Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free 16x20 prints

Want this print? Or any of the other prints I've made? I have decided to offer them for free (sick of doing my etsy thing- too big a hassle) on my blog! You can download them right from here. Just click on the link in my header titled "free prints" and there are links to download them from there, with directions. You can print these at Costco or Sam's club for like...$5 bucks I think! They are just such easy decorations for holidays...and I have fun making them! I know they probably make design people cringe...I'm probably breaking a million rules :) haha...but people seem to like them and I love them so that's all that matters to me I guess. 

It's in the 80's and this weekend it's supposed to be 90 degrees! HOORAH! I love getting more heat!

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