Saturday, June 9, 2012


So, long ago...I declared blinds as the worst invention ever. Not really, but basically I officially decided that they SUCK. Remember when I went from this:

To this?

PURE HEAVEN! (Tutorial here)

Well, I have recently decided that after living in our house for almost 3 years, it's time to do some spring cleaning :) On the list: BLINDS. Specifically, clean them. 
I was pretty appalled at what I saw........FILTH!

Oh boy. Well, I cleaned them, and now they are all white and slobber free! Please note, the slobber comes from Dante, not me...OR Clay. 

After cleaning them...I declared again, BLINDS SUCK. I am so ready to tear them all down and put up curtains instead. Clay likes blinds for whatever reason...but like a lot of things in life, I end up showing him the light and he converts :)

In other I mentioned before, I've been trying to play more guitar.

It's been great. Really. My fingers are getting sore and pretty soon they'll get that familiar feeling of calloused ends. Throughout most of high school I had calloused fingers, but they quickly became soft again once I stopped playing :) 

Clay's been playing lots of Diablo3. He plays online with our bro-in-law Mike and they talk and stuff. It's funny. 

 Dante has been really cute and stuff. Just playin with his toys...begging for loves and walks. We have decided that he knows how handsome he is, and tries to use it to his advantage. 

Yesterday I made Chef Brad's rice waffles.
They are 100% rice flour with actual COOKED rice in the batter. I don't notice it much because I put berries and stuff ontop of my waffles. But Clay was like, "I feel like I keep eating grains" haha. Well, he still ate all of his because of my special buttermilk syrup. He will basically eat any breakfast food if I make that. It tastes like caramel. And is amazing. Clay doesn't particularly love breakfast if I make it, I try to make the buttermilk syrup so that he doesn't feel cheated. 

Yesterday I put a braid in my hair. It feels summery and nice. 
But don't let that fool you into thinking we are full on summer here....ugh. Good ol' Idaho. Here is the weather forecast...
You see how the weather changes so? Blah. 

I've been watching Gilmore Girls while sewing on my quilt. It's the best. I seriously never get sick of that show. I just watched the episode where Max and Lorelei are walking in the snow and kiss and Luke sees it and oh! It's so heartbreaking. 

Anywho, hope you have a good weekend. I know I will! Here are my generalized plans: Wipe down baseboards, do a load of dishes, sew a bit, play guitar a bit, watch some Dawson's Creek (its on netflix instant play now...of course I've been watching tons of it and of course it's a completely inappropriate teen show...but I just can't seem to resist these things), maybe read, maybe walk Dante.


Megan and Greg said...

You sound like you're having such a good day! That makes me happy! I am EXHAUSTED. Been busy like you, cleaning up the house, taking out the built up garbage recycling before Greg gets home tomorrow. I also made lasagna AND chili and cornbread. Been a busy day. I am pooped. Your weather does stink. I love your braid. I always see it and think, "I need to do that!" But I always forget. Glad you made the waffles!!! They look better than mine! I've never noticed the rice inside! At all! Your house is going to be so clean and dust free. That's great!

Amy said...

I got a guitar for Mothers day and I have been *trying* to learn to play so I feel ya on the sore fingers! I also started watching Dawson's Creek... ;)


AHHHHH we just got rid of netflix and now you tell me dawsons creek is on?!!! I suppose it's for the best since it's bad but I LOVE what I have seen of it. I LOVE this blog, it is so happy and really puts us into your life, seeing what you do and what it looks like.What is that cool red thing in your sewing room? Do you put spools in it? It's so cool and fun looking. I am so jealous of your cool sewing room WITH a tv! You are so lucky that when you're off work you can just do what you want when you want! I loved the pictures of your house- the one of clay was fun because I know that's like Mike on the other end- haha. You are such a perfect wife for clay, and you love him so much to go to the effort of making these good meals and special syrups for him. I knwo it's for you too, but I know you do special things just for him, and you are jsut such a loving amazing wife. I feel like I have so much to learn from all my sisters. That's cool you're getting into guitar. Do you remember that i took a guitar class in college? haha. I wish I would have kept it up, I remember NOTHING now. I wish so much we lived by eachother so we could sew an watch gilmore girls and bad teen shows together. love you.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I just read your blog, about your goals and I think it is good to have and set goals. It feels so much better when you get something done and can be happy you've done it. I need to do that, lately I have just been plugging along and not doing a lot. I am so looking forward to July and I am like Amy, Love your sewing room and I want to see the quilt you are working on. Hugs and kisses

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Loved all those pics on the phone and still loved them today. I'm glad you're going back to the guitar, we all need stuff like that. I loved reading that you are wiping down the baseboards, that said to me, "my Danielly is well!!!" Guilty pleasures, we all have our own. Loved the braid, I want to be more brave with my hair. At the reunion there has to be a "help mom do some fun things with her hair time". Yes Dante probably can feel how much you both love him and takes advantage of it! I think it is hilarious to hear the guys play on the computer. I with you on the blinds!! Hate them. We are going back to curtains when we go back to our other house! love and miss you!!