Monday, August 20, 2012

Clayton's 27th Birthday

WOAH- Old man up in heeya.

Just jokin.

So Clay turned 27! TWENTY SEVEN. It was a pretty good day for him I think. We went out to dinner with his family- Jakers. Let me tell you...the Chicken Alfredo was a MAJOR disappiontment. And for me, it makes it an even BIGGER disappointment since I never have gluten and I was cheating for this nonsense! Oh and learn. Don't get the Alfredo at Jakers!

Don't worry though, what was horribly sad at Jaker's was totally made up for at Clay's parent's house.


I'm telling you- this cheesecake is heaven. I ate two pieces that night and two the next day. My joints ached for days and my stomach hurt that night...but for that cake, it was worth it. But I did realize something...I have gone over a month with no gluten/sugar and not any natural sugars except for fruit. I've been feeling pretty good! So when my joints ached and my stomach hurt...and it was almost INSTANT. I mean- I had bread and pasta at the restaurant...and I'm telling you I had a stomach ache and my knees hurt by the time we were leaving. Then of course add on that cheesecake and the next few days were great. But seriously- it was fine. I'm doing better today so I think it's almost out of my system or something? Anyway my POINT. I definitely don't think that's worth most treats. cream...not really. No thanks. It was good to finally see that distinction in my life. Cheesecake however, it's a delicacy and I shall partake. I mean, it takes so dang long and so much effort to's not like I can go making one each weekend. Anyway- it's all good. My point was delicious. Thanks Patty. (I didn't make it this year. It's kind of hard when I work full time and the cake takes literally all day...last year I was up till like 3 am or something crazy)

Clay got a motorcycle and fish. PET fish. More on that later. Quite the happy birthday!



PAHAHHA when you said fish- I thought you meant to eat, and I'm like..... hmmm didn't know he loved fish so much?! haha. Can't wait to hear about the pet fish. Danielle it makes me sad to hear that you went through all that pain, and all just because of gluten. I mean- duh I know this has been going on forever, but it just makes me sad. I love you. i'm so sorry. glad you made that realitzation about gluten and sugar, what it's worth etc. I LOVE YOU. happy birthday clay

The Congers said...

Happy Birthday Clay! And yeah he isn't sooo old, Ky turns 30 next month! I need to eat that cheesecake, like now. Except I need to make it first, uggghhh. Maybe this weekend. Haha Jakers alwasy reminds me of this time as a kid we were driving from Provo (home) to Sugar City to visit the grandparents and my dad hit a bird and we pulled over near Jakers and my dad made my brother Jake pull the dead bird out of grill to teach him a lesson about being a man and my brother cried the whole time. Haha good times.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Wow! that is amazing. Quite the science experiment. I read it to your dad and probably shouldn't, This Lyme makes him hurt when I talk about it. I admire you soooo much. I have such a hard time not eating treats and I know it isn't good for me, but this really bears that out doesn't it! love you!!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Oh and the pic of you and Clay is really cute! Quite the handsome couple!