Monday, June 11, 2007


Clay and I went camping with our two neighbors that live above us. We went for just one night, and came home the next afternoon. It was nice. We had a fire, roasted hot dogs (that I actually ate and enjoyed...), ate smores, and talked. Clay borrowed his dad's mini axe...i think it might be called a hatchet? I'm not sure. Anyway, he had that thing in his hand the entire trip. He loved chopping wood. The scenery was really beautiful... I asked our friend to take our picture, and she's pretty...but you can't even see our faces. I kind of wanted it close up, oh well! The one with Clay and his axe was taken by me...just a warning...I am awful at taking pictures. I will try to get better.


Emily said...

Danielle!! Hi! It's Emily Jolley (Rogers).
Isn't blogging great?! You and Clay are too cute. I hope you're loving Rexburg...I miss that place!
Hope you're doing well! is my blog

Amy: said...

Danielle- that is so funny because Mike has an axe also- and he loves it- and brings it with him on outdoor events- and I'm always like, "why would you use that?" and he'll say, "you never know, it will come in handy" but he's never used it for anything- just to mess around with. hahah- that is really funny about clay