Monday, January 10, 2011

Bachelor Week 2 Highlights

WOW Just a few points I need to make:

1. Brad Womack just may be my favorite bachelor. WHY? Cause he sent home the crazy pants! Right off the bat! He saw drama, and sent it packin. Why don't they all do this?!?!?! MELISSA WAS CaRAZY! wowsa. Did anyone else feel sooooo awkward when she had alone time with Brad and was like crying then laughing and then randomly said, "Sorry my breath smells like onions...I ate 4 pieces of pizza" and giggles. Yikes! Did she remind you of Michelle? From Jake's season?

K- we know you're gorgeous, we know you want Brad, and guess what else? We KNOW IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY- FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME! You know what I hate? When girls act like they are picked on cause they are on a group date. Hello? Haven't you seen the bachelor? Don't you understand you will be on group dates? It's part of the deal. GET. OVER. IT.

3. Emily reminds me of barbie, and a robot, and the girl from win a date with tad hamilton. And the Orbit Gum girl. She just has that perfect look. As in- she was digitally made. You know? Unreal. It makes me mad.

4. Ashley H was sooo super cute. I liked her a lot. Their date seemed good and from the previews I think she's goin far!

5. Hmmmm....still don't know what to think about this one.

Are we gonna learn more about the fangs? And did it seem like to you that when brad wasn't around, she didn't have them on? And when he was around, she did? Who knows...

6. GOSH- TALK ABOUT BOOBS. I'm pretty glad Clay hasn't been watching this season with me cause I swear...all of them let their boobies hang out all over the place. It's like- hello?! Do you not have anything else going for you so you have to shove your boobs down his throat?

Well- excited for next week.

Started my pills. Wanna know how I feel? My mouth tastes BAAAAAAAAAAD. As in disgusting...all. the. time. Toxic. Which then makes me feel kinda icky. If I chew gum, I'm really not too shabby. Seriously- hate it. But if this is the worst it gets that's just fine! I AM only 3 days into the pills though:) We'll see how it keeps goin. OH YEAH- today I got 30 viles of blood drawn- and before we were done...she had to switch arms cause my first arm like...ran out of blood or somethin! Kinda crazy.

Aight- that's it for now. Peace OUT.


Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh, Danielle! 30 viles!?! OUCHA!!!! I'm so sorry. Man, I hope it doesn't get too bad. Wish I was there to take Scarlet over to cheer you up and cook you a meal sometimes. So I was bad and read this even though I haven't watched it yet. I don't have cable or anything so I get no channels. Yeah, the fang girl. Just so annoying. And of all the women, I wouldn't expect HER to be the model, but I suppose that's rude of me to say. Does she just look like a total stoner to you? She does to me. Yeah, a lot of the ladies look like robots and that birthday one, no one should look that beautiful in real life. She's gonna go far just 'cause he thinks she's so hot. Yeah, boobs boobs everywhere. Love you, Dan.


I'm sorry but when you said- my first arm ran out of blood- I bust out laughing- I still am- that is hilarious. But the getting your blood taken is NOT FUNNY! i'm so sorry- but so glad you got it over with. You are so brave. How did you have any blood left after that? How did you nto die?! That is crazy! I'm SO sorry you had to do that. So do they send your blood over there? or just test it in idaho and sent results to WA? hahahah your bachelor analysis. I'm going to write my own- hahahahahhaah- love you.

Brittany Flint said...

Finally i have been waiting for you to post about this for a week!! i love hearing your commentary on it all. i did watch the first night now today i will catch up on week 2.

Lizzie said...

30 viles??? wow. and your arm ran out of blood? cer-azy!

sorry your mouth tastes gross.

love you love you

Kayleen said...

I think you and I would have fun watching the bachelor together. I actually really like miss perfect barbie, but I agree with pretty much everything else :)I thought the Michelle from this year reminded me of Michelle from Jake's season, but Melissa did have a "Michelle-crazy-awkward-always-the-victim" side to her and I was glad the drama went home too.

On another note. Hopefully the meds help you!! Good luck!

Gillian said...

It's me! Haha, I loved your analysis! I agreed with everything you said! I was really annoyed at Emily's perfection at first, but I actually think I may like her. She DOES seem genuine. I also like Jackie. I like that she said she's a nerd, she seems like a real person and I like the dress she picked. I was so happy when he gave her the rose. But I thought it was so awkward at the end of their date when Train was singing 'Will you marry me?" It's their first date people!
Oh the DRAMA! I love it for entertainment purposes, but it gave me an upset stomach. I hate girl drama, and Bi-otches!
Look forward to reading more of your critiques! Hope you're feeling okay on the meds. I start some kind of injections next week... oh joy, doesn't everyone just love sticking themselves in the stomach with a needle?
I've found smoothies to be the answer to medicine -mouth. Maybe you could find one without sugar??
P.S. LOVE the camera strap...Thanks!
P.P.S. I'm actually SCARED of Michelle, she's SO controlling and the whole 'what's in your fridge?' question, you just know she was going to say 'same' no matter what he said!!

smitters said...

Danielle! It has been so long. I just googled you to find you and see what you guys have been up to, now that it has been years since we have been in touch. I really love your blog and all your creations. You are so talented. Here is our blog so you can see what we have been up to, if you want. I need to be a more religious blogger, I'm working on it, it's a resolution. Have a wonderful day!!

Tess Smith (from Cambridge Court BYUI)