Monday, December 31, 2007

YES! and if only...

BLUE SKIES! That is the YES part. Palm trees...that is the if only. Can you imagine palm trees in rexburg?!?!! Oxymoron. Anyway...this is the second day in a row that there are blue skys and the snow is...kind of...slOWLY...melting. The only thing is, I KNOW it will come back. Yesterday I had kind of a fit in the car. I was yelling I HATE SNOW! Really...this year, I have had enough! I am so ready for summer and the marvelous feeling of being able to go outside with just a t-shirt on. The WONDROUS feeling of not having the struggle of wanting to wear one pair of shoes but knowing you should just wear your big boots, whether or not it goes with your outfit. I am excited to not be regretful when I go outside and am not wearing a hat. I am excited for our windows to NOT be sweating 24/7! Did you know that when I walk, I have to walk 10 times as slow in fear that I'll slip and fall on my bum...and when Clay is around, I am clinging to his arm for safety? BAH! Enough complaining. Rexburg IS a great place. Probably one of the lowest crime rates I'm sure. Really nice people. Small town, which is nice. I'm just sick of winter being forever. Someday....SOMEday, my will be better.

Who knows, maybe we will live in Idaho...for those of you who DON'T know- we are pretty set on living in California. We obviously aren't positive-things could definitely not work out. But Clay wants to do what Shad does, and the sound of warmth everyday is very satisfying to us.

Well- HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! We are going to Idaho Falls tonight to go bowling(REAL bowling...not just Wii bowling) and have dinner with the family, of course. We are also going to SuperWalmart. Yeah. Get this- our walmart, isn't a super walmart and the superwalmart in Idaho Falls is CHEAPER! We decided we can never make significant purchases here unless we check there first! How annoying. You know Walmart has TRIED to become SUPER before...but big fat Broulims (the king grocery store in Idaho...the wife of the owner is my stake relief society president...she is lovely, really) won't let them! They dominate the city council or whatever, and wont let them become super. That's the talk around town anyway. Wow, do I seem negative today? Sorry. Anyway, I AM excited to go. We are also doing our laundry (we do our laundry at Clay's parents...) which I'm way excited about as well. I've been wearing my BYU-Idaho sweats every single day since I've gotten them, which is a week ago. I think they need a wash. Can I tell you how excited I am to one day own a washer and dryer in my own establishment?

Well, enough negativity for one day. Sorry if this was depressing. I really do love my life and I am so blessed to be here in Rexburg and live so close to Clay's wonderful family. We really really really do feel so blessed to be where we are at in our lives and couldn't ask for more. I'm just a cry baby.


Susan, Blain & kids said...

Sometimes it is ok to vent, because not venting leads to repressed anger and repressed anger leads to depression, so I think it is good to vent once and a while. And by the way broulims is really not all that big in Idaho, they only have 3 or 4 stores in the whole state but they do have a little pull in Rexburg and Rigby that is all, I just thought it was funny that you said the king of grocery stores in Idaho. Anyway I hope that you guys have a great new years. We are just sitting home and doing nothing as usual. So how is the chocolate thing going, well I hope. Kick CLaytons's bumb tonight in bowling and I know you will be a little upset if you don't-that whole competitive thing you have, HAHAHA!!!
Love you guys,
Aunt Susan

Sharon/mom said...

its nice to know you're human, we all celestialize you two. I think you are very entertaining, I love reading your blog. I would get very tired of the snow. I DON'T like the cold. I think that is why the coast works so well weather wise for us,more sun and moderate climate. I love it. I will say the rain has become annoying lately. Probably like your snow, it is going sideways. I love you! Happy new year!

Lizzie said...

"Who knows, maybe we will live in Idaho..."

What?!!! I am just going to pretend I never read that statement in your blog. = )

I am back and finally catching up on blogs. Ahhh, no chocolate. The first day is the hardest, the second day gets better and then the third day on is fine. At least that's the way it has been for me. Although, that picture of chocolate looks very enticing. =)

I'm glad you had a good Christmas. I am so sad that I didn't get to see you, but am really glad you didn't risk it in the snow.

I didn't take it that you were complaining at all in your post. Mom's right though...we do celestialize you both.

I saw that guitar Wii game this week at Shad's sister's house. It looked hard to me. He also has these drums that go with it. I did NOT see the girl with a black bra and thong hanging out. In Amy's words, "Yowsa." I don't think I'd be okay with that.

I love you so much!!!!

Lizzie said...

Oh yeah, when I read about the Braulim's people keeping the Super Walmart out, it reminded me of Gilmore Girls and their town meetings with Taylor. = )

Lizzie said...

One more comment...I LOVE your background. It's so cute!!!!

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

hahah- i thought the same thing with gilmore town meetings- hahah. Your blog didn't sound negative,and I wouldn't care if it was negative, I love reading your blogs! You're a great writer, really good at it. I can't believe you wake up at 8 in the morning- it seems like you always write in the morning- yowsa! If only I coudl get up at that time! amazing! I'm sorry you have to live with that snow for SO long- I rmemeber that in Utah, I hated it. But it's worse in Idaho from what everyone says!!!! 15 dollars left to spend at wal-mart- hmm..... that's a toughy, once it's gone it's gone. uhhhhh. Mom is right when she says we all celestialize you 2, everyone thinks you both are perfect- we love you so much!

Rebecca said...

I always love a cry baby, because after all, I am extremely good at it. I totally understand the walking slow everywhere, being scared of falling, the boots problem and then just the cold. Can you believe I have built my dream house here and chosen this. I wish you would choose it too, but for yours and Clays sake, I hope CA works out. Love you.

Jenni.Jolley said...

girlfriend, i totally understand. sometimes i look outside and just dream about t shirts and flip flops, but then i think " you know, some people really wish for snow, and it's pretty fun... i get to wear cute scarves and stuff" haha, we can make it :) anything for rexburg, that's my motto, i'd stay during a hurricane i love that town so much!!!

anyways- you're totally NOT EVEN CLOSE to a negative person!! i understand completely!

Sharon/mom said...

Oh, and you look so cute in the pic with your quilt, I like the hair and is that the new coat Clay got, I love it!