Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New members of the family!

 So this is our 55 gallon fish tank (and a really ugly couch- trust me I didn't pick it out...it's a hand-me-down-free-so we can fill up our basement-couch) in our basement! Clay got a SCREAMING deal on this and he's just been so stinking excited. Did you know that Clay LOVES fish? We had them pretty much all through college.

This is Jack & Jill. They are dead now. And to my knowledge...Clay still hasn't flushed them. I told him it's creepy to have two dead fish hanging out in our house...and he said to not worry about it, they are in a bucket. I haven't asked about it since.

This is Brutus. He really is living up to his name. He has just been like- STRONG and steady since the second he got in the tank. He better hold up!

Clay wanted a picture of me with the tank. It's pretty wonderful since you can't see any fish in the background....oh well. NO WAY- I've seen this picture a billion times now and JUST noticed...Jill is at the top!

EVERYONE in the family was pretty interested. Dante would jerk his head back and forth trying to follow them and then all of a sudden he'd get distracted and go grab his toy or something. He's so funny.

Well, hopefully Brutus stays alive and we will keep adding fish slowly. Exciting!


Megan and Greg said...

Holy crap Dante is so huge. Seriously! How big is he? Pretty cool. I remember when you guys had fish. You had so many animals, once upon a time. I like what you put in your tank. That vase is way cool and I like the pots. It's not the norm- I like it. You noticing the fish up top made me LAUGH. Sorry the pair died already and that is hilarious AND gross that they're just hanging out dead. Does the other fish nibble on them? Aren't they rotting away?


ok i'm confused. did jack and jill die SINCE the move into the big tank? are they still in the big tank? what do you mean they are in a bucket? is he saving them? i don't understand. Please explain. And I love that you guys have animals, adn i love that you are wearing an edward shirt- hahaha. love you! and happy for clay!

Kayleen said...

fun. James loves fish too. He has a cash stash hiding somewhere to get a big fish tank like this. Fun fun. and that is too funny that jill is floating at the top of the tank in that pick. It is creepy. I'm with you.

HeidiT said...

Ok, when you said he got fish for his bday I pictured a little Beta bowl or something. That tank is huge! That will be fun to fill with all of the different fish.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Well, I laughed all the way through that one! Especially the dead fish in the bucket! Go figure! I love that he had to have a pic of you and the aquarium. I love the pic of him and Dante, how mesmerized they both are. Clay talked to me all about the fish, it sounds like he has it figured out! love you!