Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Me and Martha

So I was standing in line in the grocery store when I saw the Martha Stewart magazine. Oh! So beautiful. Seriously. I used to get these magazines in the mail and it was fantastic. I know that there isn't anything in the magazine that isn't on her website, but there's just something about having a magazine to sit down and browse through.

But, I don't have a subscription anymore...so I thought- I haven't browsed that website in a while. The truth is, I LOVE MARTHA! Seriously seriously love her. Do you know how much she has taught me since I've been married? A LOT! If ever I can't get ahold of a mom or a sister...Martha is always there to instruct. 

It really all started when we FIRST got married and I didn't have school yet and my job didn't start till 11am. Those times were BLISS! I woke up, I worked out while watching the View, which was way less obnoxious at the time than it is now...then I'd eat and get ready or something...then MARTHA. Her show was always on before work and it was fantastic! She inspired me so much. Then school started and it was so sad. I couldn't watch Martha anymore. But then I got the subscription so it wasn't too bad. 

Since then I've received three Martha Stewart books that are just wonderful. 

This is my first Martha book. And here is the truth. EVERYONE needs this book. There are so many amazing cookies in this book! And brownies! My favorite brownie in the WHOLE UNIVERSE came from this book. This book is beautiful and depressing because I can't bake out of it every weekend like I used to. 

Pretty sure this is my second book I've received. Can I tell you? I didn't dig into this for a couple years I think but HELLO. This is like a cooking bible. I realized it when one day I was like, "hmmm I wonder how to boil an egg" literally I wasn't sure. So of course I looked online...there were lots of different opinions on the right timing and such...so I thought- "I bet Martha knows" so I popped open this book and BAM. Instructions on boiling an egg. Same for poached eggs. And OH YEAH- I learned to make omelets from this book! I promise there's more in there besides eggs...but that's just one area I wasn't too educated on so it's helped a lot. I just love it cause I can look in the index and then she has PHOTOGRAPHIC instructions on a lot of things! So perfect. And I'll tell you this- not ONCE have I followed the instructions from this book and have something not turn out! The wonderful thing is I can look online for anything, of course. But so many people have so many differing opinions it's hard to decide which method to use! But here's the wonderful part- I can always rely on Martha to have the best method. Cause seriously she's never let me down. 

Third book. This one, unfortunately, I haven't really dug into yet. I really need to. Cause lets face it...Martha has PROVEN herself time and time again. I probably could learn a lot since it appears from the cover there are tips on cleaning...and I'm not the best cleaner. 

Anyway- here's my point. MARTHA IS A GENIUS! I seriously just love her. What Steve Jobs was to tech people, Martha is for me. 

I'm currently reading the book, "The Happiness Project" and it's really really inspiring. One of the chapters is talking about having fun. You need to make time for fun. But what I really liked is that she said what is fun for you may not be fun for others. You may WISH you liked to do certain things but you just might not! And that's okay. Find what you find to be fun, and do it! With a combination of that insight, and seeing the beautiful Martha magazine on the rack at the store...I remembered, I LOVE Martha stuff. It is SO FUN to look through her books, magazines, and website. I literally have so much fun doing it. So I have been looking at her site a bit more the past few days. And it's fun! Her pictures are always so beautiful...and there's just lots of good stuff ya know? 

My latest Martha adventure is hosting Thanksgiving. She has so many tips and tricks so I know it'll be a great feast!

Are you a Martha student? She will ALWAYS surpass crafty/foody bloggers in my mind...since of course, all their inspiration stemmed from her :) It's true, I'm a devout Martha fan. 

PS- This is the latest book that I really want. In case anyone's wondering ;) 

Although this one is catching my eye too!


The Congers said...

Totally love Martha, I was hooked in high school. I recorded it every day old school on VHS while I was at school. Senior year all I asked for Christmas was cooking supplies. Yep I believe in Martha, happy to find another Martha lover.


you know, i forgot that we liked martha! you and i both had a subscription, and I used to ALWAYS look on her site. And then I think bloggers took over the world, so I forgot all about her. I'll have to go look at her site! I haven't in forever. I have a friend who "hates" martha, and it bugs me so much because everythign she does screams martha, and i almost wonder if she's like jealous of her? ha. it's so wierd and annoying. love you.


oh, can you email me the book you're reading?

Megan and Greg said...

Ok, I read this days ago. The one you like the least is the one I want the MOST. That book taught me how to fold fitted sheets!!! And iron pleated pants. That book is amazing. Go to for EVERYTHING. I should ask for it for christmas or something. Pat bought it right before we moved to europe and I glanced through it and thought it was stinkin' awesome. i really should get it.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Loved the blog. It's funny, because I don't really love Martha, but I love everything she does and I love everything she has done for this world. She made it respectable to be a fulltime homemaker. She brought people back to cooking and cleaning and decorating. She brought the 50's back into style. I think the only thing she didn't get into was raising kids and marriage counseling. Which it sounds like was a good thing. But again, I will always have a fond spot in my heart for her. When I see her stuff or hear you talk about her I smile and feel gratitude. She made the world I live in a place without apology. love you!!!