Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So, my sissy Amy is sick of the lack of posts in the she made this tag up and is expecting me to do it :) So here we go!

words you always mis-spell typing:
i OFTEN do something like this- "i didn't wan tit"'s pretty embarrassing :)

words you don't know how to spell: honestly...i'm an exceptional speller :)

Things that really annoy you: people who think they know it all. But they really annoy me when they tell me something and I know for a FACT what they said was incorrect. Ew.

What's that meal you can always eat over and over again? chicken fried rice from "Mings"

Do you brush your teeth at night? No. I also haven't been to the dentist in over 5 years...

Dumbest movie ever: Ummmm tie between Dumb and DumberER (the second one...horrid), and Remember Me (remember my post on it here?)

What's a song that you would be embarrassed to admit you really like? You and I by Lady Gaga. It isn't a song that most people would be embarrassed about...but I seriously have bashed Lady Gaga so much- even on this blog! It's kind of embarrassing that I really really REALY like that song.

Are you capable of eating an entire bag of candy in one sitting and not feeling THAT sick? yeah...Clay always says I have a second stomach for sweets. I can be SO FULL from going out to eat, and as soon as we get home be ready for a treat.

Do you love sea food? EW NO! I've never loved sea food in my WHOLE life- but somehow my entire family continues to marvel at it anytime I remind them of it when I visit home.

When you fix meat, are you anal about what you've touched, and sanitize alot? Not too much. I mean, I just keep track of where everything goes. And I clean that. But like...I'm not to obsessive about it :-/

Do you put your leftovers in the fridge after dinner in fear of it spoiling or can you wait? I can wait...but I do it pretty soon after. I'm not like, the type that lets it sit overnight...

Do you use a sponge or rag to wipe your counters? Rag. Sponges are gross.

What's your favorite Holiday? Christmas. I seriously think of it basically everyday by the time July rolls around.

What's your favorite pie? Apple. I could eat an entire pie myself. I love it so much.

What's your favorite candy bar? Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar

When you pick something up at the store and change your mind, do you put it away? Usually not. But a lot of times I'll just give it to the cashier and say I don't want it.

Do you like raisins in your Cinnamon rolls? This is one of those things I have NO idea how it came about. Like...why would ANYONE consider putting raisins in your Cinnamon Rolls? The two just don't belong together.

Do you shower every day? Yes- I don't always wash my hair though.

Are your dreams scary? Yeah. Every once in a while I will have a TERRIFYING dream. Like...TERRIFYING. Where I'm scared to shut my eyes. But I RARELY even remember my dreams so it's not that bad.

Do you like scary movies? Do I like Satan? No.

Do you like roller coasters? LOVE THEM

Do you have a fear of needles? NEVER did until this whole Lyme business. My veins have suddenly decided to hide from the world and so I have to be poked a TRILLION times before they can get a vein. Don't like that. So...drawing blood is a DEFINITE fear these days...shots not so much (I give myself a shot twice a week)

What's your guilty pleasure TV show? Ummm...a better question would be which tv show isn't a guilty pleasure? Deary me. Definitely bachelor pad...sometimes grey's anatomy when I'm in the mood.

What is something you're really stuck up about? Treats...mashed potatoes...

When you're at a restaurant, can you ask questions about the food? yeah simple ones...

Are you a lake or a river person? Lake

Are you a good swimmer? No. In fact, I am pretty sure one of my scary nightmares was that I was stuck at sea or something and had weights on my arms and legs and couldn't swim fast enough to get away from whatever bad guy was chasing me. I probably had that dream cause I basically only doggy paddle.

Do you like to camp? BOOOOO! I hate uncomfortable sleeping, I hate ticks, I hate spiders, I hate being cold, I hate eating dinner out of foil cause i always seem to end up eating foil, but I love fires and I love smores. Not enough to be worth it for all of the other stuff though.

Do you like rodents? This made me laugh cause like...does anyone like rodents? I am of the opinion that the only reason they exist is to try and test us on earth :) AND cause mice are really good for doing research on.

Are you afraid of spiders? Yes. Just ask my mom- when she was visiting I opened the window and in the window pain there was a HUMONGO spider and i hurried and slammed the window shut and back up towards the door squeeling. I HATE all insects and spiders and snakes. Another trial in my life.

If you could be an amazing singer or dancer, which would you be? Dancer. My goal is to someday look as cool as my Zumba instructors :)



haha! I Loved this!!!!!!!! I laughed in almost every single one, you are so funny! The weights on you in the sea- pahahhaha. and the raisins in cinimon rolls- seriously- why?!!!! And like you said- HOW?!!!! haha. I hope everyone else fills this out- love you!

Kristi M. said...

I loved your comparison of the scary movies! I feel the same way. When I watch them, I get this nasty creepy not good feeling when those are on.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I loved your comments. I love you and I am sorry about the vein thing, it has been the horror of my life. I hate to have any kind of thing in my veins, as they always roll and collaspe and I have several nurses always thinking they can do it. YIKES!!! They never can. I just hate hospitals anyway, so there I sais it and it is real. Hugs and Kisses.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh. That was just too funny. Amy's wasn't as exciting- probably 'cause I knew all the answers, but yours were all new to me. Too much to comment on. But I laughed a lot. Luv you!!!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

oh I couldn't stop laughing on the do you like scary movies! I agree! somehow I missed that you give yourself a shot twice a week or I forgot! :-( with you big time on the rodents. i think they are one of our curses for being kicked out of the garden of eden. They carry disease! that was fun! I am going to do it now that I am home, I learn something everytime about my own daughters! love you!!!