Friday, June 29, 2007

Yay for stupid nights

NOT! So, I feel stupid because I made such a big deal about this night you know...inviting the new couple and such, what to make....well let me tell you how the night went.

Our friends were supposed to show up at 6:00. 6:00 came and went. 6:05...6:10...6:12...I tell clay to call. He calls...and they say, sorry we're running late (maybe you should call...) we'll be there in 3 minutes. After 10 more minutes they arrive. So basically they arrived 25ish minutes late to dinner. Now. I made the most devine parmesan chicken and amazing french bread. All of this home made and delcious. I had it made at a quarter till, because usually guests arrive early and I am not ready in time. SO the food was waiting for about 45 minutes before it was eaten. Thank goodness it still tasted good. was kind of like, we asked questions...and no questions returned. They answered our thoughtful questions and didn't ask anything back. I can only think of so many questions to ask. OH...then they mentioned for some reason that they had just been to someone elses house for dinner yesterday and they served them steaks. Wow, I feel special for serving chicken when you just got steak, and so willingly told me you loved it.

So the xbox party comes...and i'm thinking more wives would come because that's what happened last time i guess, and there were only like 3 of us and it was boring and then we went and they like...wanted to watch them play xbox. I was bored out of my ever loving mind. I said, I'm going downstairs. I'll be back in a bit! So i go downstairs to my apt and start reading harry potter. Then about 30 minutes later...a girl comes and says, we are going to make a pie. Are you interested? I decide i will go make a pie (at 10:30pm...) it was fine, we talked and had quality conversation...but i worked my tail off pealing apricots, and the pie was discusting. All of them thought it was amazing...I AND Clay, thought it was gross. Don't you love that? I swear I am cursed because my family is full of amazing cooks, so when I taste normal's gross. So we were eating gross pie...and continuing to watch video games...I ask clay if he wants to go to bed and he was actually having a blast. OF COURSE HE IS. He is doing what he loves, playing video games. SO, I decided to sneak out, say goodnight and go to bed. Instead I decided to come and vent on my blog. Afterwards, I will probably check to make sure none of you have posted a new blog, and then read some harry potter, and then go to bed.

I am sure this sounds pathetic, but it was just such a bummer because I was so looking forward to this night. I don't know what I was thinking. It's okay though. The lake was fun, I am burnt but not so badly that it wont turn to tan I dont think. And tomorrow I can relax (and do homework).

I love you all so much.


Lillie said...

Hope you don't mind my snooping. Did I already leave a comment saying that? But my husband's watching "Man Vs. Wild" so I'm reading blogs at 11 pm and I made him pause his show so I could read him some of your post since I was laughing out loud and he was wondering why. You are SOOOO Lizzie's sister. "So we were eating gross pie...and continuing to watch video games...I ask clay if he wants to go to bed and he was actually having a blast. OF COURSE HE IS."

I'm still laughing. But I'm actually craving pie now.

Amy: said...

Danielle that is awful. I am so sorry. Man, and you went to all that effort to make the yummy dinner, and they came late, and rubbed in that they had steak? Brother. They sound rude; is this the couple that you played tennis with? If so- loose them. Uhhh and then the x box.....the pie.....uhhh. Not to mention- the girls wanted to watch their husbands play x-box- grose. I am so sorry Danielle. I wish I lived there-or you lived here. I hate trying to make friends- and then have it fail. I'm so sorry. I love you so much.

Danielle and Clayton said...

Yes...this is sad and silly, I know. Amy- It was not the tennis people. This is the couple where the girl is from brazil. I forgot to mention another thing. The husband was looking at our wedding pictures and asked how old I am...I say, 19. He says, oh okay, cause I was looking at your wedding pictures and you looked REALLY REALLY young! I say, 'uh..yeah...' What else do you say to something like that?

Steve & Sharon/dad & mom said...

How sad!!!! I'm sorry your night was so bad. The good thing is you had the guts to leave. I would have tortured myself and stayed. The pie thing is so typical, its like the "amazing no bake cheesecake." I always think, "thats because you've never had a real cheesecake!" Oh well. Your company was rude sad to say. Dad and I have had many situations where people either are rude or just don't know how to carry a conversation. We will ask questions and they will do all the talking and never take interest in us. I think one of the required reading books in high school should be "How to Win Friends and Influence People". It teaches you how to communicate effectively. It's weird, I never thought about this before, but in a society where we focus so much on therapy, diversity, love not war, and things like that, you would think we would have mandatory classes on how to communicate! Hows that for deep!! Well,don't give up. There are bound to be people out there that would truly appreciate all your work! I love you sooo much!! I am like Amy, I wish we all were closer together. Soon we will be all spread out. That's why things like these blogs are good. I also think web cams will be good someday also. I also think the x box party things could just be for the husbands. love you! mom

Emily said...

Hey, I tried to comment on your lake post but it wouldn't let me. I was always too scared to go to Rigby Lake for some reason, so I'm glad you guys went and had fun! And as for your rude company...I'd kick them! Don't they know how lucky they are to be invited to an Arnold girl's home for dinner?! You are so right, your family is full of amazing cooks. One time Steve and I went to Meg and Greg's for dinner, and we talked about how good it was for like 2 days after that!

Amy: said...

I don't know if it's my computer or yours but your lake pictures aren't up anymore. I loved them so much and wanted to show Mike because Clay looks so cute with his cousin, he looks like a daddy. My favorite picture of Mike is at the renunion and he's sitting at the bank of water, and Ruby is sitting next to him, and she has his hand on his leg, (which was new territory for mike- he wasn't raised around kids) and she's looking up at him, and he's looking down-and it's just so cute! I love those pictures because then I can see Mike in 20 years as a daddy. He doesn't understand- and I wanted to show him the one with Clay and his cousin in the water when he looks like a Daddy with "his little girl"- I've been wanting to frame the one with Mike and Ruby- but he thinks that's wierd, but I love it because it makes me so excited to have kids with him.

Amy: said...

In response to the whole Paris deal: I know I couldn't believe she said she's no different from us, although, I do think Paris and I have alot in common. ha- there were totally parts where she didn't understand the questions, and I loved it when he asked her what her favorite bible passage was- and she's like "oh gosh....there's too many." Larry King was hard on her- I agree- I felt bad- because there were parts that I thought were hilarious- but the next minute I'd be feeling bad for her- but the good thing is- I don't think she realizes what she looks like- so that's good. ha- I love you- I wish you guys lived here so we could enjoy these moments together. I really hope we get to live by eachother some day, not likely- but I wish.

Lizzie said... sorry. I feel like the first couple of years Shad and I were married we had a lot of experiences like that. I would slave over dinner, they wouldn't say one thing about it, and Shad and I would ask questions ALL night long and they would talk ALL night long, and never leave. I know I sound stuck up. I don't invite people over just to be complimented or to have people ask me questions, but just more fun to be with a couple where the conversation is flowing both ways, you can joke around, you can be yourself, etc. Sorry about the pie. I've never even heard of apricot pie. Did they make it up?