Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just saw Eclipse

Me waiting infront of the theater until they seat us. Yep- I'm wearing an Eclipse t-shirt! Patty surprised me with it today! I love it!


This movie was the bomb. I'm not joking. I loved it. I want to see it again. Right. Now.

Acting was better, music was better, action was better, romance was better, kissing was better, EVERYTHING was better. I told Clay today, that it was like....Robert Pattinson finally BECAME Edward. I actually believed he was Edward. Whereas, before- he was just an actor doing a kinda sucky job at playing the most gentlemanly of gentlemen ever. But now? He's Edward. And Bella is Bella. We decided acting awards go to Bella, Edward, and then Jacob. In New Moon I thought Jacob outshined all when it came to acting...but no way. This movie- Bella and Edward SHINED! I love this movie.

The action was way cool. And I really loved how EVERY vampire looked so much prettier. I mean, they're supposed to be the prettiest things ever right? I never thought that until this movie. And the newborns? Riley? K...Clay knew it, I knew it...everyone knew it. By the time I left that theater, I was wishing Riley's face was on my shirt...if only he was a good vampire!

I haven't read the book in ages, so maybe that factored...but I just really loved it all and didn't feel awkward ONCE! The other movies left me feeling awkward in multiple scenes...not this one.

The only thing I think they could've improved on were the vampires eyebrows. Couldn't they dye them? Or something? They were always mismatched. Not very cool.

There was one Edward's bedroom....where I just........melted. This was the moment I thought, "He. Is. Edward." and I was like- inlove. Keep in mind I kept nudging my husband throughout and giving him a huge cheesy grin:) Hearing Edward say things like, "I would court you....steal a kiss or two..." oh man. This is the old fashioned Edward we know and love. I'm SO glad that came out in this movie.

Overall...i want to see it again tomorrow. But I can't. I'm gonna try and convince Clay to go see it with me again in theaters. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow morning I'm eating a brownie. Yippee!


Megan and Greg said...

Oh, I really wanted to read your post. Bummer. Can't wait for the movie. I forgot all about it! Greg and I will have to see it next week! You are so cute and small!

Kristi M. said...

You make me laugh! Jeff would never go for any of that.

Patty said...

In case Clayton will not go with you I will go and it will be my treat. So let me know if you want to go again. I loved all of the same things that you did.. I especially thought Edward was gorgeous in this movie..he has really grown up alot..
have a great treat day..bye now.

Jenni said...

I must say, I only read the first paragraph of the post because I'm excited to see it :) :) BUT- I'm so glad that you say you Loved it because I totally trust your taste and that makes me feel like I'll love it!


And cute pic!

Sharon/mom said...

I am glad you said that, a friend of mine said it wasn't as good. Maybe I will go with a friend, your dad would never go! I love you!!!

Emily D said...

I agree Danielle! I thought this movie was so much better than the first two. I do still think that Jacob is a better actor than either Bella or Edward, but I think it's just because he fits my vision of who he is in the books best. Anyway it was a hit!