Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010...Peace OUT

I first wrote this post with a bunch of negativity attached to 2010. And being that I have a new years resolution to have a good attitude, I thought that needed to change. So here is a roundup for 2010:

-My creativity/braveness skyrocketed. I did things this year (some with the help of others) that I never imagined I could do! Reupholstering chairs, creating a headboard, painting/glazing old furniture, creating complicated pillows (to me) with no pattern, jewlery boards, roller shades, and probably more. As a result, I seriously have gained this confidence (probably a bad thing) that I can do anything! I'm not scared to try things that look hard and I'm not scared to experiment and pick out stitches and the whole shabang.

-Clay changed jobs to Web Development- which he LOVES. I can't tell you what a difference it makes in life when your husband loves his job.

-Both Clay and I discovered that our boss's are perfect for our situation and that we couldn't be in a better place at a better time.

-I successfully made a cheesecake. yum :(

-I got to see my whole family at thanksgiving.

-My hair got long.

-I successfully went without treats for 6 full months!

-I started a business...and yeah, it was pretty unsuccessful but that's okay! I'm still pretty proud of myself...and I'm still gonna keep trying with it:)

-Clay and I found the right doctor. We got a right diagnoses. We WILL get better. This is the biggest blessing of 2010. With all the bad that comes with it, in the grand scheme of's so very good.

I'm confident this year will be a great one. 2011? I'm hoping for some big changes. Here they will be:

1) Study scriptures every day
2) Have a clean kitchen before I go to bed each night
3) Truly only cheat on our no gluten/no sugar diet one day a week
4) Get me cured of Lyme Disease (I'd say Clay...but that isn't really reality for us this year...I think I've actually got a shot at it)
5) Continue my creativity and exceed my level I'm at right now

Those are pretty good ones eh?

I hope that everyone's 2011 is great! I know mine will be. It's all about the attitude. I read a post where this woman she always picks a theme word for the new year...I decided my theme word this year is ATTITUDE. I think it will serve me well. I'm determined to have a better post a year from now :)

PS- Clay IS feeling better. He informed us all last night. For instance...he had a work party where it was at this big gymnastics place. Clay did a lot of stuff! Like...dodgeball, diving in a pit of foam, doing flips on these ring thingies, sumo wrestling, and this weird thing where you push each other off of these stands with large q-tip looking things? Anyway- funny thing...I didn't even realize it but he was doing pretty dang good the next day considering! Usually...he is like out for a few days. But he was fine! Isn't that GREAT! He still has a long ways to go obviously...but any improvement is great news!



Oh my gosh danielle- what you said about clay is amazing. I can't believe it- because I know how whenever he would do something, it would put him out for atleast a few days, that is so wonderful! That means it's working! That's incredible! Well, good for you for having a good attitude about your year. What is interesting is, at teh end of my post I wanted to write- "i feel really bad for my sisters, because theyhaven't had so great of a year- we took turns" but I didn't want to be negative, but it turns out alot of wonderful things happened for you this year that neither of us realized. Your creative skills have sky-rocketed. I used to consider myself the creative queen outside of mom in the fam- but now YOU ARE! which is really funny, becaues when we were little you were not interested in that stuff. It is such a dream for me to have you love all that stuff and be able to share that passion with you! And I really beleive you can do anything creative-wise if you want to. I really do. Um you forgot one thing that you are looking forward to this next year.... Bachelor- hello?!!! And it starts monday- i can hardly wait! love you!


Oh my gosh danielle I just saw your turqoise flower pillow on your etsy shop- it is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I love it! You are so amazing! i love it! AND- yes I was wearing a beatles shirt with a grey vest :) I got myself a beatles shirt when I finished my beatles class :)

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, I'm glad Clay is improving! That helps motivate, I'm sure. What a year. Amy wrote about her year and I jsut thought, "Wo, so different from mine." You've accomplished a LOT. That's great. I liked your thought for a one word theme for the year. Mine will be ACTIVE. I need to be more active. I mean it first and foremost to being physically active- getting out and not sitting inside all day long, but also to being active in life and not so idle and spending excessive time watching tv. I want to make it a cute board and put it up, but I feel like that's a wierd thing to "decorate" with and people with ask me or think, "that's a wierd decoration, what's up with that?" Ok, I thought you couldn't have dairy either. Can you? That really helps in the recipe search, like big time. Baking with butter and milk? Is that a yes? Love you!

Kristi M. said...

I need to think of a theme word too. What a great idea and motivator for 2011. I love your theme word. Right now I think a lot of what has been happening lately really has to do with my attitude which I need to improve. A great attitude can definately make or break a year. What a great year you have had.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so happy that Clay is doing better, which means that all of the stuff you guys are doing and doing without is working. Great word for the year and congrats on all of the work you have done this year and learned. I truly think you can do anything you really want to do. Look at me I have made a few beautiful quilts, and I never used to like to sew, but making a quilt or an apron or anything else I love now. So I think my new word for the year will be postive. I know that you can get well, Grandpa just finished Pres Monson's new book and in there he talks that when we doubt we lose Faith, and so it makes so much more sense to me to believe you can do and then indeed you can. I love you and miss you hugs and kisses

HeidiT said...

Great word for the year! Sometimes it's so hard to have a good attitude in the circumstances and a little reminder to focus on it would be good. Here's to 2011 being a great one!

Sharon/mom said...

What a great blog!! Your dad and I made a list of all the good things this year and it was amazing how long it was. You are right, it is all about attitude. I am so happy you are doing well, and that was great news about Clay!!! I love your new goals, I think they are possible. Remember a step at a time! love you sooooooo much! oh and your posts are amazingly positive!

katy said...

I like your attitude. I think you and clay sound like such fun people. Wished we lived closer. I am so happy Clay is feeling better and I am happy for all the great things that will happen for you this year.

Penny Cluff said...

I like your theme for 2011...Attitude. A statement I heard years ago has always stayed with me. "If you think you can or you can't you are right" I carried that a bit further, if I think I am happy or I am not happy I am right and I decide happiness before I put my feet on the floor in the morning. Your creative stuff is great. Have you and Amy every considered doing a site together? Love.

Aliese the Writer said...

Those resolutions sound awsome! I really want to read the scriptures everyday, too. I haven't read the scriptures very much and I think that it is time that I strengthen my testimony of the scriptures. I am so glad that Clay is feeling better. I am so excited and happy about that. I love you and hope you have a good weekend! :)