Friday, June 15, 2012

A little BBQing.

Tonight after some begging, Clay went outside and taught me how to BBQ (I didn't do anything, just watched). It's pretty simple, but it was so much fun being out there in the sun together while Dante was running around excited in our backyard, I told him that we should just do it like that all the time! I'm pretty sure next Friday will be another BBQ day- yay!

 I saw this idea on Pintrest a while ago and have been thinking of it ever since. SO simple and easy. Just ham and pineapple. It wasn't anything OUTSTANDING or BRILLIANT! But it was very tasty and I will definitely do it again! 

So this is typical Dante/Clay play time. Clay will throw something (like the small tire in the pics) and Dante will go wrestle it on the ground...then he will run it back to Clay....then he will try to play tug-o-war with Clay...sometimes Clay lets him, sometimes he says to let it go and they just do fetch. Dante loooooves it. 
 This is what happens if I am outside and Clay goes inside for a minute. Dante will go to the door and watch it until Clay comes back out. This often happens when the situation is reversed. Dante left inside, Clay goes outside.

After eating our BBQ'd goods we snacked on the rest of the fresh pineapple. I asked Clay about fruit in Brazil that he's mentioned before and he once again declared that mangos in Brazil are just amazing and the ones here are crap comparatively. 

I finished my quilt last night! I love it SO MUCH! It's so wonderful and feels so good to finally have it done! I will probably take pics tomorrow :) 

I have just been in such a sewing mood lately and I LOVE IT when that happens! 

Thank heavens it's the weekend. My plans are to play guitar, read, watch tv, sleep in, ride my bike, go to farmers market?, clean a TITCH, sew?, we'll see. I might just end up watching tv. It happens.


Jenni said...

You look SO. DANG. BEAUTIFUL. When I clicked on your blog, I just said WHOA... excellent picture of Danielle! Anyway- What a great idea! BBQing is the best, it makes me feel like I'm embracing summer! I love hearing about your activities and how happy your life is seeming these days. I'm so happy for you. Enjoy it!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, the things you can accomplish and indulge in when you don't have little ones around. Sounds nice to do so much that you enjoy. When you mentioned all the things you're going to do, I was like, "How can she get so much done?!" But it's just you and Clay. He can take care of his self. Amazing. Ham and pinapple? Never heard of that. The biggest pain of shisquabobs is the cutting up part. But that takes it all away. Cool idea. Bbqing is THE BEST. No dishes- big plus. Not making your house hot- bigger plus. And if you don't over cook it . . . it is so much yummier. Pluses all around!!! I was afraid of bbqing too, but it's not a science. You just get better as you go.


You're so lucky you can BQ. You look so gorgeous is all your pics. I loved your ealier video cause it was like I was hanging out with you- ha. Keep posting pics of yourself, I love it. and again- I said to michael "ahhh i love her hair, i want it". THe dante pics cracked me up with him waiting outside the door- so cute and funny. Yummy idea with the BQ, we'll have ot try it. love you

Shannon said...

I love Dante. I keep thinking that our next dog will be a Deaf Dane but we will probably end up with a tiny, portable dog for practicality's sake. I am going to make one of your headbands tomorrow morning so I can wear it while floating in the pool (it might be a little chilly). BTW, I am Greg's sister and my dog is a mastiff/bulldog mix, Bella.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love ham and pineapple, so good! I really love to bbque too and again it isn't such a tough job. I think you look so beautiful in the pictures. That dog is really such a cutie. I am so glad you have him to love. Hugs and Kisses

HeidiT said...

Yummy that BBQ looks so good, I'll have to give it a try. So simple but tasty! Eerytime you post about Dante it makes me miss our Hurley because it reminds me so much of what it was like before we had a child - dogs are like your first children!