Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twisty Turban Headband Thingy


General Instructions (Please pretend that my pictures represent the measurements I wrote. I initially made this a lot wider/thicker but I changed it to be smaller and liked it way better)

1. Cut out 4 pieces of fabric that are 3" wide, 24" long

2. Sew two pieces together along the long edges (leaving the short edges open to turn inside out). Do this two times, ending up with two 3x24" tubes. ***So with the patriotic one, ignore that there are multiple seams...I didn't have a striped knit fabric, so I took white and red knit and sewed together stripes, but then used it as one piece of fabric***Oh and I know the picture looks like they aren't the same length...which wasn't on purpose, but sometimes that just happens and it's okay. 

3. This part is tricky sounding but really simple. Turn one of the tubes right side out, and leave the other one inside out. Insert the right side out one inside of the inside out one...kinda like this. 
4. Line up edges and sew across top. Like this

5. Turn strip right side out. See how nice that turned out?

6. Sew the other end. (It doesn't matter if its twisted or perfectly round, because when you wear it it gets all twisty anyway.

 I know the seam is showing, but the great thing is, you just put the seam against the back of your head, then put the clean one you did on the other end ontop. No one will ever know you have an exposed seam!

And that's it! I know the instructions aren't that great. But its pretty simple, I think if you generally follow what I said you can figure it out. 

I used an old knit turtleneck for the yellow one...and I got the inspiration for the patriotic one from here (hers is way cuter...don't judge!). Her shop has so many cute things I want to buy! Like this

Anywho....really easy. I might make a few more because I like having headbands during zumba and these knit ones are really comfy and good! 

UPDATED: My sister couldn't figure out how the twist works and I realized that is kinda confusing so I made a video that will probably help you visualize how to make it we go.


Anna said...

SO CUTE!!! I want one! How do you come up with these things? It looks so good on you. Love you



um, wow, where to start- first of all you look gorgeous and so hott and so cute in all these pics. Second- I FREAKIN LOVE THE HEADBANDS!!!!! I want them!!!! But- I'd prob be too hot in them here. Maybe for early walks- Oooooo or bonfires at beach! Perfect! Ok I want them now! I LOVE them so much. and your hair looks amazing- I wish it were mine. NEVER cut it. NEVER. I'd never forgive you cause it's so freakin amazing. love you!!!


ok i've gone over this aton and i don't understand how you get the twist part?

Cami said...

Super cute! A: I'm not a seamstress and B: I couldn't pull it off but C: You looking stinking adorable here! Ok, you're not stinky. But you are so trendy in these pics!

Lizzie said...

you are so cool.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

You're a perfect DOLL!!!! LOve the hair, it is beautiful and you are so hip. Love you