Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend of Cooking

So I had a great weekend. I had that 40 pounds of chicken and got busy! First I canned chicken. Now...I don't quite understand what the confusion is here...but every time I tell someone about canning chicken they get all confused. I am sure most people have used or eaten canned chicken in their life. They sell it at the store. You use it for soups, sandwiches, salads, anything. It's basically just like canned tuna. 

The other pot on the stove is for chicken pot pie! The most delicious chicken pot pie you'll ever eat in your entire LIFE is this recipe. No joke.

So anyway the whole time the chicken was in the canner I was praying, "Please let this work! Please let this work!" I'd never canned before and I seriously was not sure. I mean...I read tons of instructions, but it turns out it was really simple! Once I was able to open the canner up and look in and test the seals, I was SO HAPPY! Seriously I was like dancing around the house kind of happy. I ended up with 19 or 20 half pints I think.

What I don't have pictured is I put a bunch of chicken in the crock pot to make that Sweet BBQ Chicken I mentioned earlier this month. Shredded it up and froze it. Yum.

I woke up to do all this around 8 or so...and around 11 Clay came strolling out of bed requesting cinnamon rolls! Once he realized this was my big cook day he said, "Oh you don't have to- I forgot you were doing this" but of course...once I got cinnamon rolls in my head they sounded DELICIOUS. So I was a crazy girl and decided to add that to the list.

They were so so good.

This is me being all homemakey. 

Then I made a new gluten free crust that turned out GREAT! You can find the recipe here. I made it for the chicken pot pie, which we had for dinner! Then we ate leftovers of that for a couple days. It was great.

Sunday I don't really know what came over us but we decided to play scrabble. I LOVE scrabble. This is what I had at like the 3rd turn or something. 

No fun. But don't worry, I still won. 

Monday I made a bunch of creamy chicken taquitos! I froze a ton so it'll be great. 

I plan on making some more chicken pot pie filling and then freezing the rest of the chicken as individual breasts. Woohoo! Then I'll finally be done with the chicken. 

It was such a good weekend! I seriously just loved canning, cooking, freezing, it was all wonderful. I felt so domestic and happy. I decided I'm going to try to start making double batches of lots of stuff when I make dinners and freezing them so that I don't have to cook too much. Cause really? I don't cook that much as it is and so we eat a lot of PB&J/Grilled Cheese. It's not good. 


Kristi M. said...

I've been wanting to can chicken because I love it and there are so many uses for it. My biggest fear is using the pressure canner on my smooth cooktop. I've heard it cracking others when they used the pressure canner. You are so ambitious. I think quite often how I should make double batches or instead of having a ton of left overs, just freeze it. It rarely happens...you'll be so thankful that you did that.

*Stephanie Lance* said...

You are super woman!! That all sounds FABULOUS and something I dream about doing but never have the energy! Lol Or room in my freezer! I can't wait to get a house and have a BIG freezer to put all my freezer meals in! They are the BEST!!! You are the cutest little wifey!! Love you!!

Cami said...

Holy cow. You are incredible! That is such an ambitious weekend! I didn't end up getting all the chicken... I've decided we need a deep freeze before we do something crazy like that! But my word. I wish we lived closer and I could just come eat all your healthy eats with you. :) That's right, I would be a mooch.

Megan and Greg said...

You are so cute in that picture. And the letters- wowsa. Canned chicken with SOUP! Now that makes sense! Oh those cinnamon rolls- I've been eating way too healthy lately. I want some cinnamon rolls!!! Your pots look so pretty on the stove. Did you use that special flour for the crust? Or your own mix? Greg and I want to still have pot pies too. Good job getting so much done. Those days are so satisfying. I swear I either get loads done, or NOTHING done. It's never in between. Ever. Love you!!!

Kayleen said...

you are amazing and very domestic-y! It all sounds and looks delicious. So wish I had this kind of ambition.

HeidiT said...

What a productive weekend! That is great that you got so much done. I love canned chicken, it's perfect for taquitos, crescent roll bakes, anything you use shredded chicken in! And it's so much faster in a meal because there's no prep time.


you are so gorgeous in that pic!!!! it sounds so nice to get so much done! I want to do that! love you.