Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I must be getting old...

Because I simply DON'T understand these latest hollywood sensations. Let's break it down.

Bieber Fever.
What?! This one is hard for me to understand...always. Like...there are a gaZILLION females of ALL ages that are OBSESSED with this child! I heard on the radio today that his latest video got over 100 MILLION views since it came out. I thought to myself, maybe if I look at more pictures I'll get the idea.
uhhhhh. Nope! Let me tell you. After seeing these additional photos, my opinion just CEMENTED into place. How is he such a HUMONGO STAR?! Maybe his music? No- couldn't be that. He is a child, and therefore SOUNDS like a child, not to mention a female child. The only way you realize he's a boy is because he always talks about girls. He always talks like he's 25 though- like...says things like, "Ladies...ladies, calm yourselves"....or says "baby" or whatever. I kind of really don't understand this one. Let's move on.

I pretty much barf in my mouth everytime I hear her voice. HOW IS SHE FAMOUS?! Have you HEARD her music? If you haven't- please don't. It will stain your brain with filth. She says something about only liking guys that look like Mic Jagger in one of her songs...right? Right. Well my coworker has a daughter whose like...14 or 15. And she says something like, "I like guys that look like Mic Jagger" and my coworker was like- "Do you even know what he looks like??!?!!"
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sexy.

She is a disgrace to women. And talent? Yeah...I don't really hear any of it...which confuses me also. Clay and I are constantly confused by this. Hence, the aging issue. She must be loved by those teens who don't understand. I simply can't comprehend. Which leads me to the last but pretty much the MOST unusual and confusing one.

Lady Gaga

Does anyone want to let me in on HOW she freaking got on the FRONT COVER of Time Magazine for 100 MOST INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! What?! How? Why? I don't get it. She calls her fans "my little monsters". Gag. Me. I told Clay that she is a disgrace to women. He tells me, "She is a disgrace to the human race". Yeah. I really can't find anything good to say about her. She thrives on being crazy and unique to show people they can be who they really are....buuuuuuuuuut I'm pretty sure her dressing and acting the way she does and SINGING the lyrics she sings just makes people feel sad and dirty inside.

Phew! I feel better. I just think about these things. Ya know? Just gotta get them off my chest. Whining to Clay about celebrities only gives me so much satisfaction.

Anyway. We're good. Idaho is cold and I'm starting to really get sick of it. I don't really understand why anyone lives here unless their family lives here. I don't care if the summers are good- summers last 3 months at best. The rest of the year is a joke.

Enough whining. I'm off to sew a cushion for my polka-dot chair! Y-A-Y!


Grandma, Nonnie said...


Mindy said...

Ummmm, yeah to ALL those. What is going to happen when that little boy hits puberty and can't hit high notes. And lady gaga on the 100 most inspirational people in the world?!? Like, really. They couldn't think of ANYONE better to put on there. Wow some people idolize her a lotta (not even a little) too much. Give me a break peoples. Ok now I feel better too.


poka dot chair I'm so excited! Ok- I agree with everthing you said- I don't understand lady gaga- and she just performed on american idol this week and she was wearing a thong lingerie outfit, it was disgusting and vulgar and I don't understand how they coul dhave even showed this on fox AI. Then that Kesha girl- yowsa- and this little what 12 year ol dboy? don't understand!!!!!! loev you!

Sharon/mom said...

AMEN!! First of all, the young boy, you're just getting old! The others, you are right on target! Again though have to tell you its becuase you are getting older. I remember telling you guys a song wasn't good when you were teenagers and you would look at me like.. what?! Satan is out there big time!! Lady GA GA has been on American Idol a couple of times, we last about 3 seconds. To be honest we don't last long for most of their guests. It's been cold here also, someone said it's an El nenyo. (or however you spell it.

Love you blogs, love and miss you!! have fun with your polka dots!! gotta love polka dots!!!

Emily said...

I pretty much agree with you, but I have to admit that while Lady Ga Ga is a freak, her songs get stuck in my head and i find myself singing them from time to time. Sad I know.

Okay, still waiting on my piping tutorial. Our chair is stripped down and we're ready to get rolling!!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard right now! I'm glad you're getting old because the last time I saw you I thought, "Man, I really am old. I don't know any of these songs that Danielle has memorized!" That little kid is so cute! Don't you think so? It makes me laugh but I like his music. If I was 14 I think I'd be obsessed with him. I love Lady Ga Ga, she is CRAZY. I know it's all stupid, but if you think about all our obsessions in highschool- does brittney spears have talent? Madonna has totally been a weirdo and most people that are famous have no relevant reason to be. They just are. Think about Paris Hilton. It's just now we're older so we realize how stupid it all is. But I got such a kick out of this blog. Oh yeah- that Kiesha girl, I didn't even know her name but I love her songs. They're HORRIBLE and she really does have a wierdo voice but I always listen to her songs and sing along. I like them for some reason. I know it's just the devil, because there is no reason to like them. It's just so catchy. Greg hates her.

Kristi M. said...

The first time I heard the Bieber was on the Today Show quite a while ago and I remember thinking, what the heck? he drove me crazy and all of his songs were almost the same. I've heard Ke$ha's songs and honestly didn't even know they were from her until you mentioned mic jagger. Annoying but catchy. Lady Gaga is totally a freak and really is pretty nasty, however her songs are pretty catchy and some get stuck in my head. Doesn't justify her weirdness though.

Suzy1131 said...

ohhh my gosh, i completely agree! the thing is, it's just going to get worse and worse as we get older. the world is spiraling downward for sure. like the Rude Boy song by Rihanna... it's just SO terrible and i heard a 6 year old girl singing one of Kesha's songs at Joanne Fabrics! i couldn't believe my ears!! i'm scared to raise children in this filthy world. lady gaga is SO freaking weird. eww. and Kesha is just a nasty girl. good post.

Rebecca said...

You are so totally hilarious. Absolutely funny. Loved this post. Write another funny one and keep us laughing. Love you.

Donette said...


You don't know me, I'm Rebecca's friend. I just had to tell you how hard I laughed when you said you barf in your mouth when you hear Kesha. I think I peed a little.

You are so right! I am constantly looking up lyrics to these songs so I can "police" the radio station riding in the car with my 3kids. Ugh. Disgusting.

Take care and thanks for the laugh, I needed it!!