv. love the honestly. if i were to be super honest about my free'd be blogs. i justify it....but it's still a waste of my time. but i love it. oh i go back and forth. = )

Jenni said...

I'm with Lizzie... I never had night sweats until Harlow. Now, I notice them. Like, if by rare occasion, Harlow is crying in the night and I get up to check on her... I'll notice that my shirt is damp. It must be the hormones, I dunno!

Danielle, we have so much in common! I love TV and I am not ashamed of it!!! I've done the Netflix thing and I love it! But I did cancel it because it was out of control. So now, same as you, I just look forward to my evening shows allll day! Seriously, on Sunday nights, I'm like... I can't wait for my shows this week. REVENGE NEXT SUNDAY! AHHH!!!


I didn't know revenge was this sunday! awesome! it drives me crazy when people are all too good for tv, especially cause i feel like everyone is obsessed with tv. night sweats, I don't think it's normal. I think it's something you get when you're sick or hormonal after babies or during nursing. Otherwise, I think normal people don't have them. Sorry. BUT- I do know that certain prescriptions and drugs cause them, so I don't know what you're taking right now but that coul be the culprit. love eyou.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yeah, didn't comment here either! I don't sweat at night. I've gone through phases of going to bed freezing in fleece jammies ten waking up in a sweat and having to strip down, but it was all about the clothes/weather. It was never a normal thing. I think it might be normal for SOME people, but if you didn't before and you would remember that, then you would now. So I'm thinking it's a symptom, otherwise you wouldn't think anything at all about it. Bummer. But it's good that's the only thing left!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I like tv alot too, but when i watch too much I eat along with the watching. then I go through the watch "just the next episode" of my series I am watching. So I try not to watch too much because it causes other problems for me! Or it causes me to stay up too late. I would pay attention to when you are having the sweats, is it before or during your period. I would say that since they are getting better, it might be the lyme still because it is gradually going away. But again I would pay attention to when they are. love you!!

Kristi M. said...

Jeff is a very hot sleeper so if he sleeps close, I have warm jammies and a lot of blankets on, I will sweat. I may sweat more if my hormones are going crazy. Often times, I sleep with one leg out and the other in. Seems to regulate my temperature. I think it is different for different people.