Saturday, January 8, 2011

In and OUT

Yesterday morn we woke at about 4:30 am....flew out of Idaho Falls at 6:00am...were at the doctors from 11am-2:30pm...flew out of Seattle at home about 11:00pm. I think my favorite part of the whole flying experience was when I opened that little air blower above my head on the plane...and Clay turned to me and said, "You realize you're just breathing in fresh farts right?" My husband is such a charmer :)

My ankles hurt. I'm serious. I have been hobbling around all morning! I think it's from the hustle and bustle to each terminal. We flew 4 airplanes yesterday...

So here's the scoop-

Clay appears to be on the right track! His bloodwork keeps coming back good- meaning his liver/kidneys are in great shape...which is great news considering how many antibiotics are going into his body at once. The doc said, "I wish all my pateints had your liver levels" or something like that.

The doc thinks she has finally grasped what works for Clay's body since he had such a ginormous herx a few weeks ago. She put it like this "First we start with sticks and stones, then we move to guns, then we nuke em"...she emphasized this was an ANALOGY. teeheh. But basically she is like...alrghty, time to turn it up a notch! She explained that when he has bad herx's like that, his body is emptying a TON OF CRAPOLA. So that's good! And sucky.

I got a few answers to things that have been bothering me lately. For instance- the past year or so I have been grinding my teeth like MAD. The doc explained to me that this is classic bartonella (which is a co-infection that runs with Lyme disease- thats what causes the joints to hurt)...who knew?!

Another funny thing- Bad circulation can occur with lyme/bartonella (i kinda confuse which causes which sometimes) Clay always says his hands are SO COLD. I believed him, but was always confused. His hands NEVER felt cold to me. Well, when she was doing physical exams on me....she felt my hands and was like- woah! Cold hands! Are they always this cold? And I'm like...uhh I never noticed! They don't feel cold! And she said- well do my hands feel warm? And I said- yeah actually they do! And then it clicked. No wonder Clay's hands never feel cold! Mine are just like them! Does anyone else think of Edward and Bella when I talk about this? I did too.

I am going to go fill my prescriptions and start getting treated TODAY. Here are some general estimated answers she had for us regarding some things:

She thinks I will be cured within a year. YES! My new years goal will hopefully come true!

She thinks that we shouldn't consider having a baby for at least 2 years...because she thinks that's when she'll have Clay UNDER CONTROL. Not cured, but under control. The thing is, I was just telling Clay the other day that 2 years sounded about right to wait. Pretty sucky, but that's okay. I'm glad to have a general plan. She says that as long as I'm on baby-safe antibiotics throughout my pregnancy, the baby shouldn't get lyme disease. She says she deals with this in her office ALL the time. I'm so grateful we found who we did when we did.

There were a lot of other random things too, but all probably too jargony and lyme detailed for the general public :) haha. Those are the highlights.

OH YEAH- one more thing. This was great news! She wants to see us in one month, for one last time...then we can start going every other month! We will still have phone consults in the off months, but this will make it SO much less stressful, and wallet-friendly to only travel every other month. Yay for us!

Well...I had a list of things I wanted to get done today, but I just don't know that they'll get done. It might just have to be a rest day! I'm so grateful for Walgreen's drive-through pharmacy. I don't even have to get out of my pj's and no one will ever know! ('cept you guys)

Here's to the new year. It really is gonna be a good one. I can feel it. Great things are in store! You just wait!


Sharon/mom said...

Well, besides being sad that your ankles hurt, I loved your blog and am so happy that you have your doctor. You always come away feeling positive and uplifted. I am so grateful you live a life that allows the Holy Ghost to inspire you. Clay and the fart thing....crazy man. I am so happy for you that you don't have to travel every month. I am also so grateful we are Mormons so both of your livers were healthier than normal to start with.I am also grateful you get to start today and that it will only last a year!!! I love you soooo much!

Sharon/mom said...

Oh yea, rest!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I loved hearing about your travels and all of the appt. etc! I know it stresses you out, and when you feel tired and it is normal with all that traveling and moving about you should rest. I know that my heart is better today because I did what the Lord told me to when he told me to, so if I don't feel like getting out of my PJ's I don't. I am way beyond worrying about what people think of me, and I only care about what I think and the Lord. So take care of yourself and be kind to your body, no matter what. We pray everyday for you and Clay, and he is crazy but that's okay. Funny though. I miss you so much and I hope we get to see you this summer. Take good care hugs and Kisses

The Conger's said...

We are so happy for you that you are getting answers and things are getting under control. And I loved your last post about all of things you did and I need to make a flower pillows! We hope you only continue to feel better.


Danyelli, I laughed so hard at the fresh farts, our husbands are 2 peas in a pod. I am so happy for Clay's progress. I"m so sorry your ankels hurt, that makes me really sad. I'm so sorry you have to start yoru regiment but am glad that you are starting at the same time. But I was sad when I read that you are going ot start now. I'm so sorry. Like mom said- REST- and don't over do it! You having a baby in 2 years is so much sooner than I thought! I thought you'd have to wait 5- that is such good news! and that she thinks you are going to be cured in a year- I'm so happy! We pray every day for both of you. Gritting teeth- I do that major- and I hate it but I can't stop myself and I don't realize I'm doing it until after I start. I HATE IT. so ofcourse I feel liek I have lyme disease now.And i'm so glad you can go ever other month now! that is wonderful! lvoe you-

Brittany Flint said...

I like the new look of the blog. it is crazy to think you can travel there and back in 1 day you guys are so busy! we need to hang out sometime we always wait to long in between sightings.

Megan and Greg said...

Glad everything is going well. Man, those trips sound KILLER. I hate traveling and never enjoy it. Well, almost never. I'm glad everything is continuing to progress. That's great. And 2 years. It's nice to have a plan in place. It will go by soon enough. Love you.

Jenni said...

Holy Smokes, what a long day!I feel for you guys having to travel so much, but it sounds like it's a true blessing to have that doctor. I can't wait to hear all the updates this year until you are completely cured and clay is on the up & up. You're both so young, 2 years is nothin'. I bet it feels so good to have all your questions answered.

Love you!

Aliese the Writer said...

Danielle, that sounds really great! I am so glad that you found answers, that you will probably be cured within a year and that Clay is doing good. It is always good to here that you are doing good.

And I am really sorry that I didn't call you when we were in Idaho. I thought about it, but I didn't have your number and I thought that you would be too busy anyway. I will make sure to call you next time. I promise. I love you! :)

Mindy said...

That's a BUSY day! I like hearing more about Lyme disease because I simply knew NOTHING before. Good thing you guys are still young. No rush on babies or anything! Glad to hear good news came from all that travel.

Kristi M. said...

What a crazy busy day! That alone can make anyone exhausted. I love that you document and write about your experiences with Lyme Disease. I knew nothing about it before and now feel a little educated. I was sharing some of the facts about Lyme disease with Jeff the other day and he had no idea about much of it. He was pretty surprised with how you contracted it. You are definately providing education to all of us.

Lizzie said...

It's crazy, but when you say he had a huge herx, it does sound like good news. Ya know? LIke it's really doing something. When you do a "cleanse", with your eating and drinking, you go through major symptoms, like aching, pain, headaches, sweating, stinkiness, etc (Jake told me all about it), cuz your body is getting rid of a bunch of gunk. It sounds like that to me, but obviously on a whole different level.

The cold hands, sound so crazy, how you couldn't even feel it.

I'm so glad you met her. Sorry you had to do all of that in ONE day. sounds exhausting. But good.

Love you