Friday, July 9, 2010

Trendy Patterns---A GIVEAWAY!

Alrighty folks. I have finally done it, I opened my very own etsy shop! It's called

Trendy Patterns

I am SO EXCITED about this and am finally ready to share it with you. I've been sewing sewing sewing the past couple weeks and now have a show-worthy shop up and running! You can find my stuff ANYtime by clicking on one of the items to the right, on my sidebar! Right now the shop is stocked with tote-bags and scarves! Very cute ones, I might add.

Oh yes- The GIVEAWAY! You're probably wondering about that! Head on over to my craft site, I Create It and follow the instructions there. There are MULTIPLE ways you can enter! I am way excited- but slightly nervous that I'll get like...two people who enter and I'll feel like an idiot. But PLEASE, check out my site, my shop, tell people about it, and enter to win!


The Conger's said...

Way cute stuff, good for you, I really hope this takes off for you!

Lizzie said...

The pictures, the bags, the scarves, the photography, the wording, ALL of it...way awesome. I love it.

Sharon/mom said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!! amen to what Lizzie said! love you!

Lisel A. Slie said...

Everything is so cute, Danielle! You are so talented in a lot of things. I am so happy for you. I hope everything works out for you! :)