Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm living in a white christmas!

Yes. Not dreaming, but living.

The other night I watched White Christmas. Oh how I love that movie! I really do think it is my FAVORITE Christmas movie! I love it so much.
I love these women. ESPECIALLY Vera Ellen. That's her real name. Judy in White Christmas, the really really really skinny one that is an AMAZING DANCER! I really just wish that every movie was like this. I really need to start watching more movies that were made in the 50's. They really just make me so happy! This is just one of the clips that are my favorite. I tried finding the clip where she is dancing in her yellow dress with a random man in rehearsal because that is THE BEST! But I couldn't. I love this song though! The coloring starts out weird but it gets normal, just keep watching!

I also watched High School Musical. I LOVED IT! All were right who recommended it. Now- if you watched it with your husband, I'd say try try again. I would probably not be as big of a fan because I'm sure Clay would've made fun of it if he watched it. I loved it so much. I can't wait to see the second!

So I thought I would share this little story with you because I always share my successes in this all deserve to see my failures too! So I was making homemade wheat bread and Jacob, my brother, called. We were chatting, but I had to keep working because the yeast was in there and I didn't want the dough to get all messed up. WELL- I got off the phone with him and realized I HAD to of put in WAY TOO MUCH flour because the dough was like falling apart. So I called my mother, she just giggled and said, you may as well bake it and see if it turns out since it's all in there. So I did...and THIS is what came of it!

YUCK! I decided I can't talk to people while I'm making bread. No good can come of it. So now you know- I don't only bake delicious things, I also bake disgusting things!!!

Here is a picture of Clay that is kind of funny. I walked out of the room seeing this-

Yes. He is talking on TWO CELL PHONES! AT THE SAME TIME! ToysRUs on one end, and his mother on the other. Can you believe that? I just thought it was too funny not to share.

Well tonight we are on our way to Clay's parent's house. It is Makayla's b-day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Who knows if she actually reads this. But anyway, it is her birthday today, and Harmoni's on Saturday. Makayla is turning 14, and Harmoni 19. I will take pictures. They are both way beautiful girls. I know all the boys in Idaho Falls are inlove with them. Anyway, we are going to Johnny Carino's tonight- an italian restaurant like Olive Garden which many people claim is even better! We are excited. We are staying there until Wendnesday I think. Clay will have to come back home on monday to work but will be back that evening.

Lets see...anything else? I really don't think so. Has anyone seen the movie: "Dan in Real Life"? It is coming to our cheap seats and I watched the trailer online and it actually looked pretty good. Let me know if you know otherwise. OKAY! Love you all!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this time of year!


Paul & Patty said...

I am so excited for this weekend and Christmas that I can hardly sleep.. I cannot wait for everyone to get here so we can visit and eat and open presents.

mandijwaters said...

That is a great movie...even better if you can go and see it for less than $9 a person. Have fun at Patty's house too!

Lizzie said...

Oh, let me know if you like "Dan in Real Life." I've wanted to know if it was good. I really should try Highschool Musical without Shad. I bet I would love it. The whole time I kept thinking, "oh he's probably hating this and wishing I hadn't bought it." And then I'd look over at him and he'd have this look like "I can't believe Lizzie bought this."
Anyhow, that is one of my FAVORITE parts in White Christmas. I LOVE that movie. Have fun at Clay's parents and I love the pic of Clay on 2 phones. It's really funny.

I love you so much!

Rebecca said...

Okay, White Christmas--LOVE IT!!! My children love it as well. Unfortuneately we've lost it this week, hope it turns up before we go to the cabin. I can't remember the scene with the yellow dress, I'll have to pay attention. I love the scene over the bridge, by far my favorite. American in Paris has a great dance scene in it, at the foot of a bridge if I remember correctly. Movies with great dancing have Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelley(my personal favorite), Judy Garland and others that I can't remember, but you could do a search with their names on Netflix and start there. I watched tons of those movies on AMC and TMC when I was in highschool. Okay, Highschool Musical. I think Darin might even like it more than me. But you have to understand that Darin loves to sing. Last year when we were watching it all the time, Brandt and Darin were always singing the songs. Sharpay is Darin's favorite character. Sad about the bread. Very sad. Hate it when that happens. The pic of Clay-so funny. Can you believe the time we live in. I have totally talked on two phones at the same time. Love you so much. It looks like we are too late to get together? We would love to if you can squeeze it in. Love you, love you. Bye.

Janell, Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, Everyone has a bread, cake, cookie, and I even have candy stories!!!! Way sad, when we lived in Alaska, I made a cake for our anniversery and the top layer kept sliding off and I finally threw it out into the snowbank I was so mad at it. When grandpa came home, he asked "what's that pink thing out in the snow??? I just burst into tears. So we all do things and it is very sad:( I'm glad you get to go to Clay's family for Christmas. I love the funny pic of Clay with the phones. I have to finish packing, two suitcases and a bag one for Alan's and one for the coast after Christmas. I have made candy, and baked cookies until I don't even want to eat any:) Yeh!!! better for chub me. I love you sooooooo very much Grandma Miss YOU

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

I just wrote you a long comment- uhhhh. Anyway- your bread is hilarious- I'm glad you get to go to that restaraunt. I loved highschool musical too, hairspray is the same deal- cheesy, but great- so don't watch it with Clay. Dan in Realy life I want to see but I heard it sucks. I wish you were here, but if you were here, you'd probably get sick because all of us are sick!!!! That's why I wanted to make those muffins- that pic is funny of Clay on both phones. I love you. oh yeah- I hate white christmas. it's been a long time though so maybe I was too young. I just remember hating it. That's really funny, I need to give it another whirl then. I love you.

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, I haven't watched that movie in YEARS!!! I'd forgotten all that dance stuff, now I want to see it. Wouldn't it be grand if everyone danced and sang everyday in real life? Oh, that would be my fantasy world. Did you eat the bread, things that look bad sometimes taste really good. That is HILARIOUS about Clay and the phones. I love you! Merry Christmas!

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

OK- I watched it today- and I love it- BUT it's not a christmas movie at all. but I liked it alot. I bet that's why I hated it, haha- I love you!