Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Early $100 Christmas Present

 All the pics on this post are such crappy pictures! Poor Clay, he'll be so irritated. But seriously it's HARD to take pictures in a basement...


Clay's dreams came true, we finally got a huge 60" plasma tv in our basement! 

Here's how the story goes...

Me: "I want to host Thanksgiving this year."

Clay: "Why?"

Me: "It'd be fun..."

Clay: "Why?"

Me: "I think it'd help distract me from not being around my family for the holidays"

Clay: "Um...well I don't really want to do that because little kids will be all over the place and I don't trust them around my electronics"

Me: "You realize we will have kids one day right?"

Clay: "I trust our kids. I don't trust other people's kids."

Story of my life. Clay is stressed about his electronics. Are you AWARE of how obsessed Clay is with electronics? When I say electronics I mean TV's, bluray/dvd players, video game consoles, surround sound, all sorts of wires and such, and computers and basically all sorts of technology. It's basically his number one hobby and I would trust him over basically anyone in the universe when it comes to this stuff. 

So anyway...the convo went much longer than this but the jist of it is...he gets stressed when his electronics are out and easily accessible for children and wanted a mounted tv with electronics hidden away under our stairs. I thought about it and I was like...HEY- we have a ton of crap around this house. Why not sell it? So I pose the idea to Clay and he LAUGHS IN MY FACE (not really) saying how there's no way we could raise enough cash for his tv! Then I made a spreadsheet and showed him all the things I thought of to sell, and after he thought of more...we realized...hey! We could actually do this! So after selling the following things:

side table
patio furniture
ipod nano
paintball guns
broke tv (only part of it was broke)
motorcycle (old junky one we got for free)
subs x 3
roller blades (found brand new in our house when we moved in)
portable DVD player
long table
360 HD
AV Switch
rocking chair
camera strap cover

And a few more instance- we had a jar that had a bunch of change in it. I counted it and guess what- 35 bucks! Also we had $150 worth of credit card points that could go towards walmart. So I told Clay the TV had to come from Sam's club or walmart, and he said okay! I was really surprised cause Clay does NOT like being limited to where he can buy things.

So anywho...after a few weeks of having people come over, meeting people in the back of the walmart parking lot, texting, calling, emailing interested buyers...we seriously raised enough money! I only had to chip in $100 of our own dollars which will be our Christmas presents this year for each other!

You guys will probably say like, "Oh you're such a nice wifey" or something...but seriously? I love tv, like I've said before...and I love it! It's way fun and it makes Clay REALLY happy and so I am a happy camper.

Here are some more pictures, get ready to be impressed!

Clay built BY HIMSELF these shelves and put them up! He put all our electronics on here so they are away from tiny hands and he got this device that makes it able for remotes to reach through the walls.

This wall only has the tv, and the center speaker, and the kinect! NO CORDS anywhere along the wall. It's so fantastic.

And we put the tv high enough so that our big pooch doesn't get in our way. We had that problem with our old tv. He would walk infront of us and obstruct our view! He's just so dang big. So now we don't have that problem :)

And now! I'm hosting thanksgiving! Hoorah!

Clay is still confused why I even want to host thanksgiving...but the truth is...I am not going to see any of my family for holidays this year (unless someone decides to visit me) and its kind of it would be nice to have something to distract me from it. You know? I mean...doesn't that make sense to you guys? Somehow it wasn't quite computing with Clay...but he is a man. I'm guessing for Clay, me talking about hosting thanksgiving is kinda like him talking to me about how cool it was when this football player reached behind him in some cool way and caught the football. It just doesn't compute in my mind why it's that big of a deal. But you know, whatev.

So far we've watched part of Avatar, we watched Avengers, I watched Revenge, Clay watched some football...and it's just awesome! We love it. We are so blessed! Things just went really smoothly and we were able to get everything we needed. And we have such a great space for it.

Anyone up for a movie marathon?! :) 


Megan and Greg said...

CRAAAAAAAAZY!!!! I can't believe that only cost $100. What an incredible team you guys are. 60", that's big! Good thing you have that big room. And you're right, you BOTH watch a lot of tv, so worth the splurge. That remote through the walls thing is GENIUS. Man, if we come visit, and you didn't do this- Clay would be going CRAZY because of Scarlet. And forget about trusting your own kids. That just made me laugh. They're still kids and just cause they're taught no, it doesn't mean they can resist the temptation. Love you!!!

Lizzie said...

Wow. That basement seriously looks cozy. Perfect for tv watchin....I'm so impressed you sold all that stuff. I am so in need of doing that.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I just love your blogs and I haven't commented for awhile as I couldn't seem to comment for some reason it always knocked me off. I did a long comment about your night sweats and it blocked me. I will try again tonight as I have a new moniter and maybe it will all be better. Love you and all your Halloween decor and your new tv is awesome. You guys are such a great team. We love you and miss you so much. Hugs Oh and I love Martha too

Jenni said...

I am SOOOO IMPRESSED!! Seriously. If Michael reads this post, I'm toast. But that is so amazing that you were so resourceful to get that TV. and I'm totally with you, even though it's the hubby that wants it, OF COURSE we benefit from it! Oh and REVENGE?!?!?! So much good stuff to come this season!

I totally get why you would want to host Thanksgiving. And also, you're the perfect girl for the job. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Love you!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

so cool!! That is so impressive!!! clays setup.... what can I say, amazing. Having set up our surround sound several times, it just boggles my mind. Oh you'll have to tell clay we got a fancey remote that does everything now. 1 click and everything comes on that is needed to watch a move. It turns on and off all our tv and stereo stuff. I'm so impressed with all you sold!! very cool!! love you