Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Yay! I must say, I am COMPLETELY overjoyed with my Christmas. I was completely spoiled! I got so many wonderful things! I have to admit, one of my favorite presents was a stocking stuffer from Patty- an electric toothbrush! Holy COW! How have I gone so long without one of these marvelous wonders?! At first I was a little handicapped while using it. I was afraid to close my mouth so toothpaste was falling out of my mouth and onto my hand...it was a mess. Then I was brave, closed my mouth and LOVED IT! The best part was when I was done...I totally felt like my teeth were completely clean...with barely any effort! They felt so clean and slick!

Well, I did get many more things of much more value than this electric toothbrush. First and foremost: my ZUNE! It is awesome! I am currently syncing songs to it as I type! I also got 3 shirts from Patty, Harmoni and Makayla. Clay got me an ADORABLE dress from DownEastOutfitters. It's like my favorite store. It is SO CUTE! He also got me the Josh Groban Christmas CD. It is so good. He also got me a coat from Target! Lizzie and Shad gave us gift cards to Walmart! Mom and Dad gave me a coat from Target and some money. (I know I have 2 coats but realize I live in IDAHO- I want to feel cute when I have to wear a coat EVERY DAY!) I got some bath and body works stuff that smells good. It is Mango Mandaran. I put some lotion on...you know how I'm allergic to Mangos? Well I am not reacting to the lotion so I was just wondering if that is normal for you to be allergic to a food on the inside, but not on the outside...you know? For our Christmas Eve pajama presents (that is a tradition for Clay's family- pajamas on Christmas Eve) we got BYU-Idaho sweatshirt and sweatpants. I love them! They are soooo comfy and soft. Well that is pretty much all of my main gifts. I think I got a few things here and there as well, but those were the main events! I will DEFINITELY take a picture of my clothes and everything we've been doing later when I'm showered and stuff.

Well, we had a HUGE snow storm! My goodness! It snowed SO MUCH! I am also going to take pictures of that! I liked it a little because it's so pretty, but it is also really kind of scary. It made me really scared for when I'm driving by myself to Idaho falls and Rexburg.

Overall, this Christmas is fantastic! I miss everyone so much though...that has been a little hard, but it has been nice to spend time with Clay's family, they are wonderful.

I love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Megan and Greg said...

Yea for Christmas! Mine was so good too! I'll be posting soon so you can see ours. I'm glad your day was so good.

Sharon/mom said...

Wow you made a haul!!! I am so happy for you! Heavenly Father always compensates in some way when we have hard times, and you have a wonderful family to be with and lots of fun things to distract you from being away from home. We missed you too!!!! I love you!!!! Don't worry about driving when you go to work. It will all be okay! I got the Josh Groban cd for myself, it is beautiful.

Emily said...

Sounds like a super fun Christmas! I agree...you can never have too many coats in a place like Rexburg!

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

Danielle that is so exciting that you got a zune!!!! Do you and Clay share it? or do you both have one? That is so awesome! The electric toothbrush! that is awesome! I have a cheap one that is 4 dollars- so it's on batteries, but I love it! I'm so glad we didn't end up visiting you this Christmas with all this crazy weather going on. I didn't feel good about it, and now I know why. I wish you could have been at the beach house- I thought of you whie we watched The grinch stold christmas- I just kept laughing at all the parts that I knew you would laugh at- like the dog scenes and the sled- hehehe. I love you- congrats on the great haul!

Rebecca said...

Danielle you are so funny. I laugh and laugh when I read your blogs. I think I need one of those toothbrushes. I need something to motivate me to brush my teeth. I'm glad you liked your presents. It sounds like Clay is a good gift giver like Darin. Love you.