Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Checklist

Well, let me first say- thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. They made me feel really good :)

I've come up with this:

A little explanation. Sun Salutation- this is just a 5 minute or so yoga deal that I want to do everyday to help strengthen my joints and stretch me out a bit (I tend to be stiff a lot). The others are all self explanatory except the last one- I plan on spending at least 30 minutes a day of me time that ISN'T tv watching time. This could be reading, sewing, guitar, blogging, really anything fun I like to do that isn't TV.

I think this shall help. I am going to print this, laminate it, and keep it on my fridge and then that way I can just mark it off with a marker and erase it each day. Nice huh?

This weekend I'm going with the young women to Salt Lake City! Woohoo! That is going to be so fun. We are going to do temple square, the new mall, go out to eat, it's gonna be a blast. It's a reward for personal progress. Or something. I think we said that only those who met this goal could go, but it turns out anyone who wants to go is going :) haha. I am excited though cause I wasn't at girls camp so this will be a good opportunity to bond outside of church. I am a LITTLE worried though about how much walking we will probably do. Oh well.

Clay and I were SERIOUSLY serious about getting chickens. My sister, brother, and one of my friends have chickens and basically I just keep thinking- holy smokes why don't I have them?! Well...all of a sudden last night I was feeling so overwhelmed and like...all of a sudden I was thinking- ummm my life is so overwhelming as it is...why add chickens to the mix?!?! So Clay and I both decided that it was just too much to take on right now. I feel so relieved. We definitely will get chickens one day, but not today. We need to keep our responsibilities and stresses to a minimum.

If you couldn't tell...I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Clay is full on self-employed! He quit his job a while ago and now he's on his own! It's very nerve-wracking but also very awesome. He gets much more rest this way, which he still needs. He has started a home-based web development company called Claymore Design. You can see his website and what he can do if you click on the button on my sidebar. He is actually SUPER talented at this kind of stuff. It's pretty impressive. Also, incase you're wondering- he can do services for people all over the world. With most of his work he communicates by e-mail or phone. He's done websites for people in Michigan before. So, if you aren't in the area, but are interested in one of these services, use him! He has really good rates since he does it out of our home.

Alright, till next time.


Megan and Greg said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. The laminate idea is a good one! I hate having to keep track of goals. That is so simple. And it looks so cheerful instead of a horrible list that haunts you. I'm glad things are going well for Clay. It's always nerve racking- self employment, but it can turn out so well. I'm glad you guys did it. Especially if Clay's able to rest his body more. That is important. Don't worry about the walking. Maybe if it gets too much, take a time out and ask them to meet you somewhere in an hour and you can sit somewhere pretty. I'm also glad you're not getting chickens. I get so caught up in things- documentaries, juice fasts, vegan diets and I think- I'm gonna do this! And then it's a wake up call. Balance. A time and season for everything.

Jenni said...

That's the best looking check list I've ever seen! Good for you, Danielle. Something I really admire about you is that you're always trying to be better. You set goals and you inspire me to stop being so mundane. :)

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

That is so cool looking!! I love how you do things like that!!!I also think it is cool that you are going to print it off and laminate it. I also think the list is awesome. You will be so happy if you do that! It is really weird to do 30 minutes of something you like, but it was one of the best things I did for myself when I did it. At least you are doing something instead of thinking about it all the time. I want to get back to doing that when I get back from Megs. I love you soooo much!!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Oh and have so much fun this weekend. It will be neat for you to be with the girls like that. I bet they think you are so cool!

Aliese the Writer said...

That looks so cool! I want one of those! That is so cool that you do all of those things and that you actually try to eat all of those fruits and veggies. I should try. I totally agree about the chickens. I mean, I don't know everything about your life, but if it feels overwhelming, then wait. Anyway, I commented on your last post if you didn't notice. I love you!

Angie said...

Danielle- Mesha Robbins has a bunch of chickens. We have been buying eggs from her. We get an 18 count carton of $3. They are so much better than store bought!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I think it is wonderful that you chose not to get chickens at this time. I just find someone that has eggs for sale and I use them. They are great tasting and don't have a lot of hormones in them. I get them for 2. a doz and that is better than the store. I love your sign and I think it would be great to have that where you can mark it off. Good for you! I love you so much and I am so proud of your being able to balance your life. Hugs and kisses

HeidiT said...

Your list is the prettiest "To Do List" I've ever seen! Wow, self-employment, what a huge step. That's awesome that he has the flexibility and can rest up.