Friday, June 8, 2012


Well, I have made some goals.
Here are my summer goals of cleaning, organizing, and sewing. I’m attempting to keep track of our food spending, but I suck at it.

I basically have one thing I do each time I have a day off on Friday. One cleaning, one organizing. And I just have a goal to get those sewing goals done by the end of the summer. It’s been awesome. I already got one done, and I’m almost done with my quilt that I started 3 years ago.

This is the way I am…I need goals to keep myself fulfilled. And I realized that I need lots of things that make me happy in order to be happy…and I’m the type of person that needs to actually write these things down or I forget them. No joke. So here are my goals for a FULL life:)

Make two new meals a week

Learn and master one guitar song per week (not sayin it has to be hard or anything…the one this week has 3 chords TOTAL) I used to play the guitar all the time. I haven’t much at all for a long time. I LOVE the guitar. It makes me happy. That’s why it’s on the list.

Practice the piano at least once a week- specifically hymns. It’s time. 

Blog everyday (WOAH- this one is far fetched…but it’s a goal…nonetheless…blogging honestly does make me happy, I like it. I like getting comments, I like sharing my life, I love looking back at old posts. I do it all the time)

Always be reading classic literature. I made this goal like this because I don’t necessarily have to like ONLY be reading classics…I just want to be reading them. As I’ve been reading Les Miserables…I’ve realized this book is SO FULL. So much depth and stuff. I feel like I am filled more than when I read others. Not to say my others aren’t wonderful additions to my life. They are so fun and I love those kinds of books too. BY THE WAY- have you seen the preview for the new Les Miserables movie coming out in December?! HOLY smokies I watched it a million times. I’m so excited. It looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 

Ride my bike at least once a week. This is silly. But I KNOW how happy I get when I ride my bike. I just never get around to it. So if I ride at least once a week, even if it’s just for like 5 minutes…it will charge me up a bit.

Sew at least one line a day. Haha. This is funny, but I’m pretty excited. Once my mom told me about sewing one line a day and how soon it gets you projects done. This was a LONG time ago we discussed this. Anyway, I decided to sew at least one line a day. It would take me what? A MINUTE?! And it gets me so much further on projects than waiting till I have TIME. You know?
Goals. I LOVE THEM! I am 100% positive I won’t be perfect at this list. But I am totally fine with that! I’m just gonna strive to live somewhere close to this. When I don’t make goals or lists, my life becomes dull and wasteful. Really…I’m not just saying that. It ends up being this: eating the same things all the time and not even good things, and watching TONS of tv. And a lot of guilt. I’m still gonna watch tv and stuff but hopefully my life will be a bit more balanced now…and my days won’t pass by so slow LONGING for a child to take up my time. Time to stop having pity parties and living.


Megan and Greg said...

Wow, ambition. No, it's great. Just when I make goals- I usually only make ONE and SOMETIMES I stretch it to TWO. But good for you. I think they're all worthy. I've already been wanting to send you recipes ANYWAY, just from our visit- now I have an excuse, unless you already have a bunch you want to make. The line of sewing reminds me of my goal of ONE PUSH UP a day. The whole idea was that I couldn't refuse ONE pushup, but once I'd get on the floor I'd do more than one. It didn't take me very far. Greg thought I was so ridiculous. I totally look at my old posts too. Glad to hear someone else does too. Live it up while it's just you at home. Time and goals just fade away when the kiddies come. Not to say you can't have goals, but one goal is tops for me right now. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!! And I'm glad you'll be blogging more! I hate when people go a long time! Lizzie hasn't blogged in forever!


those are ALOT of goals! I look forward to hearing more about them!- love you

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I think that is so cool about your schedule, it looks realistic. I need to do that. I kind of have, but not really. two new meals, that is aggressive! Piano-cool. I want to blog more often. I get bogged down by my pics. Your dad saw the trailer, he said it looks good. Wow, I forgot about the one line for sewing. that is what I should do, I set a goal to sew for a half hour a day, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe the one line should come back! I love how your list is based around things that make you happy. I love that!
love you!!!

HeidiT said...

You're making me want to read Les Mes again! I have this thing with needing to read the book before I see a movie and it's been about 10 years since I read it last, so I might do it again. One thing I actually did while reading it was to highlight all of the stuff that really jumped out at me or made an impact on me in the book. SO many good lessons in it - sometimes I go back and read the highlighted parts and is it weird of me to say that's the lessons are almost spiritual in it?