Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode ONE

So I've decided something. The Bachelorette is like five BILLION times more entertaining than the Bachelor. Guy drama is so much more hilarious than girl drama. I just love it.
Lets start with how much I love Frank. I think he would totally be our friend if we knew him in real life...cause he is just silly and unique, acts REAL, and isn't all cocky. And he just seems sooooooooo super happy about life. I like that.

Craig. Ehhh...Clay and I really couldn't help LAUGHING OUR HEADS OFF every time the camera paused on him. Is this guy for real? First off, his hair and outfit are just goofy. Second, he acts like he is the coolest guy on the planet, which everyone understands is one of the most unattractive attitudes EVA!

Weatherman. I don't know his name. I just know that he seems a little bit childish. The hubs and I both agreed that he has some growing up to do...poor guy.

Roberto. Yeah- we like him. He just seems like a normal guy, which pretty much rocks in Bachelor/Bachelorette world. When there are so many psycho's, normal people allow me to take a breather every once in a while during the show.

Shooter. HAHHAHAHAHA! Okay. I don't really care about the reason he got this nick name, I care that he is CRAZY. Who in their right mind would EVER share this kind of story on a first date? Let alone- in the first minute that you meet someone?!?!?! That is not really showing much for your social skills. Oh yeah- and by the way? Did you ever think that just incase you might not get Ali- you may not want to share that really unfortunate story with the entire nation? Yeah. Probably not.

Rated R. hehhe. So I do think it's mighty silly that this guy is an entertainer wrestler- cause lets face it. Anything to do with Entertainment Wrestling is VERRRRY silly. BUT- I really didn't think this guy did anything to warrant all the guys criticism. He was pretty cool for the most part and we think we're gonna give him a chance.

Funny randomness that happened:
  • Guy wearing cowboy boots because Ali supposedly wore them when she met Jake. Wow. I don't blame Ali at ALL for letting this sucker go. This was just a dead giveaway that he doesn't pay attention!
  • Guys saying- "My family would LOVE Ali". HA- how do you know that? Do you know Ali? In fact, your family knows her as well as you know her at this point....
  • Guys with the same names. Was this some joke on ABC's part- to confuse Ali and viewers to HECK with like...not one guy having a name that another guy doesn't have? Yowsa. A billion Chris, Craig, Tyler, and John's.
  • One guy looked just like Toby from the office. I can't remember who it was but everytime I looked at him I saw Toby...and she picked him! Anyway.....
This is definitely going to be a GOOD SEASON. Looks like it'll be chalk-full of drama...which is basically the whole point of this blessed show. I don't know why but this show just makes me happy. It's so silly and funny and I just love it.

By the way I watched American Idol last night live for the first time this season...and I have been a LEE fan all along...but Crystal just did so dang good on that last song, I decided to vote for her! But then she tried to be funny with some joke and THEn said something like, "Meow is the time" So I voted for Lee 3 times.


Alisha and Braeden said...

haha the guy who looks like toby! I know exactly who you are talking about. This season is going to be a good one!

Megan and Greg said...

Usually I skip the bachelorette/bachelor posts because I can't stand any of it. But I read it this one time and YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!! Amy said I should watch this season so I have a little something to occupy my time. I was tempted (though I didn't think I would like it) and I just forgot about the whole thing until just now. I think I'll hulu it in the morning, just because. Guy drama probably is more entertaining, but OH- I just really couldn't stand the little bits I saw with Amy last year- or whenever it was. But you've got me a bit curious . . . I can't believe Clay watches with you. And apparently another couple? I love that Greg watches things with me. It makes life so much better.

katy said...

You crack me up. I just wrote you this big comment and it got erased.

Suzy1131 said...

oh my gosh i totally agree... that Shooter guy, umm really? And the little weatherman just seems like he's 12 to me! I thought Roberto was pretty niiiice. =) And that Craig guy is just a creeper. Justin (Rated-R) seemed like a genuine guy to me, and people just judged him too quickly by his job. I'm glad Ali gave him a second chance. There were definitely some front-runners, and then just some guys that were ridiculous. I think Ali and I have similar taste in guys, so it will be a great show. Good post!

The Congers said...

I am happy to see you are a fellow bachelorette fan. But I am a little envious that your husband is nice enough to watch it with you, mine can't stand it. But I am very very excited for this season, I will be hosting a vote for who you think the last guy standing will be, with some cheesy prize for the winner, so keep watching my blog to cast your vote.