Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy happy things

So this is a super yummy breakfast.

Sweet Brown Rice

2 cups sweet brown rice
3 1/2 cups water
pinch of salt
2 heaped spoonfuls of coconut oil
1/4 cup agave

I make this in my electric pressure cooker. If you don't have one- its so worth it. Get it! Put rice, water, and salt in pressure cooker. Cook on high pressure 12 minutes. Let it naturally release pressure for about 10 minutes. Open and add coconut oil and agave. Top with fruit/berries. YUM! This is soooo healthy and tasty. It's a chef brad recipe.

Lately it's been chilly, and so I put on my super comfy fleece pajama top, and these long johns from back when I first came to Idaho! Then I put my super attractive fuzzy socks ontop of those...and I'm just so snuggly I love it.

A couple halloween decorations I made that I never shared.
Candy Corn garland

Fabric Pumpkins....don't mind that there's no stem on top!!! One of those things I always meant to get to...never did. Oh well, maybe next year.

And then there's Dante :) Right now he's cuddled up next to my computer chair as close as he can get. Little cutie.

This is random, but I saw it on my camera and realized I never posted it. My dad has never been much of a dog person, but when him and my mom came to visit, him and Dante had quite the bonding time :) My dad was always petting him and saying, "Danielle, I think he likes this". It was fun. These aren't the best pics...but Dante would seriously always be going to dad to get some loves. It was cute.
This one looks funny, but Dad learned that Dante really likes to be scratched under his chin....and Dante will often get really relaxed and yawn when you do that.

Lastly, I got a fortune that said, "You will soon get something special because of your charm." I love these kinds of fortunes! And fortunes almost always come true.



hahaha i bust out laughing at your fortune cookie thing. and then I told mom and she shook her head laughing and said "she really believes in those things, she's so funny". haha. Your house is SO cute in the backround pics. Your chairs and pillows. I LOVE your halloween decor! It is sooo cute! You are so freakin crafty! LOVE YOU

Flints said...

Hey you look super awesome in black hair. i really like it! and cute Halloween stuff you are so crafty, i think i am just getting lazy i need to get some cute stuff up around the house!

Emily said...

I have never seen your hair that dark and it looks so good!

I just bought more fuzzy socks at old navy yesterday. People think it doesn't get cold in las vegas, but I freeze just like I did in rexburg, so I love them!!

And I love your print, I want the orange and white one PLEASE!!! Thanks Danielle!
jolleyrogers1 at gmail dot com.

Jenni said...

1st of all, I love your Halloween decor!! So cute! Second of all, Those pictures of your dad with Dante are fabulous! hahahaha!! I have the scene playing in my mind right now and I can just see him interacting haha! So great! 3rd and most importantly, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!! It looks soooo good that dark!!

Megan and Greg said...

I have so much to say! First, I'm totally pigging out on Halloween candy, what about you? Holdin' strong? Love the halloween print. I was lazy and never got around to printing mine out. But I love it so I'm hanging on to it for later. I also love those pumpkins! Kinda homey and ecclectic. I like it. The cereal, yes yes. Add some toasted nuts and it will make it even BETTER. And you wouldn't think to, but add some roasted PEANUTS. Yum. Really. Atleast I'm pretty sure. I use this mix and I SWEAR I can taste peanut and it's SOOOO good. Man, don't you love those fleece socks. I swear we have the same ones. I live in mine in the winter and they are so hideous. I finally got some new fleece pajamas and was so excited (my pink ones were getting kinda dingy) and Greg doesn't like them. Oh well, I do. Dante is so big. He looks like he could eat a human. Did I ever tell you in Belgium someone in our appt had 2 great danes (atelast I think they were) and I remember walking past them and never being so afraid because I just knew they could eat me. It really was freaking me out. They were HUGE. That is cute about Dad and Dante. Luv you!

Lizzie said...

I check your blog every day and somehow I missed your October 27 post. What?! Anyhow, I know I saw your hair on my iphone, but oh it is sooo cute. I loei t. I really really like it and it looks so good on you. You look beautiful in that picture. Dante is so freaking huge!!! Good thing he's nice, he could be so scary if he were a mean dog.

great food always and so nice of you to offer that print for free.

love you!

happy halloween!!!

HeidiT said...

I think I have those exact same socks, haha - aren't they the best though? Your decorations are cute, your a pro at decorating for the holidays and someday your kids are going to especially love that!
Dante is HUGE. He's so gorgeous too and you can really tell from the pictures that he's a real softy/cuddlebug.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

love the pics and the blog, especially teh pic of Dante with his head to the side, he is soooo cute! you crack me up about the fortune cookies! But I have my crazy superstitions also! Love teh pumkins! I want the orange and white print. you could bring it at Christmas. I love you soooooo much!