Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's an abusive relationship

Does anyone else have an extremely one sided relationship with Joanns? Sure, you get their products, but really....REALLY- don't you think they could give you a smile, a note of intelligence, a titch of service...EVER?!

Here's what happened.

I go to Joanns, and ask, "Where is your seam binding?" (we are currently on the thread aisle)

"Just on the other side of this"

So of course I go to the other side of the thread and there are of course, two sides to the aisle, not to mention A BAZILLION things. I've never bought seam binding before so I have no idea what it looks like.

"So is it like...on this side? Or what? I don't know what it looks like..."

"Yeah it's over there- it will say seam binding"


"Well, do you know what general area it would be at?"

"It will just be in there with them all you just have to look"

Oh? Look? I was trying to listen for it.

FINALLY she comes over and says, "What are you using it for?"

"A knit shirt"

"A knit shirt?!?! Are you sure?! That doesn't seem right"

"That's what the pattern calls for"

She beeps on her headseat "Hey, what is seam binding?" (and of course I'm sure you're thinking like could it not seem right to her if she didn't even know what it freaking was?) Then she turns to me and says, "Well since we are closing the store and opening in a new location, we are just going through all these really fast"

" you know where it's at?"

"Well all of these here are just selling really fast and we aren't getting any in"

"So...are there any left?" Since she has YET to show me where the freaking thing would be.

"No- they are all gone."

"Okay." Then she sits there for five minutes telling me how seam binding shouldn't go on a knit shirt.

I wish this was all.

I go to the register to buy some Christmas Decor. I have a gift card which LAST time I was there they said either I needed to bring the receipt in or they could call a number and get it working...cause it wasn't activated or something. Well- she runs it (same woman) and it doesn't work. I tell her "Last time I came they said it wasn't activated or something and that they could call a number to get it working". She says, "No they are all activated" and continues trying to run it like 5 more times! Then she slides it to me and says, well it doesn't work. And I'm like...."So can you call that number?" and she is like, "Yeah you call that number and they'll take care of it." And I'm like..."So YOU'RE not going to call?" She says, "No that's the customers job. It's your responsibility"

OH MY FREAKING HECK. I was bursting at the seams.

Like I said, an abusive relationship. And this is just like 2 Joann stories out of a bajillion in my life. GAH.

I don't get it cause I've been to stores where they say, "Aisle 7 middle of the aisle...about...mmm...probably 1/4 way down from the top" and BAM it's there! Why can't everyone do that? Instead of the lovely..."over there"..."you have to look"

JoAnns. Love you. Hate you. Can't live with you. Can't live without you. Don't worry, I'll be back.


Brittany Flint said...

I totally agree that has happened to me there before. So annoying! your comments are so hilarious, they make my day!!

The Conger's said...

Haha sorry for your woes. Your posts are funny, I sort of thought I wouldn't watch bachelor this season, but I don't know after your post I think for the next hour I will be watching the bachelor. Look what are you doing to me! Haha jk. Good luck with the shirt when you get the right stuff and I hope your breath stops tasting bad, if you can stand it you should eat ginger or drink ginger tea (hot water and ginger) that helps with bad breath, not that your breath smells bad I understand it is just the way it tastes but it might help.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh! I would be so livid. I was just reading this. I hate when people are so disservicing.

Lizzie said...


My current relationship with jomamas, is defnitely a "hate" relationship.

I havne't been back in a while.

I was pretty peeved.

Even called their "corporate" office.

but like you....I'll be going back. =)


hahah. You are absolutely correct. They don't know anything. At the beginning of your story I already knew she didn't know what it was. I can't beleive she had the gall to say it didn't go on a knit shirt when she didn't knwo what it was, and second- the freakin pattern said to get it. Oh my gosh- what an idiot. And then the register lady- not calling the card to activate it- SO not the customers job. They are such idiots but they stay in business because nobody can bring their prices down like they can. AND ALL the bosses are witches so it gets passed down to employees, and then on to customers. They know they don't have to be nice because nobody else carries what they do, and the people that do, carry it for twice the price. Mike has been constantly amazed at their business, he said they shoudl be studdied at school. hhee. I love you- that is just so annoying. Sorry I couldn't listen to your story when it was happening!

Aliese the Writer said...

Oh, that sounds horrible. I would get really mad. So, she told you to look over "there" for some and then tells you there aren't any?! Wow. So sorry. It's weird that some stores are like that and some aren't even though it really has nothing to do with the store. :)

Kristi M. said...

Oh man. What a mess. I have actually had good customer service everytime at my Joann's. The only thing that I can't stand about mine is that it is in the mall. I have to wall in the mall to get there and it drives me bonkers.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I totally agree with you, I love and hate them at the same time, and they are by far the rudest of anyone in the retail business! But we all keep going back and I like Lizzie have called the big office and gotten nowhere. I really do not like the manager that we have here. We sometimes go to other stores and check thing out, for quilting fabric and they are always without fail very nice to us and helpful. We have a nice store in Cottage Grove that sells really great fabric, and when she has a sale it is as good so we always wait for the sales there. I am sorry as there is nothing more annoying that someone that knows nothing and tries to act as if they are the smart one and you are stupid!!! Hate it and I have often had the urge at times to go through an isle and take all of the bolts off the shelf and dump them on the floor. They bring out the tantrum child in me. Love you hugs

Sharon/mom said...

Oh my gosh that was funny!!! I think the person that owns JoAnnes says "hire the meanest person you can find to manage the store and drag a few employees off the street to work for you. I don't get to go to Joannes very often so I just plain love it! love you!!!

Megan and Greg said...

I was at Albertsons and Greg and I asked where cough drops were and they told us where the isle was, which side of the isle and how far down. He gave us such specific directions, I got a little lost because it was too much to remember. I totally thought of you :)

Jenni said...

This is so funny to me because I get that vibe everytime I'm in there! I don't go there tons, but whenever I'm in there, they are always SO SASSY! It's like its part of the job... be a brat. haha!

I'm sorry that sounds like an awful experience!!!

Not quite the Bradys said...

"Oh? Look? I was trying to listen for it. "- BWAHAHAHA!! Highlight of my blog surfing tonight. :)

Simply Sweet Wife said...

Oh my gosh.... You have this all pinned down perfectly! The only thing you forgot is the absolutely ridiculous fabric cutting numbers... If you don't get one before you pick out your fabric you can be sure to wait a solid 25 minutes trying to get some of the fabric cut for you... And then they seem put out when you are trying to organize which fabrics need to be cut at which lengths.

So glad it's not just the local Joann's is like this!