Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not really fair

So I'm like pretty dang healthy.

I don't eat sugar or gluten. I eat veggies and berries and whole grains. I exercise. And I'm a nice person.

So why did I get sick?

UGH. It's like all of a sudden I just wake up and can't stop coughing. Then it just gets worse and sounds worse the next day. And now I'm so sick of watching TV but anytime I do anything but lay around I have huge coughing fits and get light headed. So you's just not really fair.

I just needed you all to know that. Cya.



Uhhhhhhhhh i feel you. I'm the same right now- minus the way healthy eating- ha. ALTHOUGH- I've been eating WAY less treats, and the ones I do eat are just eh coconut sugar cookies. So I too feel jipped, but you are DEFINETLY being jipped right now, you DID NOT ASK FOR THIS! love you bye

Megan and Greg said...

Oh I'm so sorry!!!! Getting sick is the worst!!!! It's SUMMER!!!! I don't remember people getting sick year round when I was little and now every season we have to be careful. It's the worst. I'm so sorry. Take rest. Love you.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Sorry, sounds like you and Amy have the sickies right now. I hope you are better soon. I don't think any of this is fair. It isn't fair that they recalled my pace-maker but they did. Life isn't fair, lots of bad things happen to really good people, why is that? I love you and you all are in our prayers. Hugs

Grandma, Nonnie said...
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Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Well, shall I add to the others? I have decided that whether we like it or not we are mortal. So we have to have a mortal experience. We have to get sick, we have to get older, we have to go through all the things that make us mortal. Megan's breast was hurting for a short period of time. And of course didn't like it and I said, you would think since babies have to eat they would just know how to do it naturally and the right way. But then I remembered the scripture that said we would have sorrow in our conception. Pain is part of this life. Now since I know you were really wanting to just complain, I'm sorry you are sick!!! It is the pits. But maybe you needed a rest even though you didn't want one. Try to enjoy the laziness! love you!!!!