Monday, July 19, 2010

What's been goin onnnnnnn?

Well, since I did my giveaway- I didn't really post for over a week! Yikes- soooo what have we been up to?

  • Well you know, we bought TWO tables. Yep! Two! I will just wait to tell you what we're doing with them until we are done. Cause you'll just get it a lot easier when I show you pictures. But...needless to say, we have a LOT of tables in our possession right now!
  • It's FINALLY summer in Idaho. As in, high 80's everyday now, summer. FINALLY. I'm already dreading winter...bad. I wish it just wouldn't come this year. Wouldn't that be nice?
  • I told Clay I wanted nice cute perfect boots for winter this year. He told me he wanted a big screen tv. Sigh....
  • We paid off our car! YES! It is officially OURS- I am so happy about this.
  • I'm going to Oregon in less than 2 WEEKS! Meaning, I'll get to stroll the bayfront, sample some fresh salt-water taffee, giggle at the barking seals, go to the aquarium where I hear there are exceptionally large snakes right now!, eat a smore made by a fire on the beach, see my sistas, brother, grandparents and PARENTS! Oh- I am soooooooo excited. Not to mention a WEEK off of work. That alone is enough to be excited about! I am so excited. I think about it EVERY DAY, multiple times a day, and get excited everytime! I know- excited excited excited.
  • Speaking of excited- bachelorette is on tonight! Hellooooooooooo drama! Frank frank frank. I'm guessing I'll despise you after tonight.
  • Got two of Clay's birthday presents last week in the mail- I am SO EXCITED for his birthday. I'm going to make truffle chocolate cheesecake, and yes- it's even better than it sounds. Did I ever tell you about his first birthday in our marriage? Well- it's perfect. I decided to make him truffle chocolate cheesecake, like a perfect little wife. Whaaaaaaaaale....our oven happened to be CRAZY- and cook things differently all the time. So I try to make this cheesecake, specific to the instructions, and when I take it out of the oven at the exact time I am supposed to, and undo the latchy thing on the cheesecake pan that I'm supposed to undo, at the precise time I'm supposed to, it melts and goes all over my counter. The top 1/2" of the cake was cooked, but the bottom 3 inches or so was basically like dough. So...of course I start crying. And Clay starts eating the top 1/2 inch that cooked. And he begins to tell me, "This is amazing! The part that is cooked is sooooo good. You did such a good job!" and I cry even MORE and am like- "YEAH RIGHT! It's ruined!" and I tell him to stop eating it and he doesn't have to eat it. He says, "I want to! It's so good!" And continues to eat the top part. Then the rest of the week he keeps eating the truffles that are supposed to go on top which are SO RICH- and keeps telling me how good they are. It was a disaster.
  • A few months later we found out our oven was set 100 degrees higher than it was supposed to be. That explains it.
  • So this year, as I have a wondrous oven that I LOVE- I will make him an entire truffle cheesecake that he can eat an actual piece of. How luxurious!
  • I made a Martha Stewart Recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They were scrumptious. I swear- every Martha Cookie recipe is the best- EXCEPT for her chocolate sugar cookies...which are NASTAY!
  • We had some friends stay at our house over the weekend, which meant cleaning the HECK out of our house. Oh my- it was great. We have this really clean house and we are so happy about it. I wish I was an awesome cleaner...cause it'd just feel great. Someday...someday.

That's all! Can't think of much else. We are going paintballing on Wednesday I guess...soooo I'm guessing I'll have some sort of "Danielle is a clumsy wimp who isn't the most coordinated" story to tell on Thursday. Cya!



haha. good post- i LOVED the part about the poor cake you made. I feel so sorry for you. I coudl not imagine going to all that effort, and precision, and all for it to melt away on the counter. That was so sweet of Clay to eat teh top of it, and I'm sure he was telling the truth- I'm sure the top was really good! Paint balling- yowsa. Bachelorette- so excited. i am so excited for you to come, I just hate that I will hardly see you!!!!! I love you-

Conger's said...

Woo-hoo for vacation! I hope you have a wonderful time! That cake sounds amazing. I wish I was good at cooking/baking. Tell Clay happy Birthday!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I think the post was great!!! and that is sooooo funny about the cheesecake, and I am sorry for you. It is so hard when all you are doing is trying to do something they love and walla it is a disaster. Remind me to tell you about the cake in the snow in Alaska sometime. Love you and looking forward to seeing you Hugs and Kisses

Jenni said...

I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the bachelorette :) Also, that is so funny that you're already asking for winter things, because so am I hahaha! I am already talking about the perfect winter coat that I want this year.

Also, seriously- if we moved to Rexburg, you guys would be a BIG GIANT plus! I miss you!

Megan and Greg said...

That whole post was funny. I know FRANK! FRANK!!! I had a parenting class tonight so I missed it!!!! I don't know what happened!!! All this talk of sweets . . . it's making me wonder about your recent diet . . . That story about the cheesecake was THE BEST!!! I can envision the WHOLE THING. Oh yes, even the crying. Oh the trouble I used to go to when we were first married. I have wanted perfect boots for a long time and I think I'm just gonna keep on wanting them because they are hard to find and/or expensive. Glad to hear from you! I can't believe I'm gonna see you in a couple weeks!! Fun!

Penny Cluff said...

I tried to get on your give away and for some reason I could not connect other than look at your great bags & scarves. I loved your story of last year with the cheese cake and Hubby. The first year Walt and I were married I made a pie. I was so proud of it, it looked so perfect. However, the crust was too thick. When I took it out of the oven, I discovered that most of the filling had gone out into the oven, but I was still so proud of my first pie. The next day I asked Walt if he wanted to take some for his lunch. He just smiled and said, "Do I have to?" How could a pie look so good going into the oven and be a disaster coming out? A few days later I found out...I had used self rising flour! Love.

Kristi M. said...

The cheesecake thing is so funny! I just don't cook much and that solves that problem. I can't wait to see your post about Frank. I actually watched and it was drama. She better pick Chris, who I think is so darn nice.

Lisel A. Slie said...

I am sure that Clay really did like the top part of the cake before. I love cookie dough and eat it all the time, so just a little cooked part isn't too bad. Either way he will love this one. The aquarium is soooo cool right now. Cool to look at, but don't get your hopes up with the pictures in there. The glass is filthy and hard to see through. Don't worry everything else is great in the pictures. Have fun! Love you! :)

katy said...

80s...jealous. You seem to have such a cool life. Good for you. I'm very curious about the tables.

Chad and Jessica said...

That's so funny and sad about the cheesecake...but my, it does sound heavenly. I made a white chocolate raspberry swirled cheesecake as a favor to a friend once, and I dropped it on the cement on the way to her house. Then I made her another one, and I cooked it too long..I didn't hear the timer go off...and then FINALLY, the 3rd time making the stinkin' thing, I got it right, and got it to her safe and sound.