Monday, September 10, 2012

The time our doctor thought we believed in polygamy

Here's a story for you.

We are sitting in our doctor's office in Seattle and Clay asks our doctor, "What do you think of mormons?". Now- she knows we are mormon. She asked us our very first appointment if we were since we don't drink, smoke, do drugs, and we live in Idaho. She's pretty intelligent and was able to make the connection. SO anyway...she says,

"Well...I think there are some really good people that are mormons and really crazy people that are mormons".

We laughed and pretty much said, uhh yeah us too! Clay said he just wanted to know from a perspective of someone who doesn't follow a specific religion (she is VERY spiritual, just doesn't belong to a church and has NO desire to) what they thought of mormons especially with Romney running for president and everything. We chit chatted about a few different things and then she finally said,

"Well, this is the thing. I just really can't respect any religion that believes in having multiple wives."

So...that was a little awkward. But you know, it was time the truth came out. So I told her about my sister wives. I explained that it really wasn't demeaning to be one of many wives to Clay. In fact, I LOVE my sister wives. It was actually pretty convenient this conversation came up because I was able to tell her that my sister wives DID in fact have Lyme disease too. But I'm the favorite, so Clay let me come to the doctor with him. We share our medicine and they follow the same plan that she gives me. Which is why, again, this conversation is so convenient.

"Now that you know, could you write some prescriptions for the other wives?"


ACTUALLY, the conversation went more like this. " we don't believe in that"

Her- "Well I know that there are mormons with multiple wives, and I went on the Salt Lake tour and they talked about it there"

Us- "well yes, it's part of our history, much like EVERY religion has had polygamy in their history. But we do not support that at ALL." and tried to explain the reorganized church and stuff.

But it turns out, her mind seemed quite closed and stubborn to the idea. She went on and on about how blacks and women should not be thought of as lesser people and she was raised that she can do anything she wants and the only thing that she can't do that a man can has to do with physical strength. It's really ironic because she always talks about how logical she is and how she can't stand it when people aren't logical...yet, she knows that I am a CPA, have a college degree, have a job, and she knows Clay and I are complete equals in our marriage. So how would she think that we belong to a church that demeans women? I dunno. The conversation was a little strange. She said she thinks that Mitt Romney will lose because he is Mormon. And for that reason only.

We were seriously SHOCKED when those words came out of her mouth. Like...this whole time did she think, "I wonder how many wives he has?". Like...seriously? I doubt she thought that since she had the statement, some are good some are crazy...but anyway. I guess I just forget since I'm here in Idaho that there are still people with these crazy notions about Mormons.

Incase you missed the sarcasm...the above story about my sister wives- NOT TRUE. I am the only wife to my husband and I do NOT have sister wives! And incase you didn't know, Mormons, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- DOES NOT- in any way, shape or form, support polygamy. Nope! Not at all. And I feel the need to also say that the church strongly preaches EQUALITY in marriage. Husbands and wives are equal in responsibility, and rights! Yikes. Seriously- I hope people know this. And if you didn't, know it now! And stop thinking these crazy things. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Anyway...Seattle was fine. Nothing new. In case you want details...the basic down low is I am still experiencing "night sweats" which according to the doc is major sign I still have infection. Here's to praying I don't have night sweats these next two months! I hate Lyme Disease.



PAHAH oh my gosh. It is so strange to me when people think we believe in polygamy. And I'm really shocked that she thinks he will lose because he is mormon. On the polls, 83% either don't care about his religion, or are comfortable with it, so it must be her circle of friends she hangs out with. i'm sorry you are having night sweats. that sucks really bad. i secretly wonder if you have hodgkin's, because you are so sick, and the night sweats- kind of like how you think everyone has lyme. If I hear ngiht sweats I think- hodgkins! plus you're my sister, so that makes me think it even more. But you prob don't, and it's prob just lyme- ha. i love you- and i'm sorry you have night sweats. Have a towel and change of clothes by you bed, ready to switch out in the night when you wake up wet.l love you.

Jenni said...

Night sweats? Ugh that sounds awful and I hope that goes away. It is so very ridiculous the things people believe about Mormons. It actually drives ME CRAZYY. They are so stuck in these beliefs that they have no foundation for. And even when they talk to a real Mormon, they don't believe the truth. So annoying. So glad you don't have sister wives :)

HeidiT said...

Oh my gosh, I just had this EXACT same conversation about polygamy with my coworkers. (Minus the closed minded part at the end, they were pretty open to learning more.) But it was so interesting (and entertaining!)to hear all of their ideas on what they thought they knew.

Lizzie said...

haha. funny about the sister wives. but sort of not at the same time. annoying when people think they know more about what YOU believe. but i get it. maybe i'd be the same way if i weren't lds.

sorry about the nightsweats

Aliese the Writer said...

Yeah, it's really crazy about what people think of us. There have been several conversations in my Sunday school class about how they get asked about polygamy. And had an awful conversation with someone about how we are racist. It was one of my friends from WISH's mom and she said she read this book and knew all about our history. I asked her about the book, but she wouldn't tell me, yet she promised it was true. It was awful. Here I am, a 13 year old girl, saying that we aren't racist, that I have never been taught that, and she (a mom with 9 kids) was being really rude and basically saying that my beliefs are wrong or that I am wrong about my beliefs. Mom was actually really upset about it when I told her and almost went to talk to the woman about it :), but she didn't. Anyway, I love you! Miss you!

Megan and Greg said...

I didn't know night sweats was a sign. Because until like 3 days ago, Scarlet woke up CRAZY sweaty every morning. Kids are often sweaty when they wake up, but lately it's been really bad. But we got an air filter and all the sudden she isn't sweaty at all and seems better in general. Connected? Maybe. I hate this lyme thing too. So much. I really hate it. I'm so sorry you guys are dealing with it too.

It's so wierd, the mormon thing. Seems like most people I know don't think we're wierd at all and think we're awesome. Like I hate when people talk about their bad experiences because then it makes me paranoid about letting people know I am one. And I've had NO bad experiences, they've all been good. But of course there will be some. I would expect it's dying out with the generations. At first I thought you really DID say those things, as a joke. I think that's a little nuts to think he'd lose 'cause he's mormon. I don't think that at all.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Well, dad and I had a good laugh over your sister wives! I am sorry about the Lyme still being there. Someday.... I can't believe how people always want and grab on tight to the worst in people or religion or whatever. Here you are Mormoms, but she heard it so whatever she heard is true!!! love you!!