Monday, August 13, 2012

A word on everyone's FAVORITE time of month

Did you know that I love it when I'm on my period? 

Just joking. I don't. In's what I like to think of as a mini-HELL once a month. I'm not positive if women exist that have easy periods...but I am pretty sure most of us have a pretty hard time. Now...I know this isn't the most popular or "proper" topic to talk about...but seriously, I feel like this needs to be said. And as much as men might feel uncomfortable...if any men are reading this, I encourage you to keep reading cause I think it could help you understand your wife more...maybe.

Since I've had Lyme periods have kind of become the worst thing in the universe. I've always experienced cramps...even at a young age in high school...sometimes my mom would let me stay home from school if they were super bad, which sometimes they were! Well, when I was married I got on the pill and everything was a lot easier. And then the past few years things have been...well...NOT easy. 

I told my doctor that my Lyme symptoms were worst when I was on my period. She was like- ummm HELLO- Lyme and Periods are like...the WORST. She basically said that all women experience their symptoms WAY WORSE when on their periods. Let me tell you- its the truth. I have a definite FULL DAY of wanting to die and basically hating everyone. My hips, knees, ankles, HURT. I hurt to the point of nausea and it's just no fun. And then the rest of the time is just such an uncomfortable bad time. Now...I'm not saying all this to make you feel bad for me. Cause seriously, a lot of girls have severe periods and they don't have's just how they are. And I'm about to get to my point...

When I am sick, like say I have a cold. My symptoms flare up 10 FOLD. Hips, knees, ankles, nausea, they all come up super bad if I'm sick. The reason for this body is going through a traumatic, vulnerable experience. So everything that is weak, is weaker and harder to handle. And the more stress your body is under, the more you hurt and have hard times. So this got me to thinking, and my doctor confirmed it, that seriously? Our bodies are under a LOT of stress when we are on our periods. I think our society has kinda come to the point of acting like periods are just annoyance. When the truth is, we have a few days a month that seriously tax our bodies. 

Add on to that the wonderful trait most women share of GUILT. When I am going through these times...I get all guilty that I am not getting things done or not making dinner or something. Here's the thing though- I've finally decided...that's ridiculous! If I lay in bed and watch tv for 5 straight hours and make Clay fend for himself for dinner...IT'S OKAY. When we feel these pains and stresses on our bodies, it's our bodies way of telling us to slow down and take it easy. When you realize that, you can treat your body right and give it the rest it needs. 

Now, I know that some people think that working out is good for them when they are on their period, and WOW there might even be studies on it? I have no idea. But I know for me and my body, it sure feels like I'm abusing myself...and that's just silly. So...I pretty much don't work out when I am on my period.

But seriously- I mean...if a period triggers the same reaction in me as getting sick does, that has to tell you something. Our bodies are under a LOT of stress in those times. And it's really important to minimize stress in our lives. Just like you are told to rest when you're sick, you need to rest when you're on your period.

So, my fellow women...I just want to encourage you to take care of yourself! It's okay if the house is a mess for a few days and it's okay if your husband takes care of a few extra things those days. Your body needs rest and comfort and that's OKAY. 

PS- My mom told me that her doctor told her that the reason some women have SUCH hard times with menopause is because they didn't take care of themselves during their periods and didn't get enough sleep. So you know...this has long-term benefits :)

PPS- I know that I'm not a doctor. This is all just from experience and consultation with doctors. So you know...consult your doctor if ya want. You wouldn't want to go and feel worse after resting. Could be dangerous. 


Megan and Greg said...

Oh Dan I had no idea! I feel so bad for you!That sounds horrible! My periods are no big deal. When I was younger it was stressful and embarrassing and when I got older I realized my pms and CRAZY do away if I eat better. Since then it hasn't been a big deal for me. I had no idea I was taking this all for granted! I'm so sorry! It really all sounds horrible. Take it easy.

Kristi M. said...

I have a friend that has horrible periods. In high school they were aweful for her. I couldn't really understand because mine are really no big deal. The first day I may get cramps but I know when they are coming and quickly take Aleve and they are all gone or minimal the rest of the week. So not a fun thing to go through overall.

Cami said...

Um, basically every month a woman gets pregnant. It sucks! That is all. Thanks for this - honestly I just wish every man could experience a period once in their lives so they can be more understanding. :)

Aliese the Writer said...

I'm so sorry, Danielle. Everything you said totally makes sense though. I've always gotten bad cramps until my mom had me start taking borage oil pills. Everyday, not just on your period. It has really helped. I hope these get better for you. I love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so sorry about your periods, but I totally agree and relate. I had horrible periods for the last 20 or so years after and before Alan was born. It just got worse after he came. You are right, doctor Bell, my GYN said that a woman's body goes in a peak all month or the cycle, and when she has a period it goes down and is a real stress on the body. It is hard after you have little ones to take care of, if you have this problem and you're very blessed if you don't and some women are blessed. I don't think you should exercise at all during your time as you could injure your bones and muscles as it is you are going to deal with arthritis as you get older so don't go there and make things worse. Read a good book and make plans to do some knitting or scarf making, or something you enjoy. I used to do a lot of painting (textile) on tea towels for people, and as you know I love to read. Hang our with Dante. I love you and again I am sorry that you have to live throrgh this. Hugs

*Stephanie Lance* said...

UGH! I had no idea they were so hard for you! I am so sorry!! That sounds horrible! Mine are no big deal. pretty normal. But I complain about them every time and I guess i should really count my blessings. Some people really do have it pretty rough! I hope things get better for you someday! and YES, REST, REST, REST as much as you need!! Love you!


OK I totally feel for you because my first day is hell. I seriously feel like I'm dying, adn i get scared, nauseas, and have diahrea. I feel irrational, and just scared, it's an awful feeling, and i always tell myself- "just get through today, and it will all be over" but it's so hard to feel that way. I have to take the whole day off on my first day of periods. it truly is like being REALLY sick for me that first day. so sorry it has been so bad for you. is it like that just he first day? or all days? love you

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

That was great! I wish women would take it easy when they have their periods. Sadly we live in this crazy women have to do it all society. I thin when women had their periods in the bible days they went away. I wish we lived in a world that respected women. The reality is women are a thousand times stronger than men, men couldn't handle all we do. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. As I was reading that I thought if women were smart they would make sure they had freezer meals that were one pot or pan type to pull out when they are on their periods. I wonder about menopause, it doesn't cause pain, but here I am 3 1/2 years after my last period and still having hot flashes and mood swings. When does it end!!!?????