Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A good day

Don't you just love the feeling of getting EVERYthing done that you have on your list of things to do for the day? It rarely happens for me, but today was one of those rare days. I swear I had a ton to do as well. I did it all, as well as reading a lot of HP4.

One of the many duties of today was to make bread. I tell you, anyone with a Bosch mixer or a KitchenAid...IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT! After baking bread a few times...it isn't such a big deal. Just do it. It is so worth it, when you cut a warm piece of bread...spread butter across it, and feel delighted as you eat a piece of healthy, delicious, whole wheat bread. I LOVE IT! It also helps when Clay loves it, which he did.

Another thing I did today was finish my Accounting homework. Guess when it's due? A week from today! I have never done that before. Usually I am finishing it the day it's due. Not this time. I did it ALL, and I feel wonderful.

I have just realized that for about a week now my days have been absolutely wonderful. My realization was actually that this past week, I have been very good about scripture study and have started praying when riding my bike to school. Until this week, I had not been doing as well with scriptures and it is just another testimony that scripture study makes life infinity times better. How blessed we are to have the gospel.

I really love this blogging thing. I like to know that my sister has teeth marks on her head, and that another almost ran over a team of football players. It is also fun to read about my parents goat experiences and see silly pictures. I love you and miss you all....I hope you are all having as good of days as I am.


Amy: said...

I love good days. I can't believe your homework isn't due for a week. Wow. OK so wheat bread: I have a bosch, and I really want it- but I feel like it takes a long time? Is it hard? You know what's weird danielle? When I was in 6th grade (homeschool) it was my job to make the wheat bread every monday, and I did for a whole year! And I cannot for the life of me remember how to do it, isn't that wierd? I made it once when I first got married, and it wasn't like mom's. Have you made scones? I have done that,twice. Mike loves mom's bread- but mine isn't like hers- shoudl I give it another go? are you used to it now? I have to concentrate so hard when I do it. I love riding bikes so much. I knew you'd love that story. I'm glad Clay thought it was funny, because I wish he knew me better, and I knew him better. I love this blogging, we always know what's going on with eachother now. Can you believe the whole tanner biting incident? YOWSATIOUS! I love you so much! Good job on being on top of things!

Lizzie said...

Your blog is such a good reminder for me. I remember in college whenever I read my scriptures faithfully first thing in the morning, I got everything done I needed to plus more. Also, the wheat bread...Shad keeps teasing me that I wanted a bosch and don't use it. Tanner used to love homemade wheat bread, but I haven't made it since I've had Kate. I should make some today. How many times do you think you made it before you felt like it was easy and really good? Also, for the life of me I don't remember Amy making wheat bread in 6th grade. But that's good to know. Tanner has about 10 more years and that will be his chore. = ) I love that you are such an amazing homemaker. I wish I could see you in action. You and Clay seem so happy. I love you both!!!!

Sharon/mom said...

loved your new post. I was just saying to amy in her post how much I love this blogging thing. After I wrote that I read everyone elses and it was interesting that we all said the same thing today. I'm so glad you make bread. I love how wonderful your life is, you are a great example. excited for you to come this summer!

Sharon/mom said...

I mentioned in amy's that I like the daily blogs, it makes me feel a part of your lives!!