Monday, June 25, 2007

Spoiler Alert on the character JK Rowling commented on!

It's Kreacher! They revealed it today. Very interesting. I was reading about it, and comments people have made, and came to find that there are many MANY people who are, indeed, bigger harry potter fans than I. I am kind of a dork though, if you think about it, I know have 3 posts dedicated to harry potter in some way. Thats okay. It's just who I am.

So just to update everyone in my life, I am seriously thinking of getting my Masters in Accounting. We are thinking about it, and decided we will see if we can transfer to BYU in about a year and a half and I would start my graduate studies and Clay would finish up his undergrad, and possibly do HIS graduate studies at BYU as well. We aren't sure if credits will transfer though, so it is all dependent upon that. If they don't, it may very well still happen...just at a later time. It is pretty exciting to think about though. We are both very young, and able to do these unless something else comes up, this is our plan I guess.

The summer semester only has 12 days of classes left. NOT including finals, but finals week doesn't involve classes...only tests. I kind of like it that way. Anyway, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! I am desperately desiring to rearrange my walls. I think I might take Amy's idea and paint my frames. I'm not sure though. Overall, I am so excited. I kind of want to do different pictures from the past year, not JUST wedding. What do you think? I wish we had kids, just so that we didn't have so much of ourselves. For some reason I feel funny just putting up our faces all over the place.

I have never liked grapefruit but for some reason I have been wanting one REALLY bad lately. So, I bought two today at the grocery store and we will eat them for breakfast tomorrow. I can't wait! Tonight I made homemade pizza and breadsticks. Clay was praising me for it through the whole meal...he said it "hit the spot". He is such a good husband. For some reason I need that. When I make a meal, I feel awful if no one compliments it. He always acts like I am a gourmet chef when I bake or cook. I love him:)

Well, probably only 2 people have lasted this long. I wasn't expecting to write this long blog, but...well....I did. Love ya!


Sharon/mom said...

i loved your new post. lizzie and I were just talking today about how we like this blogging thing. It makes it easier to stay in touch with everyone, and it is more interesting than just pics. I think the wall thing is a great idea. right now all you have is you two and so its okay to have that all over. you could also include family pics also. People always like seeing other peoples families. Kreacher, that is interesting. I was thinking about updates more often myself. So I am glad you wrote such a long post. love you!!!

Sharon/mom said...

oh, i'm glad your dinner turned out so well!! we had digorno tonight, I was tired from greenhouse stuff and painting.

Amy: said...

Danielle I feel like you are going to get your masters, and you will work inside your home, I think that is really neat. I know you may not, but I feel like you are going to. You are so smart and talented and responsible! I wish I were that responsible at your age! Maybe now even! Why would your BYU credits not transfer to BYU in Utah? Isn't it the same school? You will love Utah, it's very beautiful in a different way. You should paint all your frames- we love it, and I know what you mean- all the pictures are of us! BUT- I have a second collage on a different wall- and it is all of the family from the reunion. Mike really likes the pictures to just be of us. He's kind of funny like that, whenever I'm about to put a picture up of someone esle, he says, "so are there going to be any of us?" while there are 20 pictures of us in the same room! But I asked my neighbor Amy if she thought I should put more up of my family- and she said- "no it's not wierd- you married mike not your family!" But looking around- I'm in almost all the pictures- ha. oh well whatever. I think it's funny you know everything about harry potter, I like reading about it even though I don't even know what you're talking about!I miss you- I wish you lived here- I love you-!

Lizzie said...

I am so glad that you tell us about your life. It's funny that you think your life is boring, because all of us love to read about it. Wow, you'll be the first in the fam (besides in-laws) to get a masters. It's true that you are young and can do it now. I think you and Clay are amazing. I LOVE your harry posts. Also, I love it when people compliment my cooking, I think that's half the reason I cook/bake. = )