Monday, January 7, 2008

Church CANCELLED and my luck

Well, I just thought I'd update ya'll a bit. Not like I don't all the time, and probably too much!

First on the subject line. February 3, all church in Rexburg is CANCELLED! HA! Why? Well because that is the day the Rexburg temple will be dedicated! Our church will be going to the Hinckley Building (a building on campus) to watch the dedication. It is so intense that each recommend and ticket will be specified for a certain building and time. If you have a ticket for somewhere else, they wont let you in. I'm pretty excited about it. Not to mention I am SO excited to have a temple about 3-4 minutes away from me open for me to go to all the time in a month! I signed up to work at the open house on wednesday at 6:30am to 9:30 am. Pretty early hours, but I figured I've been relaxing enough, I can have an amazing experience instead of sleep. Odds are I'll be showing cars where to go. ha, not really, they only let men do that I think. But I will either be handing out cookies, giving people booties to put on their shoes, ushering people from the stake center to the shuttles, or (please let it be this one) ushering people different directions IN THE TEMPLE! I haven't been through it yet, Patty got us tickets for sometime in the next couple weeks. I am so excited. It is seriously, SO BEAUTIFUL. We are so blessed.

Now, after I buttered you up with lovely talk. My luck stinks lately! I was sick...I expected it to last long because it ALWAYS lasts long. WELL, just as it was about over I wake up with a soar throat, and snot in my THROAT! Also, a little weak. WELLLLLLLLLLL, how lovely. I now am constantly blowing my nose with no results because snot comes out, but let me tell you, there is a never ending supply up there. I could keep blowing, and blowing, and blowing and BLOWING. And then of course, I only feel at peace if I hock(sp) a loogie. It is the worst experience though. I try, it partly comes, then I cough, gag, try to hock again, cough, gag, a few more times and it finally comes spitting out of my mouth...(are all of you coughing and gagging now from reading this?...sorry) Well let me tell you, I THE PROCESS! jdfak;sjfkadjsf;lajsdf;lkad I am so annoyed. The REALLY annoying thing is- I spent a week without chocolate, and THAT is when I got sick again!!! You would think that I would get fully better from having such a great diet. NO WAY! blah.

One more thing that has just been wonderful in my life. It seems that ever faucet in our apartement, unless you have MONDO STRENGTH...leaks. It's like we live in a rain forest. Drip...drip...drip... everywhere you go. Kitchen, bathroom, and then in the living room, there's the fish tank! Clay is very strong, but still...faucets leak. I guess things could be worse. And at least WE don't pay for water. At least our apartment is TOO WARM instead of too cold. A least our windows are old enough so that they let ice cold breezes through the so we have some fresh air no matter what. I just like to think to myself that we will look back when we are living in an actual house, and think...oh man, can you believe we lived in that place? And we can teach our children about the good use of money. As always, my comeback to all of these lovely flaws in our apartment is...THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Really, we do love it. It is just right for the two of us. And these little quirks are way easy to live in. PLUS- in exactly a week, I will no longer be in this place 24-7. Lately I've been in our apartment enough to notice every foul thing.

Yes. A week from now I will be in Idaho Falls at Crandall and Oseen doing SOMEthing. Probably being trained on some sort of thing because I will only have been there an hour and a half. I am in that mix of nervousness and excitement. I just wish it would get here. It's mostly anxiety.

K. If you guys made it through my really exciting description of my life, good for you. I love you all! I hope you guys don't think I'm becoming a negative person. Sometimes I just need to get these feelings out.

Oh by the way, I love my quilt. I've been cuddling with it the past few days. It is SOOOO not perfect, but I think I like it that way.


Emily said...

I am so excited about the temple in Rexburg. I am trying so hard to plan a trip up there so I can go to it as soon as possible. It's so cool that you get to work at it, that's great!

And I'm so sorry you're sick...I guess it's that time of year. I never get sick but Easton and I both brought colds home from Oregon. Doesn't sound as bad as yours though...I don't have an endless supply of snot.

