Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oregon Coast July 2012

We had an Arnold Family Reunion, which basically just meant my parents, siblings, and their kids! My grandparents came too, which was awesome. Activities consisted of Sand Castle contests (which I don't have copies of the pictures), watching movies, bayfront, fireworks, and LOTS LOTS LOTS of hangin on the beach. So fun. Thank you so much mom for planning and prepping everything! It was perfect.

This is on our way to Oregon. It was quite beautiful! The picture of Clay with something orange in his mouth is him whining about me bringing baby carrots for snacks! 

This was one of the first days out there. Ummm isn't Maddie the cutest in her fleece getup!? Tanner made a HUGE T in the sand. Him and Clay had fun exploring some spots. 

I think you will start to see a common theme here...MADDIE! She is so stinking cute, I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her. She was basically the star of the show. Everyone was obsessed with her. Even Clay said on the way home something like..."I have to admit, she is pretty cute" and he is SO NOT vocal about these types of things. 

Really most of the time was spent on the beach! Both Clay and I got burnt! It was such beautiful weather. Couldn't have asked for better. 

Hot dogs and smores one night. Yum. Note ANNA in the bottom left picture. All those Leslie girls are growing up so fast. 

Clay brought the Frisbee disks and him and some of the guys put together a Frisbee golf course. Basically they just dug these holes and stuck sticks by them so we could see where they were...then they drew squares by them so we knew where to throw from. It was WAY FUN actually! 

My parents have an elevator in their house and I think it's genius. I absolutely love it. 

I bought a sweet Jambo sweater thing from my favorite hippi store on the bayfront. I LOVE IT! It's so warm and cozy. And cute! 

My mom is such a good grandma. She was always doing stuff like playing cards with the kids. So cute. 

One day me, Amy, Lizzie, and Rebecca went to the bayfront while the kids were having a tea party with my mom. It was super fun! We looked at some shops, got some ice cream (not pictured), sat and talked. Ummm bottom right corner picture. Me, Jake, Rebecca. See how we look kinda sleepy like we just woke up? Well it's basically cause we probably had. It was about 10am I think...and me, Lizzie, Jake, Rebecca, and Amy all decided to go get ice cream :) All the kids were crabbing with my dad. I love my siblings! I did miss Megan a lot that morning though (only sibling that couldn't come...8 mo pregnant)

This was on the way home...another beautiful drive! 

Ummm basically I'm really sad to be home. I wish I could go sit on the beach and look at the ocean every day of my life. 

I think I consumed more sugar in that week than I had the entire past year. Literally that's probably the truth! But I don't regret it. It was really yummy stuff. We went to the chocolate shop like...a lot. There's this amazing candy shop and I really think it's like...the best. It's pretty hard to stop going back multiple times. 

I haven't had any sweets for 3 days now and I'm not even tempted. It's great. I've been praying that I will be strong and not too tempted or anything. I think that has helped! 

Well, tonight I'm going to Zumba and I'm excited. I'm pretty nervous though to tell you the truth. I haven't worked out in over 2 weeks. For me, that means I basically am out of shape. So I'll be huffin and puffin! But I've gotta get back into it. 

Alrighty- till next time. OH- by the way. It's OFFICIAL OFFICIAL. I am a CPA! Certified Public Accountant. From now on, you can just call me Danielle Phillipp, CPA. Just joking. But really, I'm a CPA. I've got a wallet sized card to prove it and everything :) 


smitters said...

Isn't it sad coming back to Idaho after being in Oregon. I mean Idaho is great and all but... it is lacking in some respects. We were in Oregon last week for my family reunion. I miss trees!!! I love all your pics, so fun!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

That was great! I loved it all!!! I need to post my pics. Love you soooo much and congrats on the license! I'm sure you will be surprised that you will be in better shape than you think! What is the cat video for?

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Oh and clays new business logo is cool!

Megan and Greg said...

I'm so glad you blogged!!!! I didn't know how long it would take to see pics from everything. First of all . . . CONGRATS CPA!!! Pretty cool. I'm glad you've been going strong with the sweets. That's great. Praying is a good idea. I pray all the time that Scarlet will be attracted to the right foods and the right amount of exercise and rest. I really do think it makes a difference. Ok, I love that you guys went and got icecream right after you woke up. Morning icecream is so good. I just love that you did it. I love your hippi sweater too. I saw that and thought, "Wo, that is so hippi, did she already have that? It's so OREGON." I never thought about how the elevator would effect you guys. I always think it's so ridiculous. But give me a break, if I was there I would have used it everytime (being pregnant). Greg and I would have SO been into the frisbee golf! We LOVE frisbee golf! I totally thought Anna was Aliese in that pic because she's so old!!! I wish I was there. I'm sad I missed it all. It is such a bummer. And I just wonder- someone will probably be missing next time, but I guess maybe not. Hopefully we're all there next time. Ooo I just noticed Clay's logo, I want to click on it and see what it's about. Man, I haven't taken a long road trip in SO LONG. Years.


loved all of it!can you send me the pics of maddie, individually? or would that take a long time? I didn't knwo it was that early when we got icecream, that's funny- ha. that is so amazing you are a cpa now! congratulations! That is awesome danielle, truly amazing. I love you!!! and the pics look awesome! and i love that maddie is in most of htem- ha!

Ainsley said...

oh my, what a fun week! i'm dying to make a trip up to oregon, so beautiful.

Jenni said...

FABULOUS POST!!!!!! I love all of those pictures so much. You look gorgeous in the one with your new sweater. I am so jealous of all the beach time! But we just got back from the beach today, so I got my fix. I cannot believe your parents have an elevator. HOW TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I'm so glad :)

Michael and I are SOOOO proud of you for being a legit CPA. YOU. GO. GIRL!!!!!


i forgot to tell you- clays website is awesome! I reall ylike it!

Megan and Greg said...

Love Clay's website. I absolutely love it! I love that he used pink. And the cool mountain in the background. I didn't notice it at first. So subtle. I just think it looks really professional with definite style. But not over the top. I think it's all perfectly balanced. I'm impressed. I love what he did with Mom and Dad's website. I didn't know they redid it. Greg and I have been saying Clay should redo it for them for years.

Kristi M. said...

What a fun trip. Jeff and I have been talking at least for two years now how we need to take a trip out to see your parent's. Our boys love the beach, heck, I love the beach. Congrats on being an offical CPA. That is way cool! I bet you are over the moon excited and so done with the school thing.