Friday, October 26, 2012

A cold cold day

Well, today was cold and lousy.

I woke up and I saw the brightness shining through our drapes, a brightness which I easily recognized as, "it snowed". So I double checked and sure enough, the ground was covered in white! Honestly? It looked pretty and seemed cozy and I wasn't at all sad about it!

Then I went to work and spent half of my day trying to figure out a dang printer and honestly? It just drove me nuts. Then everytime I go outside it's freezing cold. Then I realize I'm starting to get sick because my throat feels tense and my body feels heavy and I am so so tired and just feel sick. Then I go to this Young Women's training meeting for church and I kid you not, I FELT COLD AIR COMING FROM SOMEWHERE. It was so cold! I am going to sound like an oldie here for a second, but really. If we can put a man on the moon, can't our church figure out how to keep the thermostat at a temperature that doesn't have everyone shivering in their coats? I guess not. And ontop of all this I just was having some real emotional struggles probably because lets face it, it's about that time of month.

And seriously? I just had the worst attitude all day. But I was thinking all day, "I'm supposed to be looking for happiness, remember?" So...all day I planned on making hot chocolate. So...that's what I did tonight. It was basically honey, vanilla, chocolate, and milk. The "recipe" I used didn't have NEARLY enough was like really not sweet at all. So I added tons more honey and it's not too shabby. Not the best hot chocolate I've ever made, but it'll do.

I got one of the Photography books I ordered at the library today. It's called, "Digital Photography Book". Hopefully it's a good one. And then maybe I can figure out how to use my dang camera. Holy smokes, my pictures are awful without automatic settings! It's basically cause all I do is just hit buttons hoping they do something.

So, what am I happy about today?

Hot chocolate that warms my bones.

Long johns and soft socks that keeps me comfy and warm.


P.S. I don't work tomorrow- hallelujah! Plans?



Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh I used to LIVE in fuzzy socks like those and I LOVED IT. They kept me so warm. I'm so sorry. It's cold outside here, but my apartment is so stupid, I have to blast the AC all day and it's STILL COLDER OUTSIDE. I hate my apartment.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Love the story! I always think we have got to have more church houses than any other church in the world. So it is very confusing to me that we can't figure out the heating and air conditioning. Love the pics. I'm excited about you learning your camera. Are you going to get a fancy lens too? I still haven't done that yet. Hope you get feeling better! love you!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love nice choclate and warm socks. Grandpa and I went to a soccer game the other day and it was clear and sunny but it got pretty late and the later it got the colder it became, we were planning to go to the gym, but came home and had hot soup instead. Hope you are feeling better love you


i LOVE your posts! where to start. fuzzy socks: they make my feet sweaty! Everyone loves them, but they just make my feet sweat! hot choc: bummer. camera: i've never thought your pics look bad, but maybe you're really good at editing? I think you're really good at taking pics! we have the same camera, and my pics DO NOT look like yours! snow- that sounds fun. Oh my gosh- ha- the church- seriously! I don't know why they can't figure that one out! it's either too cold, or too hot! Whatever happened to the auto option? i love you and miss you!!!!!

Ainsley said...

I think it is awesome you want to shoot on manual but maybe you should ease into in. Like work on shooting on A for a while... Learn ISO, adjusting your F, exposure etc. then take on more when you feel confident in that. Truthfully I just always shoot on A. It gives me the control I want but I'm still able to chase a toddler around and get decent pics. Your obviously more ambitious than I though... Good luck! Enjoy the snow.