I hope you feel better soon, and good luck at your new job!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Sweetie I had that cold before Thanksgiving, without the sore throat. Bummer that you are sick, and I know it is hard to get better when you are sitting in an apt. that has a lot of flaws. I can tell you that you'll never forget it, but it will become a fond memory. Grandpa and I lived in some funny places when we were first married. One was in a place called Yucca Heights, the name was really approiate. It was really yucky!!!! Grandpa had a friend give him a bendix washer, a front loading automatic, that shook the whole place when it spun out, and guess what??? One afternoon it shook the ceiling of the place next door down. These were old GI barracks that we tried to update into apt. that were all together in a 4-plex. No one lived there except GI's and their families. We had opened a base there in Victoria Tx. and as there were no other places for rent there with a flood of guys we were allowed to live in the old condemed housing that belonged to the goverment. That was just one story of our military life it got to be even more FUN in Alaska. I'll save it for another time. I know you will look back on all of these times and the fun you've had and the lessons you have learned and tell your grandchildren what a good memory it was. Enjoy life while you are young, as you shall never pass that way again. We all grow older so fast we wonder where it all went? The time I mean. I am glad that you get to work and have a good job, get credit for school and MONEY besides. That's a really postive thing. It'll all look better when you're not sick, I can see every speck of dirt and any flaw in my house when I don't feel well. My grandma used to say to me "Nellie every old black cloud has a silver lining, you just have to find it" I love you up to the sky and beyond. Hugs and Kisses Grandma I love your blogs keep it up.

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Hey hope you get feeling better, it is a normal thing in my household to have someone sick as you have witnessed first hand. We probably gave you the cold over Christmas, so SORRY. Missed you at the baptism. Hope we did not annoy you to much when we were together at Patty's over Christmas, I was thinking about that alot and I really hope we did not drive you to crazy, but such is the life with 4 kids.

Love you guys,
Aunt Susan

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

I am SO sorry you are sick. It is awful, and it feels like it's never going to end. I am SO SO SO sorry! Eat lots of chicken noodle soup- and liquids. and rest. Danielle- do you want to know what I was thinking when you were venting? I thought "man, she's so positive, she can't even complain about anything!" Danielle- your version of complaining/whining is like a compliment compared to my venting. As you vent about something you turn it around to something positive and look for the good. And you knwo what? I don't get bothered by venting- I've neve understood when people say "sorry if I'm being negative" it's ok to vent- and I don't mind listening to it at all- I like to knwo whats going on. sorry about the water issue. I'm glad you love your quilt. I like quilts that aren't perfect- the ones that are- aren't fun, they're boring. Man, I can't believ you will be working already- that went by really fast. You have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, you are so talented, you don't even see who you ARE!!!!!!! If only you coudl step out of your body and see yourself, you are so amazing!!!! I love you so much! I wish you lived here. I miss you.

Sharon/mom said...

You sound like dad, his cold is starting to disappear after 4 weeks! He actually did go to the doctor adn got some antibiotics for three days. Dad said to tell your managers about the leaks, and they will proably come pretty quickly to fix it because owners want to know about leaks right away because it costs them money, all that drip drip dripping.
That is so cool about you helping at the temple. I hope you get to work inside!!! You are so lucky!!!

Oh turn off your cybersitter while you are blogging and then turn it back on when you are done. It takes out words like hate, girls, adults, etc.

love you !!! miss you!

Lizzie said...

I can't believe you will have a temple that close!!! That is AMAZING. What a blessing. Hopefully that you will get to do your service inside the temple...that would be so neat.

Sorry about you getting sick, and the leaks. The leaks would annoy the crap out of me. I can't stand little noises like that. We don't have any wall clocks in our house anymore, because I could hear the slight sound of the second hand ticking.

It's exciting about your internship. Maybe you could do our taxes for us this year...= ) Just kidding. I love you!!!

Paul & Patty said...

Sorry to hear that you have been sick. You are so blessed to be able to work at the open house for the temple. Our tickets are for Wednesday the 16th at 8:30 pm. So circle that date on your calendar. I am so excited for you to start your new job. I know that you will do a great job. You are smart and learn things really quick. Take care and if there is anything that we can do to help you out let us know. Love you. Bye now.

Rebecca said...

Oh Danielle, you just need to get out of your apartment. You sound like you have cabin fever. But you aren't negative, you are just real. I love you and am so excited for you about the temple. We went this week and loved it. We would have visited you but thought that you had already started work. Love you.

Jenni.Jolley said...

i'm so pumped about the temple too and bonus on the church being cancelled... i mean... not. You're so cool for making quilts. teach me!