Monday, June 11, 2007


So my sisters and parents have started this blogging thing. I have wanted to comment on pictures and things but I couldnt, because I dont have a blog! I decided I'd make one and update it if anyone ACTUALLY wants to look at it. Our life is boring...we dont have kids and we are just going to college. So anyway, we'll see how this goes! Love you all.


Lizzie said...

Okay Dan, your life is FAR from boring. I LOVE your blog and am so excited you started one!!! Amy is going to start one while she is here and we're hoping to get everyone else too. I think it would be awesome. I love the pics, especially the one of Clay holding the hatchet. I love that he held it all weekend long. = )I am going to link you to mine and then I write to you how to link mine to yours. Also, you can set it up so the comments get sent to your email.

------------------------- said...

I loved the comment about clay and the hatchet (not a small ax) I agree with Lizzie, your life is not boring you do so many neat and wonderful things!!!!!
love you, mom