Saturday, January 26, 2008

BEST day off ever and it's only 2:00!

So I must say, today is a wonderful day! I woke up naturally at 8:00am. I know that sounds early for a Saturday but the truth is, I've been waking up at 6am everyday for 2 weeks (besides weekends) so that is quite an extra amount of sleep! I felt great. Did my morning routine (I've decided I'm like Mom- if I don't do the same routine every morning then my day turns into a mess) read scriptures and read blogs while drinking my carnation instant protein drink. I then looked on which I haven't done in a long time and found 2 recipes I want to try. I like to browse and find new cookie recipe's every once in a while. They have never failed me. WAIT! Once they have. Only once though. I got a cookie recipe that is just like the girls scout grasshopper cookies (I think that's what they are called...they are the thin chocolate mint ones) and they look way easy and fun so I am going to try that today, then I got a dinner recipe that is called Macaroni and three cheeses. Or something like that. It is like a macaroni casserole type thing that honestly looks DELISH! I want to try it sometime this week.

Okay ONTO MY DAY! So I was sick of the computer and looked at all I could and then grabbed the book I'm currently reading (a Nicholas Sparks novel) and read that for a couple hours. Then Clayton woke up (haha, all that I get done before my husband wakes up). He got ready for work while I cleaned up the house WHICH by the way wasn't messy at all because my amazing husband surprised me on thursday with a spotless house, lit candles so it smelled good, and provided a pizza, breadsticks and root beer from little caesars. I just love him! Normally I'm the one cleaning and providing the food, it was SUCH a good surprise. I hope he caught on that I really really enjoyed that...maybe he'll do it again? I wont hope too high:) Anyway, I cleaned what there was to took barely any time. He left for some school group projects, I got ready for the day.

I had some errands to run so I go outside and it feels GREAT! I see puddles on the ground. I get in my car and guess what?! IT'S 35 DEGREES! ABOVE ZERO! I was ecstatic! Now...most people when they hear 35 degree's probably think, "...icy roads, freezing, cold cold cold!". Rexburgers (residents of rexburg) tend to think, "melting snow...Shorts, swimming, LIFE IS GOOD!" when it's 35 degrees. That's what I was thinking anyway. Well...not quite that extreme, but I honestly did NOT feel cold at all. My jacket was open while I was outside. is where it gets good.

I decide to go to DownEastOutfitters, one of my favorite stores in the world, to see if they have any cute pants for work or something...since I have that 25 bucks I split with Clay from that nice lady. Well I saw a way cute turtleneck for 10 bucks so I decided to look at walmart first before I bought it, even though I really liked it. I looked at walmart, saw nothing I liked for 10 dollars and got some things I needed from there. I decided to go back and get the sale marked item for 10 dollars from DownEast. I get to the counter and BAM! $5.30. She says that ALL CLEARANCE ITEMS IN THE STORE ARE AN ADDITIONAL 50% OFF! Now, this store is AMAZING. I saw many dresses for $20 that I considered getting, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Well, to make a long story short- I got 2 dresses, and 2 shirts for $30.00!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! That is a steal my friends. These are nice clothes too. The dresses were originally like $30 each at least. Some more. The shirts were around 30 as well. YES YES YES!

And to finalize the story, this morning our apt was way way way hot (85ish degrees). Well we opened all the windows and I left and when I came back, the heat was off and it was 77 degrees! Perfect in my opinion! My day is wonderful, and it's only just begun! I'm soooo happy:) I just had to share! I will let you all know how my cookies turn out. And the macaroni deal.

Work is good, school is good for clay, he starts his new job on monday, the weather is GREAT! and.....that's pretty much it! Till next time:)


Emily said...

Congrats on a great day! That is so nice...seriously, I hope you enjoy it. How nice of him to clean and have dinner ready for you!

Downeast is such a fun store! You totally got some awesome deals!

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Congrats on your great and wonderful day, mine has been pretty good to. Hope the rest goes well for you.

Love susan

Cara_Fardales said...

I am so happy for you.I love to get recipes also lol. I made a home made Cuban bread for Christmas, it was so tough to make from scratch by hand with no help since my mom doesn't make stuff like that BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT. It was so AMAZING!!! I love deserts and everything like that also. You knwo me i love culture so i get recipes from all over the world lol. Anyways i love days like that just when everything feels just right. Anyways guess what the guy from that one house really wants us to get that house he is helping us out with so much! It's like anything we say is a prob for us he helps us. So we only have to check out the furnace and if it checks out good we are gonna get the house. My mom said if we come up with the down payment and 800 to fix it she will match the 800 to help. So i am super excited lol. I miss you girl and i wish we lived closer together. Anyways i love you and get back to me about the whole template thing i asked about. Hehehe

Megan and Greg said...

77 degrees are you crazy!!! That is so HOT!!!! Wow, good deals. Amazing. Heavenly Father is blessing you. LOVE the new template. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Wow it all sounds great. I got the peanut butter cookies that you recommemed from MS on line. They look yummy. Will try them one day soon. You are a great shopper, and I love that you got wonderful new clothes. Keep on loving life, and living right and Heaveny Father will keep on blessing you. Love Grandma

Sharon/mom said...

loved your blog! sounds like a perfect day! That is so cool about your clothes. I am so happy for you! That is so funny about the weather! It all depends on where you live. It's always freezing here to Lizzie, and most people, unless the sun is out and it is in the high 60's. I think it is cool how you just were able to stroll through the day and do what you wanted. I hope you can always be like that! It's a gift to be able to know what you like and do it! I miss you too! Love you!