Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, I told you my life wasn't that exciting. I purchased some fabric and an apron pattern and made myself this apron! I like it a lot. Clay thinks its "hot". It wasn't that hard either. I am teaching an enrichment tomorrow on how to make "Italian Skillet Chicken", and so I am really excited that I finished it in time to wear it while I'm demonstrating! Anyway, school is going well. Last week I got a B on an Accounting test, which I was bummed about...but yesterday I found out that they didn't have the right answer keyed in on one question, and I ACTUALLY got one more right, making my grade an A! I love it when that happens. Took a statistics test yesterday, don't know the score yet, hopefully an A as well...not as likely though. Clay and I are planning to see "In the Land of Women" tonight. It's in the cheap theater and we have a coupon for buy one ticket get one free. So basically, we are excited. I just hope it's good! I love you all, feel free to compliment my sewing;)


Lizzie said...

I love your apron. It is so cute! And you're teaching at Enrichment. Wow, you and Rebecca. You'll have to let me know how movie is.

Emily said...

Totally cute apron! You crack me up Danielle...being excited about a movie at the cheap theater. It makes me miss Rexburg and college life! Have fun! Good luck with enrichment!

Amy: said...

Danielle- I don't know how long I can keep this up! While I thought I was adding your address to my list- I added it onto Lizzie's somehow! I got really angry- and told Lizzie that I don't know how you guys do this- so she helped me- ANYWAY- your apron is so cute!!!! Man- that is such a compliment to be asked to teach at enrichment, that is so cool- I wish we lived by eachother- and we could sew all day and be marthastewart. I love you!